1588 Colt Fusion Because of our munificense and guilt, you get a full hundred foal names to 'breed' for 'grandfoals' H H H
1586 Pun for the Roses Our annual crazy-popular horse 'breeding' wordplay contest. H H H
1585 Bring Up the Rear Move the last letter of a word to the front. H H H H
1583 A Thousand Words Write a funny poem about the artwork of your choice. H 4
1581 SOTU-Speak Use words from Biden's State of the Union speech to write some lines for another oration. H 3
1580 Hi, Anxiety! Tell us some funny ways to stress yourself out. H 3
1578 The Pepys Show Give us a diary entry from anyone in history. H
1577 Why the #$%#$% Not? The Washington Post is looking for some bold ideas -- Let's show it some! H H H
1576 Praise the Lurid! Give us clickbait headlines for mundane stories. H H H 2
1575 The Ughscars and the Phewlitzers Give us an idea for a bad book or movie. W H H H H
1573 The Invitational Week 55: Tour de Fours — Be STUD-ly Give us a new word or phrase containing 'DUST' in any order of letters. H H H
1572 S Is for Smartass Presenting the Devil's Alphabet Soup W H H H H 3
1570 The Invitational, Week 52: Replaying Around -- The 2023 retrospective, Part II Enter or reenter our Week 26-50. H H H
1569 Look Back in Inker -- Our 2023 retrospective, Part 1 Enter or reenter our Week 1-25 contests. H H H H H 2
1567 Picture This A caption contest H H
1566 Well, the Good News Is ... Put a positive spin on a bad-news headline H
1564 "Air" "Quotes" A new forefinger contest H H H
1563 The Perfect(ly Ridiculous) Gift Offer up some products for people-who-have-everything catalogs. H H
1562 Rhyme and Rhyme Again Write a funny "monorhyme", a poem whose lines all rhyme on the same sound. H H H
1561 Let It Be a Lesson to Us Tell us some things to be learned from Costco, the bathroom, TV shows, etc. H H 2
1560 The 'Hole Story Write us a funny 'Am I The Asshole' question H H H
1559 As the Word Turns 'Discover' new words by snaking through this random grid H H H
1558 It's Parody Time Send up the news with those songs and videos you do so well H
1557 Tailgating On the Highway Pair a Dylan line with your own rhyming one H H H
1556 Cross Us Up Mirror a phrase, more or less H H H
1555 Do You Have to Spell It Out for Us? Give us "backronyms" H
1554 U (Heart) TFG's BFFs Reach out to beleaguered Trump supporters and bathe them in the warmth of your love, to help bind the nation’s wounds H
1552 A Mirthday Party Link two people who share a birthday L H
1551 Ask Backwards XLII We give the answers. You give the questions. H H
1550 Holy Moly, It's Limerixicon XX Write a limerick featuring a word beginning "ho-". H
1549 The Tile Invitational X It's our 10th running of this coin-a-word game. H
1547 Alphabettering Write a funny sentence containing all 26 letters. H
1546 Put It in Bee-verse Write a funny poem using a spelling bee word H
1545 Their Base Behavior Tell humorously how some business or organization could alter its product or message to appeal to Trump’s cult. H
1543 F Things Up Neologisms by adding Fs or changing letters to F 2
1540 Picture This It's caption contest time, with eight motley pictures to choose from. H H
1539 Get Real, Reel Name a scene in a movie, a TV show, or literature, and tell us how it might be revised (perhaps less satisfyingly but far more realistically) H H H
1538 Rhymes Against Humanity Write a four-line poem about people in the news, using either of two poetic forms H
1535 The Poops Diorama Make some funny art with toilet paper and send us a photo. H
1534 Pun for the Roses Our renowned horse name 'breeding' contest returns! H
1533 The Very Last 'Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions' Tell us a stupid question followed by a funny retort. 4
1530 Mess With Our Heads Reinterpret any headline by adding a 'bank head'. H
1529 Hello, Dall-E! Our new contest partners you and a machine. H
1528 It's Our Birthday. Party Like It's 1993. As the Invite turns 30, enter your choice of contests from our year of infancy H H H
1526 Poke Us Till We Giggle Write a "poke", or a joke recast as a rhyming poem H
1525 Arty Har-har Give us an idea for a humorously audacious modern art work H H
1524 Picture This A caption contest H H
1522 Questionable Journalism Find a sentence published in the next week and tell us what question it could answer H
1521 Send Us the Bill Our "Joint Legislation" contest H
1520 Nextra! Nextra! Read All About it. Predict the big news events of 2023 H
1515 Munich-ipals -- European "sister cities Choose any two or more towns from the 51 countries in Europe/Eurasia and come up with a joint endeavor the “sister cities” would undertake. W
1513 You're such a card Come up with a greeting card rhyme for an un-greeting-card occasion. 4
1512 Alphabetter Write a 26-word sentence or other passage whose words each start with a different letter — except that the X in the X-word may appear elsewhere in the word, as long as the word has an “ex” syllable. H
1511 The inside word--our 'air quote' contest Highlight part of a word, name or short phrase in “air quotes” to give the word a new meaning or description. H H
1508 Tour de Fours XIX —Laughtime Achievement Coin a word or phrase containing the letters E-L-D-N — consecutively but in any order — and describe it. H
1503 Sing of your supper--parodies about food Write a humorous song on the subject of food. H