The Invitational, Week 2: Nextra! Nextra!
Gene Weingarten
15 hr ago
Read All About It. Predict the big news events of 2023.

We’re already a full congressional embarrassment into 2023, but it’s still not too late for The Invitational’s annual Year in Preview, an idea the Empress “borrowed” years ago from Culture Shlock, the humor column (now on Substack) by 93-time Loser Malcolm Fleschner, who in turn “was inspired by” the annual “Year in Review” of his hero Dave Barry.

This week: Tell us as many as 25 humorous events that “will happen” in 2023, and we’ll build a timeline. Include the specific date only if it’s relevant to the event (e.g., the date of the Oscars). See examples from previous Year in Preview contests below.

The winner gets mononucleosis. In the form of an adorable keychain-size plush purple parasite with cute eyes and even fetching lashes. Only 250,000 times actual size! Donated by 429-time Loser Dave Prevar, vector of so many of our prize diseases.


Deadline is midnight Friday, Jan. 20. Results will run here in The Gene Pool on Thursday, Jan. 27.

No new contest results this week, since Week 1, our contest to write funny poems about people who died in 2022, is still running (deadline midnight Friday, Jan. 13 — see the contest here, where there’s a link to that entry form). But for your guidance ’n’ inspiration for Week 2, here are selected future-timeline entries from past years:

From 2022 (paywall-free text file of full results here; scroll down past that week’s new contest)
January: Astronomers announce the discovery of an Earth-size planet orbiting the star Proxima Centauri. Texas officials immediately designate it as the voting location for all of the state's minority neighborhoods. (Duncan Stevens)

President Biden orders a chocolate cone at an ice cream parlor. Fox News denounces the "War on Vanilla." (Hannah Seidel)

Environmentalists suspect that climate change may be accelerating when longtime denier Sen. James Inhofe, in what many view as a surprising concession, melts. (Duncan Stevens)

Sen. Joe Manchin introduces a bill requiring Santa to deliver a bag of coal to every child, not just the naughty ones. (Lee Graham)

From 2020 (full results here)
Following his annual physical, President Trump reports that he weighs 180, has a BMI of 23 and had a “perfect” Pap smear. (Jon Ketzner)

Focusing on players who will be seeing the most action, the Redskins draft punters in the first three rounds. (Mike Gips)

From 2019 (full results here)
At the request of Make-a-Wish, Trump delivers candy to a hospitalized child, telling her, “I hope you appreciate this, because the docs just told me you have two, maybe three days left tops.” (Jeff Contompasis)

The National Council of Teachers of English disbands after a violent battle over inserting a comma into MeToo. (Ira Allen)

The NRA announces, proactively, that there will be nothing that could have been done. (Art Grinath)

From 2018 (full results here)
Punxsutawney Phil predicts an early end to winter. The White House immediately accuses him of "promoting a fake global-warming agenda" and cancels Groundhog Day. (John Hutchins)

Hackers break into the president's Twitter account, posting dozens of sensible tweets before the White House regains control. (Warren Tanabe)

In the seventh round, the Minnesota Vikings draft an end zone choreographer out of Juilliard. (Howard Walderman)

The Thanksgiving turkey pardons Donald Trump. (Mark Raffman)

And last, from 2011, a prediction that could have run every year for the next 11 years, but not for 2023: The Style Invitational once again avoids being a subject for its annual obit-poem contest. (Kevin Dopart)

Which is a good reminder that you have till midnight (wherever you are) Friday, Jan. 13, to enter that very contest. Check out Week 1 of The Invitational.

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Prize:(Dave Prevar)