2203Rich AbdillRabid Chill885Honorable Mention
2203Sarah AbernathyAha! Her Nasty Bra!505Honorable Mention
2203Scott AblemanNot Calm Beast1219And Last
2203Dave AbrahamHave A Bad Arm552Honorable Mention
2203Rose AbrilSober Liar551Honorable Mention
2203Michael AcetoChoice Tamale306Honorable Mention
2203Nora AchratiTiara Anchor719Honorable Mention
2203Sam AckermanAce Marksman764Honorable Mention
2203Kim AdamKid Mama1089Honorable Mention
2203J. S. AdamsSad Jams161Honorable Mention
2203Paul AdamsPuma Salad222Honorable Mention
2203Ralph E. AdamsAlpha Dreams146Honorable Mention
2203Genesee AdkinsSend Inkage, See?84Fourth Runner-Up
2203James AdlerJam Dealers1044Honorable Mention
2203Leo AganNo Algae789Honorable Mention
2203Cathie AimeHi, I Eat Mace258Honorable Mention
2203Kathleen AkerleyLeather Ankle Key35Honorable Mention
2203Cecilia AlbansClean Basilica480Unranked Runner-Up
2203Tom AlbertTomb Alert105Honorable Mention
2203April AlbertineLiberal Painter657Honorable Mention
2203Cindy AldrichRichly Candid56First Runner-Up
2203B. J. AlexanderLax Band Jeer630Third Runner-Up
2203David AlexanderAxed A Van Riddle489Honorable Mention
2203Shani AlexanderRelax, Inns Ahead1227Honorable Mention
2203Jackie AlexandrowCajoled A Wax Inker483Honorable Mention
2203Janet AlexandrowA Tanner, Waxed J-Lo699Honorable Mention
2203Sarajian AlfredJeans Fail Radar469Honorable Mention
2203Laura AllanA La-La L.A. Urn448Honorable Mention
2203Howard O. AllenA Wool Handler192Honorable Mention
2203Julie AllenI Jell Ulnae40Honorable Mention
2203Paul K. AllenPull A Ankle273Honorable Mention
2203Rich AllenCall Her In252Honorable Mention
2203Richard AllenA Dill Rancher618Honorable Mention
2203Robin Perry AllenPro Blarney Liner219Honorable Mention
2203Ted AllenTall Need303Honorable Mention
2203Tony AlleyneNo Yen Lately298Honorable Mention
2203Evan AllgoodA Golden Oval721Honorable Mention
2203James AlperJape Realms909Honorable Mention
2203Baran AlpturkA Brutal Prank506Honorable Mention
2203Perry D. AlterR-Rated Reply359Honorable Mention
2203Michael AlthausHi, Casual Hamlet421Honorable Mention
2203Nando AmabileAbandon Email964Honorable Mention
2203Bob Ambler"Om" Babbler34Fifth Runner-Up
2203Tina AmentTan Inmate119Honorable Mention
2203Jerry AmosRye Majors362Honorable Mention
2203August AmuraoUm, Us Got A Aura261Honorable Mention
2203Lisa AnamaterosLA Amnesia Roast389Honorable Mention
2203Mike AncellLame Nickel42Honorable Mention
2203John AndersJohn's A Nerd34Honorable Mention
2203David AndrukonisDo Us, Darn Ink Diva!393Honorable Mention
2203Deena MacDonald AndrusDad's Unadorned Manacle80Third Runner-Up
2203Martin AngebranndtBan Remnant Trading1010Honorable Mention
2203Gordon AngellLong, Long Dare9Honorable Mention
2203Ed AngerEnraged184Idea for Contest
2203AnonymousO No! My Anus!120Honorable Mention
2203Joseph AnthonyPantyhose John549Win
2203Laura M. AppelbaumA Lame Burlap Puma161Honorable Mention
2203Carol ApplegatePropagate A Cell971Third Runner-Up
2203Jeff Arch462Honorable Mention
2203Beth ArchibaldBirdbath Leach494Idea for Contest
2203Chris ArdizzoneSnazzier Orchid378Honorable Mention
2203Amy ArgetsingerStrange Imagery894Prize Donation
2203Nazan ArmenianNan Ran In A Maze49Honorable Mention
2203Carolyn ArmstrongNormalcy Grantors166Win
2203Richard ArnoldA Darn Rich Lord769Honorable Mention
2203Steve AronsonOvertans Nose5Honorable Mention
