1583 A Thousand Words Write a funny poem about the artwork of your choice. H
1579 Captions Courageous Write a description for any of six photos H
1578 The Pepys Show Give us a diary entry from anyone in history. T H
1569 Look Back in Inker -- Our 2023 retrospective, Part 1 Enter or reenter our Week 1-25 contests. H
1566 Well, the Good News Is ... Put a positive spin on a bad-news headline H
1559 As the Word Turns 'Discover' new words by snaking through this random grid H
1540 Picture This It's caption contest time, with eight motley pictures to choose from. H
1535 The Poops Diorama Make some funny art with toilet paper and send us a photo. H H
1529 Hello, Dall-E! Our new contest partners you and a machine. M
1527 Film Flim-Flam Use all the letters in a movie title to make a new movie H
1524 Picture This A caption contest H
1520 Nextra! Nextra! Read All About it. Predict the big news events of 2023 H H
1433 Questionable Journalism Choose any sentence (not a headline!) in an article or ad in The Washington Post or another publication dated April 22 through May 3, and write a question it might humorously answer. H H
1427 Rocky of ages, or Badenov for you? State any historical event -- right up to 2021 -- in the provided "A, or B" format. H
1426 Mess with our (or others') heads Reinterpret an actual headline (or a major part of it) by adding a bank head, or subtitle. H
1424 We Bee back -- a neologism contest From any of the 30 provided Spelling Bee letter sets, coin a new term or phrase and describe it humorously. You must use the first letter in the set (anywhere in the word) plus any or all of the others, as often as you like. H
138 LIST BUT NOT LEAST Come up with Top-10-style lists for any of the above four subjects. H
97 NEWTONIAN PHILOSOPHY Come up with more Newt Gingrich philosophy to explain the differences between men and women, Democrats and Republicans, dogs and cats, whatever needs explaining. H
90 BILL US NOW Come up with funny legislation based on the names of the 102 freshman congresspersons. H
76 ADIOS. Tell us, in 40 words or fewer, what is great about August in Washington. It's August, and we're out of here. 2
74 SHIRT HAPPENS In 10 words or fewer, what should the back of the "Year 2" T-shirt say? H
73 LUNACY Tell us what Neil Armstrong should have said upon stepping onto the moon's surface, instead of what he did, the greatest gaffe in the history of Historic Sayings. W
68 GIVE US A SIGN Come up with new astrological signs for the 1990s, together with one day's horoscope. 3
40 NOT WRONG. JUST INCORRECT. What's next on the political correctness agenda? 3
39 WAY OUTSIDE THE LINES Name a new crayon color for the 1990s, with a description. H
32 FATAL ART ATTACK In 50 words or fewer, describe a performance art concept that might get public funding. Winners will be audacious enough to seem like art, but pretentious enough to seem to have a social "message. H
30 THE RORSCHACH OF THE CROWD Interpret any of the provided ink blots. H
27 IT'S THE EPONYMY, STUPID Coin an eponym, a word or figure of speech based on the name of a famous person. You must define the word, and, if you wish, use it in a sentence. H
19 A RECYCLED IDEA THAT WAS NONE TOO GOOD TO BEGIN WITH Alter a well-known phrase or name by deleting, adding or changing only one letter, and then supply a definition for what results. H
18 PUNCH US IN THE EAR Give us a motto for The Washington Post. H H
15 PUNCH US Complete any of the provided jokes in 75 words or fewer. H 2
14 COLLECTIVE INSANITY Modernize collective nouns (as in a "pride" of lions or an "exaltation" of larks), inventing snide new names for groups of things. W
10 A WEEK THAT WILL LIVE IN EUPHEMY Write us a funny euphemism. H
5 THERE OUGHT TO BE A LAW Invent a creative piece of legislation based on skillfully juxtaposed names of actual U.S. senators and representatives. 5
4 [untitled] This week, a gripe-fest about modernity and other irritations. Complete this sentence: "If we can put a man on the moon, why can't we ... 4