Week 1134: The ‘Sty’le Invitational Red‘ux’

Plus ‘carpe BM’ and other winning puns on foreign phrases

It’s the “Aw”ard for just being on the team: This week’s challenge is to
find more “air quotes” — words within other words. (Bob Staake for The
Washington Post )
By Pat Myers July 23 feedback for 'Week 1134: The ‘Sty’le Invitational Red‘ux’'>

(Click here to skip down <#report> to this week’s winning puns on
foreign phrases.)

*“Aw”ard: The trophy the team gives to the schlumpy kids just for
participating.* (Roger Dalrymple)

*Ameri“can”: A butt larger than a size 18.* (Barbara Turner)

*Se“cret in”gredient: A common marketing ploy targeting the
pathologically gullible.* (David Garratt)

This squirrel has no idea how ridiculous it looks! Then again, it
doesn’t care — it’s eating. This feeder is this week’s second prize.
(archiemcphee.com )

By personal request of the long-deposed but occasionally still indulged
Czar of The Style Invitational, who maintains that the Empress has not
redone this contest often enough — “you have never given them the love
they deserve” — we bring you another encore of our “air quotes” contest,
which last ran two years ago, and before that in 2009, 2001 and 2000.
Exactly the same as before: *Put quotation marks around part of a word,
name or phrase and define the result,* as in the inking entries above
from Week 1031 in 2013. (Links to the
previous results appear in this week’s Style Conversational at
bit.ly/conv1134 .)

Winner gets the Inkin’ Memorial
the Lincoln statue bobblehead that is the official Style Invitational
trophy. Second place receives a squirrel feeder
the shape of a hollow horsehead; if the critters are going to eat up
your seeds anyway, you might as well enjoy watching them look ridiculous
while doing so. (Could a similar device be created for, say, tax
auditors?) Donated by Loser Diane Wah.

*Other runners-up* win their choice of a yearned-for Loser Mug
or the ardently
desired “Whole Fools” Grossery Bag.
mentions get a lusted-after Loser magnet designed by Bob Staake: either
“The Wit Hit the Fan”
“Hardly Har-Har.”
Offenders receive a smelly tree-shaped air “freshener” (FirStink

for their first ink). E-mail entries to /losers@washpost.com
/ or, if you were born in the 19th century,
fax to 202-334-4312. Deadline is Monday night, Aug. 3; results published
Aug. 23 (online Aug. 20). You may submit up to 25 entries per contest.
Include “Week 1134” in your e-mail subject line or it might be ignored
as spam. Include your real name, postal address and phone number with
your entry. See contest rules and guidelines at wapo.st/InvRules
. The headline for this week’s results is by
Tom Witte; the honorable-mentions subhead is by Chris Doyle. Join the
lively Style Invitational Devotees group on Facebook at /on.fb.me/invdev
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*The Style Conversational: * The Empress’s weekly online column,
published late Thursday afternoon, discusses each new contest and set of
results. Especially if you plan to enter, check it out at


And the winners of the Style Invitational contest posted four weeks ago
. . .

**In Week 1130

we asked you to make a pun on a foreign term or phrase (or a foreign
term that’s become an English one) and describe the result.

Here’s /la
crème/ of about 1,700 entries. Not sure what the original term was?
Clicking on a link below will show it to you.

4th place:

*Carpe BM:

* Clean up after your dog! (Neal Starkman, Seattle)

3rd place:

*Hate couture:

* Wrapping yourself in the Confederate flag. (Nan Reiner, visting Boca
Raton, Fla.)

2nd place and the deck of “Aussie Sheila” cards:

*In MoCo parentis:

* Calling Child Protective Services if you see some kids walking down
the street.

(Stephen Dudzik, Olney)

And the winner of the Inkin’ Memorial:

*’Sup du jour:

* Whatever greeting is currently hip. “A fist bump followed by a low
five and a quiet ‘yo’ is the ‘sup du jour in Flatbush. (Bird Waring,
Larchmont, N.Y.)

Honorable Menschen (und Frauen):


* The art of folding laundry. (Ben Aronin, Washington)


* Caitlyn Jenner. (Mike Gips, Bethesda, Md.)

*Liberté, égalité, maternité:

*The result of too much fraternité. (Stephen Gold, Glasgow, Scotland)

*Huevos ranch eros:

* Breakfast on Brokeback Mountain. (Chris Doyle, Ponder, Tex.)

*Ice versa: * Giving back the
engagement ring. (Tom Witte, Montgomery Village, Md.)

*Glamor vincit omnia:

*What Hillary Clinton sincerely hopes is not true. (Danielle Nowlin,
Fairfax Station, Va.)

*Amor vincit amnesia:

*Typical soap opera plot. (Mark Raffman, Reston, Va.)

*Joie de Bieber:

*It feels pretty good to be 21 years old and worth 200 million dollars.
(Tom Witte)

*Jindalaya: *A
concoction that somehow manages to be both bland and offensive. (Frank
Osen, Pasadena, Calif.)