2203Hannelore AronsteinInaner Than One Loser291Honorable Mention
2203Peter AshkenazShaken Trapeze1280Honorable Mention
2203Joseph AtkinsA Posh Ink Jest96Third Runner-Up
2203Kathy AtkinsNatty Khakis979Honorable Mention
2203Hopi AuerbachEpic Brouhaha686Second Runner-Up
2203Emily AuerswaldMy Residual Weal1067Honorable Mention
2203Bernie AugustineA Beer-Genius Unit45Honorable Mention
2203Aunt EthelLatent Hue134Idea for Contest
2203Meredith AustinNeither Stadium337Honorable Mention
2203Suzanne Austin-HillUnleash Zinnia Lust1027Honorable Mention
2203Fred AxmacherCharmed Faxer1060Honorable Mention
2203Alice BabazadehHaze A Cabbie, Lad479Honorable Mention
2203Jed BabbinNabbed Jib37Honorable Mention
2203Edna BabbittB-b-bad at Nite226Honorable Mention
2203Tom BachandHand Combat422Honorable Mention
2203Christina BahlInhabits Larch29Second Runner-Up
2203J. C. Bahry108Honorable Mention
2203K. C. BahryBarch, KY154First Runner-Up
2203Ralph BainRan Hip Lab448Honorable Mention
2203Buster BakerBerserk Tuba80Honorable Mention
2203Rob BalderOld Barber407Honorable Mention
2203Scotty BalentineTeen Balcony Tits397Honorable Mention
2203Andrea BalinsonRed Banana Loins641Honorable Mention
2203Carly BallAll Cry Lab965Honorable Mention
2203Jane BancroftCan Barf On Jet45Honorable Mention
2203John BaniszewskiShowbiz Ink Jeans1132Honorable Mention
2203David BanyaszBad Zany Divas396Honorable Mention
2203Matt BaraziaA Bazaar Mitt178Honorable Mention
2203Andre BarberaDarn Bare Bear!51Honorable Mention
2203Jack Barcheski"Bike-Crash" Jack422Honorable Mention
2203Sarah BardosA Brass Hoard119Honorable Mention
2203Bruce BarkerRubber Creak111Honorable Mention
2203Jeannie BarkerJean Ink-Bearer111Honorable Mention
2203Penny BarkerPerky Banner415Honorable Mention
2203John Barkmeyer"Many Herb" Joker552Honorable Mention
2203Cynthia M. Barlow"Why B Normal", Act I421Honorable Mention
2203Mary BarlowMayor Brawl613Honorable Mention
2203Richard BarnaDarn Crab Hair!49First Runner-Up
2203Joseph BarnardSharp Red Banjo682Honorable Mention
2203Mike BarnesBesmear Ink1050Honorable Mention
2203Kate BarnettA Better Tank388Honorable Mention
2203Scott BarneyBatty Censor166Win
2203Tom BarnidgeEmoting Bard924Honorable Mention
2203Suzanne BaroneEnsure Bonanza111Honorable Mention
2203Joe BarrettBare Jotter604Honorable Mention
2203Catherine BarrierRich In Beer Errata2First Runner-Up
2203Lois BartisBasil Riots1129Honorable Mention
2203Patricia BartolilloBroil Apolitical Rat871Prize Donation
2203Scott BartonCotton Brats180Third Runner-Up
2203Thomas BascomMom's Cash Boat113Honorable Mention
2203Terri BauknightI Grub That Inker51Honorable Mention
2203Dave BaumgartnerGaunt, Brave Dream1222Honorable Mention
2203Adam BausermanA Rude Samba Man476Honorable Mention
2203Wernher BaussusShe Rubs Us, We Ran5Honorable Mention
2203Roger BeaRobe Rage104First Runner-Up
2203Tim BeachMice Bath1002Honorable Mention
2203Grant BealeBeagle Rant416Honorable Mention
2203Kurt BealsBus Talker99Honorable Mention
2203Chuck BeardallA Buckled Larch336Honorable Mention
2203Stuart BeardallDual Bra Rattles57Second Runner-Up
2203Natalie BearyYea, Trainable1013Win
2203Rosalie BeasleyBe A Loser Easily366Honorable Mention
2203Jeff BecanCan Be Jeff273Honorable Mention
2203Margaret BechtelA Great Belch Term576Idea for Contest
2203Alistair BeckBleak Satiric749Fourth Runner-Up
2203Karen BeckBreakneck1010Second Runner-Up
