Style Invitational Week 1234: Just-Not-So Stories — winning tales of
critter creation

Whale on a stick — because everything’s better on a stick. For this
week's fourth-place entry. (Bob Staake for The Washington Post)
By Pat Myers By Pat Myers

June 29


In *Week 1230,* we expanded on a Twitter thing from a while back in
which a Creator plans one biological oddity or another.

Most frequent
among them in this week’s entrysphere: the platypus and Donald Trump.

4th place

ANGEL: So what’s up with the *narwhal*?
GOD: It’s a whale on a stick.
ANGEL: But why?
GOD: Everything’s better on a stick. (Bird Waring, Larchmont, N.Y.)

3rd place

*Creating black widow spiders:*
GOD: The female will be a beautiful glossy black with a fetching red
hourglass figure on her abdomen.
ANGEL: Splendid — how lovely the males and females will look together!
Will they mate for life?
GOD: Well, sorta . . . (Rob Huffman, Fredericksburg, Va.)

2nd place and the plush strep throat microbe:

*Creating the rabbit:
*GOD: I’ll make it look like a furry little meatloaf with a wiggly nose
and big floppy ears.
DEVIL: And I’ll spread rumors that its amputated limbs bring you good
luck. (Joe Neff, Warrington, Pa.)

And the winner of the Inkin’ Memorial:

*Creating the pigeon:*
GOD: We need to discourage false idols.
ANGEL: How about creating a bird that eats statues?
GOD: Let’s use the other end. (Drew Bennett, West Plains, Mo.)

Left: Pancake fish bee with silky belly. Right: Unidentified
two-dimensional blob. (Gali Tibbon/AFP/Getty Images)
South of Eden: honorable mentions

*Creating the cat:
*GOD: Let’s see . . . four legs, soft fur, long tail, and a pleasant,
oddly comforting rumbly sound when it’s happy.
ANGEL: Sounds great. Where does it live?
GOD: Inside. No — outside. Inside. Definitely inside. Wait . . .
outside. Just leave the door open. (Molly Elizabeth Haws, Martinez,
Calif., a First Offender)

*Pine tree:
* GOD: Hey, what if instead of leaves, we had needles and cones and
stuff and they stayed green all year? That’d be cool.
ANGEL: Marketing says people will chop them down and drag them inside at
GOD: What the. . . Why . . . never mind. Make the needles really sharp,
and have them fall out, like, the day after the tree’s chopped down.
That should stop ’em. (Duncan Stevens, Vienna, Va.)

CREATOR: Giant hose nose needs to be cuter. Make it fluffy.
LABOR: It’ll run way too hot that way.
CREATOR: Then turn the temperature down.
LABOR: But . . . the biosphere!
CREATOR: Fluffy hose noses. (David Friedman, Santa Clara, Calif.)

*GOD: Start with a worm. Give it 20 legs.
ANGEL: That’s ridiculous.
GOD: Okay, then. Fifty legs!
ANGEL: You’re drunk.
GOD: Dude, I’m /God./ I’ll give it a hundred legs if I want and I’ll
make it the creepiest thing you ever saw. (Frank Mann, Washington)

*Panda: *
GOD: Make them really socially awkward.
ANGEL: If they’re that awkward, how will they find a mate?
GOD: Make them so cute that humans will handle their mating for them.
(Todd DeLap, Fairfax, Va.)

*Giraffe: *
ANGEL: Why is his head way up there?
GOD: I guess we better give him a long neck. (Edmund Conti, Raleigh)

*Platypus (I):*
ANGEL: Okay, looks like we’re about done here. What do you want to do
with these extra parts?
GOD: What have you got?
ANGEL: A duck’s bill, some flippers, a rejected otter body prototype,
misshapen beaver tail . . .
GOD: I got an idea. Throw all those together and add venomous claws!
(Jon Spell, Orem, Utah)

*Platypus (II):*
GOD: Hey, I have some leftover parts here.
ANGEL: Shoot, I already took out the trash.
GOD: Meh, just throw them together and put it on the weirdo island.
(Danny Wysong, Crozet, Va., a First Offender)

*Flamingo: *
GOD: Make a swan on stilts. And put it in a pink tutu. (Beverley Sharp,
Montgomery, Ala.)

*Mantis: *
GOD: Make a bug that looks like it’s always praying, so that all who
look upon it will see how all Creation praises the Creator.
ANGEL: You got it, Boss.
GOD: It will be an example for everyone.
ANGEL: Great idea.
GOD: When it mates, the female will tear the male’s head off and eat it.
ANGEL: Rode that one right off the rails, didn’t You? (Molly Elizabeth Haws)

GOD: Okay, all done with Adam.
ANGEL: Uh, he doesn’t need two of /those./
GOD: He doesn’t? I mean, you never know.
ANGEL: They’ll get in the way, and he’ll be comparing them all the time.
GOD: So what am I going to do with the other one?
ANGEL: Just give it to me. I’ll put it insidea big clam
let it hang out . . . (Duncan Stevens)

*CREATOR: Humans are too lazy — I’ll make some Morning Motivational
Birds for them: The male can wake them up, and then the female can
produce breakfast from her bottom. (Jennifer Dickey, Silver Spring, Md.)

*GOD: Let’s go with a nice, small mammal.
ANGEL: Okay . . .
GOD: Make it an excellent swimmer.
ANGEL: Interesting . . .
GOD: And I want it to be really cute and lovable. Oh, and make it so it
gets to enjoy a life with plenty of fun, playing and frolicking in the
ANGEL: Er, God?
GOD: Yes?
ANGEL: Would you please turn me into one of these? (Tom Witte,
Montgomery Village, Md.)

*Stingray: *
GOD: So, it’s going to be like a bee.
ANGEL: In the ocean?
GOD: Yeah, like a pancake fish bee.
ANGEL: That can’t be a thing.
GOD (giggling): Make its belly silky. (Lauren Edmondson, Herndon, Va., a
First Offender)

*Elephant: *
GOD: “Oops, I promised this one I’d give him cool stripes like the
zebra. Oh well, he’ll never remember . . . ” (Hildy Zampella, Falls
Church, Va.)

*Three-toed sloth: *
ANGEL: What, is there a toe shortage all of a sudden?
GOD: I gave it five, but it was too Me-damned lazy to pick up the last
two. (Gary Crockett, Chevy Chase, Md.)

*Sponge: *
GOD: Okay, who spilled the wine over here?
ANGELS: [silence]
GOD: Fine, be that way. One of you make something to clean it up! (Mark
Raffman, Reston, Va.)

** *Blue whale:
*GOD: We’ll make them the largest creatures on Earth, maybe 300,000 pounds.
ANGEL: Gosh, what an appetite they’ll have! Will they eat whole forests
or herds of beasts?
GOD: Nah, I’m thinking a diet of microscopic fish . . . (Rob Huffman)

*Buffalo: *
“Oh for My sake, get those wings off that thing!” (Hildy Zampella)

*Kim Kardashian:
*GOD (on the busy factory floor): Hey, I like the looks of this one —
make sure you add lots of delicacy and refinement!
ANGEL: Sorry, what’s that? Can’t hear you!
GOD (as the background noise gets louder): GIVE HER A LOT OF CLASS!
ANGEL: [pause] A lot of . . . okayyy. (Duncan Stevens)

/More honorable mentions later this month. /


Four weeks from now, the Empress will have just placed her dainty
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/The headline “Just-Not-So Stories” is by Gary Crockett, the
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