Style Invitational Week 1290: Bobbing for Witte words

We celebrate a 25-year Loser with a neologism contest

Speaking in the furnacular. (Bob Staake for The Washington Post)
by Pat Myers July 26 Email the author


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neologism winners.)

/“Oooooooooh, you’re my baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaby! Heeeeeeere, honey sweetness
snookums! The way people talk to pets is unlike the way they talk to
anyone or anything else. The cutesy, sing-songy voice that people use to
address pets is called . . .” / *furnacular.* (Neologism by Tom Witte in
Bob Levey’s contest, 2002)

/*“While some kids are having sex at younger and younger ages, others
are actually waiting longer. Someone who waits a really long time is
called a cherryatric.* / (Neologism by Tom Witte in Style Invitational
Week 542, 2004)

With his honorable mention this week,**Loser Since Week 7 Tom Witte
blots up his 1,500th blot of Style Invitational ink, a feat accomplished
previously only by Russell Beland and Chris Doyle. Along the way in
those 25-plus years, Tom has won the whole contest 29 times and has been
a runner-up a crazy 105 times over.

But the Invite isn’t the only vehicle in The Post in which Tom has shown
off his facility with wordplay, especially in coining new words: From
1993 through 2003, Tom was lauded dozens of times by longtime Metro
columnist Bob Levey in his monthly neologism contest. While the Invite
and the Bob had different formats — Bob would offer one situation that
needed a word for it, and everyone would submit neologisms for that
single instance — another signal difference was that the entries Bob
would run were always G-rated, while those from the Invite are often . .
 . well, not G-rated. Tom is obviously good at both blue and beige, but
has become notorious here in Loserdom for the spicy.

Back in 2004, the Empress celebrated Bob’s retirement by running a
Levey-style neologism contest, except that you also had to submit a
situation. With Tom’s Triple Hall of Fame ascension, we thought we’d do
it again: *This week: Come up with both an object/situation and a
neologism for it, *as in Tom’s examples above.

Submit entries at the website **
(all lowercase).

Winner gets the *Lose Cannon,

* our Style Invitational trophy. Second place receives a useful but
Offensive to Everyone gadget: *a bottle opener in the form of a guitar *
is held by a little wooden stick-figure man. Who is painted black. And
wearing a sombrero. And a hoop earring. It was made in Japan, back when
Japan made knickknacks. Donated by Loser Matt Monitto.

*Other runners-up *win our “You Gotta Play to Lose”
Mug or our Grossery Bag, “I Got a B in Punmanship.”
Honorable mentions get one of our
lusted-after Loser magnets, “We’ve Seen Better”
“IDiot Card.”

First Offenders receive only a smelly tree-shaped air “freshener”

for their first ink). *Deadline is Monday night, Aug. 6; *results
published Aug. 26 (online Aug. 23). See general contest rules and
guidelines at . Chris Doyle,
Jesse Frankovich and Jon Gearhart all submitted the headline “P’s Out”;
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*The Style Conversational * The Empress's weekly online column discusses
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And from The Style Invitational four weeks ago . . .


**In *Week 1286,* inspired by IHOP’s
momentary change of name to IHOB, the Empress asked you to replace one
or more P’s in a word, name or phrase with some other letter and define
the result. Many people suggested “Trumb,” as in, well, not “numb.”

4th place:

*Ingut/Outgut:* Middle-aged guy’s reflex when a young woman passes at
the beach. (Larry Gray, Union Bridge, Md.)

3rd place:

*IHOB:* International House O’Besity (Dave Silberstein, College Park, Md.)

2nd place and the Poo Pinata

*Muerto Rico:* Where paper towels just didn’t do the trick. (Frank Osen,
Pasadena, Calif.)

And the winner of the Lose Cannon:

*The Tee-Tee Tapes: *Compromising videos of the president swinging and
missing a golf ball. (Robert Schechter, Dix Hills, N.Y.)

Wower failures: Honorable mentions

*Limp my ride:* What I did when I added the child seat to my muscle car.
(Drew Bennett, West Plains, Mo.)

*Bride goeth before the fall:* What Vanessa Trump wrote under “reason”
when filing for divorce from Don Jr. (Matt Monitto, Bristol, Conn.)

*Banacea:* A remedy for all political troubles. (Chris Damm, Charles
Town, W.Va.)

*Foultry:* Chicken /way/ past its sell-by date. (Beverley Sharp,
Montgomery, Ala.)

*Lackage deal: *A not-so-“inclusive” vacation. “Oh, you want potable
water on your cruise? There /is/ a nominal extra fee for that.” (Jeff
Contompasis, Ashburn)

*Mediatricians:* Spin doctors. (Jesse Frankovich, Grand Ledge, Mich.)

*Mommin’ Fresh: *Mascot for a fertility clinic (“Look who’s got a bun in
the oven!”). (Mark Raffman, Reston, Va.)

*The national wastime:* Head down, phone in hand, 18 hours a day.
(Lennie Magida, Frederick, Md.)