2203Lance BeckerBe Elk Cancer?724Honorable Mention
2203Peter BeckermanKeen CB Tamperer673First Runner-Up
2203John BeetemTheme One, JB447Honorable Mention
2203Clyde BehneyDeny Ye Belch520First Runner-Up
2203Rosie BehrSober Heir581And Last
2203Gloria BehrensIn Her Loser Bag311Honorable Mention
2203Jerry BelenkerBrr. Jeer Keenly.134Win
2203Edward BelfarFaded Brawler136Honorable Mention
2203Donna BellLean Blond82Honorable Mention
2203Toby BellTelly Bob516Honorable Mention
2203Nora BelleAble Loner260Honorable Mention
2203Michael BellerHere I'll Be Calm513Honorable Mention
2203Tim BendelDenim Belt438Honorable Mention
2203Amy BenderMay Be Nerd258Honorable Mention
2203Zoe BenfellBelle of Zen1063Honorable Mention
2203Alexandra BennettDrab Telex Antenna888Prize Donation
2203Robert BensonTerser Bonbon40Honorable Mention
2203Shell BensonHen Lobs Lens477Honorable Mention
2203Jean BerardRear End Jab851Honorable Mention
2203Phil BerardelliHa! Ill-Bred Peril618Honorable Mention
2203Roger BergBe Grog: Err!483Honorable Mention
2203Mike BergenMe Beg Inker955Honorable Mention
2203Carole BerghersGlob Researcher207Second Runner-Up
2203Laurel BergoldGlobular Elder90Honorable Mention
2203Daniel J. BerkowitzBrazen, Wild IT Joke4Honorable Mention
2203Stuart BerlinLatrine Burst708Honorable Mention
2203Jeff BermanJ.B. Fern Fame296Honorable Mention
2203Mike "Gaithersburg" BermanBig Heartbreaking Summer18Fifth Runner-Up
2203Mike "South Riding" BermanShimmering, Obdurate Ink401Honorable Mention
2203Joel BernsteinJetliner Bones138Honorable Mention
2203Marty BernsteinTannery Timbers945Honorable Mention
2203Michael BernsteinChilean Tribesmen512Honorable Mention
2203Mitch BernsteinCretins Bent Him370Honorable Mention
2203Tzvia Berrin-ReinstenReinvent Bizarre Snit1008Honorable Mention
2203Greg BerryBrr, Rye Egg?456Honorable Mention
2203Brian BerryhillBriny Briar Hell236Honorable Mention
2203Tom BersonTrombones383Honorable Mention
2203John BeshoarOne Harsh Job336Honorable Mention
2203Jerome BettsMere Job Test974Honorable Mention
2203Mike BezdicekI Deck Meek Biz594Honorable Mention
2203Sean BezdicekBedeck Zanies594Honorable Mention
2203Jeffrey P. BezosFree Fez Job Spy1098Honorable Mention
2203Paul BickartA Brutal Pick90First Runner-Up
2203Ann BietschSatin Bench1007Honorable Mention
2203Brayton BigelowWrote Baby Lingo614Honorable Mention
2203John BilsboroughHurl Boob Joshing921Honorable Mention
2203Mary BinseelSemi-Blarney1003Honorable Mention
2203David BinswangerAvid Band Swinger807Honorable Mention
2203Andrea BirchA Rancid Herb805Honorable Mention
2203Jennifer BirsaNinja's Briefer863Honorable Mention
2203Melinda BlachfieldMined Baldface Hill6Fourth Runner-Up
2203Ethan BlackBleach Tank885Prize Donation
2203Alice BlackburnBalkan Crucible174Honorable Mention
2203Bruce BlackistoneOccult Inker Babes193Honorable Mention
2203Christi BlackistoneRich, Slick, Obstinate193Honorable Mention
2203Ellen A. BlackwellWalk Nacelle Bell93Unranked Runner-Up
2203Chuck BlahousHas Bulk Couch1028Honorable Mention
2203Thomas BlainHot Bailsman1080Win
2203Brad Blaine Jr.Lend Jar, Rabbi111Honorable Mention
2203Benjamin BlanchardMan-Brand Jail-Bench926Honorable Mention
2203Jacke BlandfordJab Fondled Rack521Honorable Mention
2203Barry BlechmanArmy-Bran Belch869Honorable Mention
2203Beth BlevensB.B., Then Elves203Honorable Mention
2203T. BlossomMoss Blot684Honorable Mention