*Ho polloi:

* A cheap hooker. (Dave Prevar, Annapolis, Md.)

*Hea culpa:

* It’s the other guy’s fault. (Jim Stiles, Rockville, Md.)

*Maya culpa: *It’s the
Mexicans’ fault! — D. Trump (Todd DeLap, Fairfax, Va.)

*Mayor culpa: * Marion Barry,
Vincent Cianci, Kwame Kilpatrick, Ray Nagin . . . (Warren Tanabe,
Annapolis, Md.)

*Plus ça change, plus c’est la même shows:

* The new sitcoms look a lot like the old ones. (Skip Livingston,
Hopewell, N.J.)

*De Plorabus Unum:
*The one thing
we can all agree on is we don’t like each other. (Art Grinath, Takoma
Park, Md.)

*Répondez s’il vous play:
*An invitation on Tinder. (Dave Patton, Arlington, Va., a First Offender)

** *Non compass mentis:

*“Don’t worry, honey, I know exactly where we’re going.” (Matt Monitto,
Bristol, Conn.)

*Non compost mentis: *
you just throw those perfectly good vegetable peels into the trash can?
You must be out of your freaking mind!” (Danielle Nowlin)

*Ad hock:

*Served with a special garnish to an obnoxious diner: After being
ordered to “make it snappy,” Pierre served up the filet mignon ad hock.”
(Jim Stiles)

*Persona non gratuity:

* What the waiter will be if he serves the filet ad hock. (Jim Stiles)

*Purse-owner non grata:

*It’s a man’s world. (Dudley Thompson, Cary, N.C.)

collective American cheer when we learned that the Navy SEALs got their
man. (Amy Harris, Charlottesville, Va.)

*Rigor Morris: * When a cat has used up its nine lives.
(Jeff Contompasis,
Ashburn, Va.)


The quieter volume you get from aiming at the side of the toilet bowl.
(Dave Prevar)

*Bonk vivant:*

Someone who always wants to bed the life of the party. (Frank Osen)


The opposite of a bonk vivant. (Frank Osen)

*Veryboten:* Not
just out of the question, but OUT OF THE QUESTION. (Dudley Thompson)

*Coup de grass:* Lawn
1, mower 0. (Marni Penning Coleman, Falls Church, Va.)

*Coitus interruckus:*
The upstairs neighbors are at it again. (Chris Doyle)

*Cri decor:

*“What have you DONE to my HOUSE??” the HGTV contestant screamed. (Marni
Penning Coleman)

*La dolce feta:*
back in the day. (Sylvia Betts, Vancouver, B.C.)

*Chargé d’affairs:*

Alimony. (John Burton, Herndon, Va.)

*Summa cum loud:*

Letting everyone know, for the rest of your life, that you graduated at
the top of the class. (Rick Haynes, Boynton Beach, Fla.)

*Cad infinitum:*

Many a woman’s dating history. (Amy Harris)

*Caveat emptier:

*Beware the overfull diaper pail. (Mark Richardson, Takoma Park, Md.)

*Caveat hemptor:*

Dude, that might be oregano. (Jeff Shirley, Richmond, Va.)

*Knobless oblige:*

A eunuch’s responsibility to the harem. (Jeff Shirley)

*Sooey generous:*

The family-size barbecue platter. (Susan Thompson, Cary, N.C.)

*Sinus qua non:*

The phlegm de la phlegm of nasal infections. (Kathy El-Assal, Middleton,

*Sheikh semper tyrannis:*

There’s not much democracy in some of those desert kingdoms. (John
O’Byrne, Dublin)

*Shlalom: *
downhill path of Middle East peace. (Kevin Dopart, visiting Naxos, Greece)

*Nom de fume:*

Your rants-only Twitter handle. (Pam Sweeney, Burlington, Mass.; Larry
Neal, McLean, Va.)

*Nom de prune: *
Dried Plums.” (Yuki Henninger, Vienna, Va.)

*Veni, Vidi, Vichy:*
I came, I
saw, I surrendered. (Neil Harris, Gaithersburg, Md., a First Offender)

*Pox populi:*

Veni, VD, vici. (Jeff Contompasis)

*Lardi Gras:*
An even fatter Tuesday. (Rob Huffman, Fredericksburg, Va.)

*Tardi Gras:
*Fat Thursday. (John Glenn, Tyler, Tex.)

*Stoat couture:

*Genuine furs at a lower price point. (John McCooey, Rehoboth Beach, Del.)

*Entree nous:

*“I’m not that hungry — I’ll just have a little of yours.” (Marni
Penning Coleman)


The Style Invitational FirStink “prize.”

(Emily Davis, Bloomington, Ind.)

*Still running — deadline Monday night, July 27: our contest for
clerihews. See bit.ly/invite1133 . *