*Russy-whipped:* How Trump emerged from the summit. (Frank Osen)

*“Womb, womb!”: *
in 2019, telling women where to stuff it (and keep it stuffed)? (Nan
Reiner, Boca Raton, Fla.)

*Beer review:* Highly popular volunteer work among academics. (Pam
Sweeney, Burlington, Mass.)

*Blaster of Paris:* A French horn. (Joe Ruane, Dunmore, Pa.)

*Blaque:* /Really/ nasty stuff on your teeth. (Kathy El-Assal,
Middleton, Wis.)

*Bomb and Circumstance:* What they play at graduation at Terrorism U.
(Duncan Stevens, Vienna, Va.)

*Broductivity:* I did 10 keg stands and crushed 20 beers in 30 minutes,
dude! (Jessica Garber, Washington, a First Offender)

*Burple:* The color that comes out when your toddler decides to eat a
whole jar of grape jelly. (Roy Ashley, Washington)

*Buu-buu blatter:* An inept Polynesian trombonist. (Bill Spencer,
Cockeysville, Md.)

*C-3BO:* Day 2 at Comic-Con. (Chuck Helwig, Centreville, Va.)

*Bryce Harmer:* One way or another he is going to do some damage with
that bat. (Bruce Johnson, Churchton, Md.)

*Carbe diem:* Cheat day on your keto diet. (Pam Sweeney)

*Combatible:* Fights well with others. (Jeff Strong, Fairfax, Va.)

*Cornos:* Movies for foot fetishists. (Melissa Balmain, Rochester, N.Y.)

*Costpartum depression:* What sinks in when you see the obstretician’s
bill. (Beverley Sharp)

*Dudenda:* The surprise from that one scene in “The Crying Game.”
(Brendan Beary, Great Mills, Md.)

*Dumbster fire:* A crisis of a moron’s own making. (Jesse Frankovich)

*Emberor:* A ruler who fiddles while his land burns. “The emberor spent
the weekend playing golf at his seaside villa.” (Frank Osen)

*Estresso:* /Really/ strong coffee. (Larry Gray)

*Geekaboo:* Baby’s First Coding Project. (Beverley Sharp)

*Harpy birthday:* On Dec. 8, wish it on Ann Coulter. (Kathy El-Assal)

*Hater Noster:* Prayer to the deity that created mosquitoes and Justin
Bieber. (Mark Raffman)

*Hatriotism:* We don’t need no stinkin’ immigrants! MAGA! (David Young,
Falmouth, Mass.)

*Holygraph:* “Remember, that’s a Bible you’re swearing on . . . ” (Roy

*Kiñata:* One who’s routinely bashed by one’s family. (Jerome Uher,
Alexandria, Va.)

*Lootholes: * Loopholes. (Jesse Frankovich)

*Mathetic:* Unable to balance one’s checkbook. (Kathleen DeBold,
Burtonsville, Md.)

*Nana’s Got a Brand New Bag:* The tune Grandma whistles on her way home
from the Coach boutique. (Frank Mullen III, Aledo, Ill.)

*Naypal:* A friend without benefits. (Antonym: Yaypal.) (Tom Witte,
Montgomery Village, Md.)

*Scammi:* Shrimp nuggets with garlic powder. (Mark Raffman)

*Snotify:* Streaming only the highest-quality music to a very selective
group of subscribers. You probably wouldn’t qualify. (Roy Ashley)

*Tennsylvania:* Home of the chicken-fried cheesesteak. (Mark Raffman)

*Tizza:* The most popular dish at Hooters. (Melissa Balmain)

*Toilet gaper:* A commode with the seat up. “There’s nothing like the
surprising chill of sitting down on a toilet gaper in the dark.” (Ivars
Kuskevics, Takoma Park, Md.)

*Ugholstery:* Fabric used for covering sofas in the 1970s. (Jesse

*Yentathlon:* Bubbe and her sisters at every family get-together.
(Brendan Beary)

*“A Whiter Shade of Male”:* Neo-Nazi anthem. (Frank Mullen III)

*Abathy: *“Eh, who needs a six-pack? My cat likes me better this way
anyway.” (Jeff Strong)

*Bar for the Course:* A beer cooler that fits in a golf bag. (Warren
Tanabe, Annapolis, Md.)

*Barabola:* The “straight line” a drinker walks when pulled over by the
police. (Rob Huffman, Fredericksburg, Va.)

*Barsimony:* Leaving the pub just when the next round is on you. (Warren

*Be-a-Body Award:* Recognition first given to Kevin Costner for playing
a corpse in “The Big Chill” (John McCooey)

*Bedestrian:* “Any fireworks with the you-know-who last night, Stormy?”
“Nope, pretty bedestrian.” (Duncan Stevens)

*Zenultimate:* It is not the last. It is not the next-to-last. There
were never any. Have some more. (Brendan Beary)

*Fake News:* I TOLD YOU THERE WAS NEVER ANY P! (Eric Nelkin, Silver
Spring, Md., a First Offender)

*Loseurs:* Witty, sophisticated humorists pretending to be juvenile,
crude boors with a poop fixation. (John McCooey)

*Still running — deadline Monday night, July 30: our contest for fake
trivia about animals. See *