2203Joan BobchekJock Babe, Hon5Honorable Mention
2203Paul BobowiecOil Up a Cobweb201Second Runner-Up
2203Karen Bock-LoseeKeen, Able Crooks580Honorable Mention
2203Larry BodinNo Ribaldry!163Honorable Mention
2203Jenny BoelterNobly Net Jeer858Honorable Mention
2203Kenneth BohlinThink, Noble Hen288Honorable Mention
2203Ray BohlkenHoly Banker!291First Runner-Up
2203Ralph BolgianoBlaring Hoopla462Fourth Runner-Up
2203Karen BondBorn Naked515Unranked Runner-Up
2203Michael BonettCelibate Month23Honorable Mention
2203Steve BonnerNon-Best Ever236Honorable Mention
2203Bob BonsallNabob Bolls507Honorable Mention
2203Sally BooherReal Sly Hobo131Win
2203M. C. BoomgaardRambo-Cam God191Fifth Runner-Up
2203Eileen BoothBeeline Hoot1036Prize Donation
2203Andrew C. BoothbyBony Bat Chowder216Honorable Mention
2203Janine BorofkaNo Banjo Freak, I1331Prize Donation
2203Miles BorregoGloom Berries1140Honorable Mention
2203Mary Frances Borrell-GouldCruder, Abnormal Self-Glory14Honorable Mention
2203Wendy BorsariRowdy Serbian30Fifth Runner-Up
2203Rhona BosinBrash Onion23Honorable Mention
2203Jennifer BosticFine Cretin Jobs69Honorable Mention
2203Len BoswellSwell Noble390Honorable Mention
2203Jeff BoulierFuel Job Fire594Honorable Mention
2203John BowenWon Hen Job231Honorable Mention
2203Theresa A. BowenA Banshee Tower39Honorable Mention
2203Catherine BoydHoned Acerbity454Honorable Mention
2203Joe BracelandA Calendar Job913Honorable Mention
2203Karen BraceyYank Cerebra671Honorable Mention
2203Bryan BradyBrandy Bray1121Honorable Mention
2203Jon BraggGo Bang, Jr.!398Honorable Mention
2203Kathy BramanBan Thy Karma286Second Runner-Up
2203Bob BrandenburgerBarn Bedbug Reborn1061Honorable Mention
2203Kathleen BrandliHandlebar Tinkle125Honorable Mention
2203Eileen BrandyEarned Byline1007Honorable Mention
2203Donald BrasekBad Slander OK123Honorable Mention
2203Larry BrashL.A. Rash By R.R.554Honorable Mention
2203Mike BratonBat Moniker894Fourth Runner-Up
2203Elinor BraunA Nobler Ruin511Revised Title
2203Rachel BraunA Real Brunch910Win
2203Elisa BraverBeaver Lairs87Honorable Mention
2203Joe BraxtonNo Extra Job389Honorable Mention
2203Peter BraxtonExport Banter397Idea for Contest
2203Sande BrecherNerd Breaches904Honorable Mention
2203Stan BreedloveBeans Revolted1035Honorable Mention
2203Rose BreidenbaughA Bungee Shorebird1170Honorable Mention
2203Charles V. BremerHer Calmer Verbs387Honorable Mention
2203Maureen BrennanNab Enema Runner165Honorable Mention
2203Lucy Brennan-LevineClever Nubile Nanny654Honorable Mention
2203Lynn Brenneman1010Fourth Runner-Up
2203Thomas BrennerBarmen's Throne150Honorable Mention
2203Larry BrettRattle By R.R.24Honorable Mention
2203Saria BrewerWearier Bras389Win
2203Paul BriggsBurlap Gigs134Honorable Mention
2203Donald BrinsonBlond Andirons991Honorable Mention
2203Lillian B. BroadwickBiblical Drink AWOL172Honorable Mention
2203John Brock72Honorable Mention
2203Jim BrocktonRob Mint Jock114Honorable Mention
2203Joseph BroderickProbe Hired Jocks44Honorable Mention
2203John BrodmanDamn Job Horn51Honorable Mention
2203Art BrodskyDorky Brats3Third Runner-Up
2203Eric BrodyBored, I Cry293First Runner-Up
2203Beverley BrownVery Noble Brew7Win
2203Clare BrownBlown Racer668Honorable Mention
2203Jacqui BrownJib Qua Crown887Honorable Mention
2203Jay BrownWry Banjo598Honorable Mention
2203Matt BrownMr. Bat Town260Honorable Mention
2203Meredith BrownBrowned Hermit782Honorable Mention
2203Patrick BrownPick Brown Art150Honorable Mention
2203Sherry BrownBrown Sherry87Third Runner-Up
2203Gloria BruceUglier Cobra176Honorable Mention
2203Emilie BruchonImbue Chlorine594Prize Donation
2203Ray BrungardDrub Granary362Honorable Mention
2203Dante D. BrunoBorn Undated320Win
2203Kevin BrunsRev. Snub Ink481Honorable Mention
2203Charles E. BrunswickNicer Swashbuckler4Fifth Runner-Up
2203David BruskinBad Kind Virus1036Fourth Runner-Up
2203Charlie BryantLabyrinth Race424Idea for Contest
2203Ashby BrysonShy Barn Boys461Honorable Mention
2203Allison BuccaSub-Laconical694Honorable Mention
2203David BuchholzHuh? Cola DVD Biz!113Honorable Mention
2203Paul BuckleyYuk-Culpable848Honorable Mention
2203Tony BuckleyClub Yon Tyke21And Last
2203Katie BucknerBake Ink Truce310Honorable Mention
2203Don BueningDungeon Bin52Honorable Mention
2203C. BuffingtonTin Bong Cuff52Honorable Mention
2203Levon BullerRevel On Bull!1035Honorable Mention
2203Daniel BunceIndunceable842Honorable Mention
2203Rebekah BundangBanned Hug Break1141Honorable Mention
2203Marjorie BundayBarmaid Journey551Honorable Mention
2203Jeannette BuntingBenign Junta Tenet127Honorable Mention
2203Steve BunyakEye Vast Bunk78Honorable Mention
2203Vincent BuquicchioNo Quiet Civic Bunch550Honorable Mention
2203Don BurgessBogus Nerds314Idea for Contest
2203Fred BurggrafGruff Drab Erg477Third Runner-Up
2203Fiona BurkeOK, Be Unfair!726Honorable Mention
2203Katherine BurkeRebuke Ink Hater625Honorable Mention
2203Matt BurkeButt Maker440Honorable Mention
2203Leslie BurketRebuilt Keels56Idea for Contest
2203Roy BurrowOur Wry Orb379Honorable Mention
2203Roy BurrowsRosy Burrow483Honorable Mention
2203Ellis BurrussBills Userers1322Honorable Mention
2203Fred BurtonBurned Fort52Honorable Mention
2203Jo BurtonRun To Job139First Runner-Up
2203Tod ButlerOlder Butt50Honorable Mention
2203Gary BuzbeeA Breezy Bug59Honorable Mention
2203Karen ByersSnakeberry717Honorable Mention
2203Dan ByrneNerdy Ban96Honorable Mention
2203Frank ByrneRank By Fern39Honorable Mention
2203Sylvia ByrneVary Bylines119Honorable Mention
2203Frank ByrnsBan R.R. Fynks893Honorable Mention
2203Mark CacklerElk Ram Crack558Idea for Contest
2203Lydia CadeAced Daily1055Honorable Mention
2203Adrienne CadikRadiance Inked1346Honorable Mention
2203Nancy CahillHilly Cancan446Honorable Mention
2203Sean CainInane Sac512Revised Title
2203Timothy CainHot Intimacy807Honorable Mention
2203Steve CalderonLove Decanters386Honorable Mention
2203Bill CaldwellCall Bill Lewd610Honorable Mention
2203Parker CaldwellRepack Lard Well1136Honorable Mention
2203Thomas CalhounStaunch Moolah1018Honorable Mention
2203Don B. CameronModern Bacon302Honorable Mention
2203Bryan CampCampy Barn59Honorable Mention
2203Alasdhair CampbellA Placard Labels Him956Honorable Mention
2203Dan CampbellDamn Bell Cap485Honorable Mention
2203Leslie P. CampbellSpell Became Pill153Prize Donation
2203Richard CampbellPilchard Clamber1262Honorable Mention
2203Royce CampbellRecyclable Mop375Honorable Mention
2203Sandy CampbellDamn By Scalpel205Honorable Mention
2203Stephanie CampbellImplantable Speech287And Last
2203Susan CampbellBalance Slumps8Honorable Mention
2203Sofia CampoamorSpoof Mica Aroma826Honorable Mention
2203Eugene CantorEncourage Ten466Honorable Mention
2203Michael CantyAn Itchy Camel686Honorable Mention
2203R. Gregory CapaldiniGirly Gorp Radiance152Honorable Mention
2203Stan CapperPecan Parts1030Honorable Mention
2203Rachel CarassoSears Charcoal7Honorable Mention
2203Rob CareyBoy Racer460Honorable Mention
2203Roger CarignanGroaning Racer951Honorable Mention
2203Jeffrey CarlFry Calf. Jeer.120Win
2203Buckley S. P. CarlsonLocal S.S. Cyberpunk263Honorable Mention
2203Peter CarlsonCleaner Sport628Prize Donation
2203Joey CarltonJet-Car Loony852Honorable Mention
2203Peter CarltonPorn Tact: Leer476Honorable Mention
2203Sean CarmanSeaman Narc367Honorable Mention
2203Elaine CarmichaelA Calcimine Healer241Honorable Mention
2203John CarmodyHorny Cod Jam333Prize Donation
2203Steve CarnahanAshcan Veteran166First Runner-Up
2203Diane CarrNice Radar941Honorable Mention
2203Ginnie CarrCannier Rig291Honorable Mention
2203David Clayton CarradCordial Dandy Cravat105Honorable Mention
2203Ash CarterCat Sharer946Honorable Mention
2203Rob CarterCab Terror80Honorable Mention
2203Stacey CarterScarce Treaty39Honorable Mention
2203Katherine CarwileA Heretical Winker1326Honorable Mention
2203Johnny CasanaJay Has Cannon396Honorable Mention
2203Dominic CasarioIconic Dioramas508Honorable Mention
2203Bob CascellaLA Bocce Labs127Honorable Mention
2203Lis CascellaLilac Scales127Honorable Mention
2203Jami CashellHelical Jams284Win
2203Rob CaskeyCreek Boys734Honorable Mention
2203E. D. CattertonRotten Cadet335Honorable Mention
2203Cathy Smith CavinessMythic Shit Canvases410Honorable Mention
2203Art CencettiTrite Accent388Honorable Mention
2203Claire CenterNeater Cleric743Honorable Mention
2203Dave R. CervantesCarved Veterans213Third Runner-Up
2203Edgar Mendez ChaconDeranged Czech Moan306Honorable Mention
2203Dick ChadwickDickwad Chick322Honorable Mention
2203Beth ChaleckiHatcheck Bile45First Runner-Up
2203Darren ChambleeEnabled Charmer860Honorable Mention
2203Elizabeth ChanThe Chin Ablaze580Honorable Mention
2203Jon ChananieAn Echo Ninja270Win
2203Don ChaneyDeny Nacho158Idea for Contest
2203Eric ChangAnger Chic68Honorable Mention
2203J. ChanmugamMan Chug Jam14Honorable Mention
2203Peter CharlesLather Creeps33First Runner-Up
2203Cynthia ChaseAchy Chanties1118Honorable Mention
2203Zinie ChenHi, Nice Zen!26First Runner-Up
2203Dick ChenowethChew the Ink, Doc32And Last
2203Art ChenowithAnother Witch181Honorable Mention
2203Dan CherkisCrashed Ink204Honorable Mention
2203Don ChernoffChef On Frond224Honorable Mention
2203Harry ChernoffErr, Horny Chaff?103Honorable Mention
2203Henry ChesnoffNosh Ferny Chef37Unranked Runner-Up
2203Charles ChesterChaster Lechers479Honorable Mention
2203John ChickeringHer Inching Jock124Honorable Mention
2203Wendy ChienNeedy Winch470Second Runner-Up
2203Art ChimesRemit Cash619Idea for Contest
2203Lt. John ChoiJilt Honcho250Honorable Mention
2203Gloria ChonkaCroaking Halo26Second Runner-Up
2203Yves ChretienEnvy Heretics296Honorable Mention
2203Seth ChristenfeldDeflects Her Hints1207Honorable Mention
2203Martin ChristopherHarsher Tropic Mint549Honorable Mention
2203Scott O. ChristyItchy Cross Tot161Honorable Mention
2203Khang-Ninh ChuangNag Hunching Khan372Honorable Mention
2203Steve ChurchVet Churches545Honorable Mention
2203Rebecca ChurillaA Clerical Cherub280Honorable Mention
2203Beth CihaBeach Hit551Honorable Mention
2203John F. CisselJohn's Elf (Sic.)69Honorable Mention
2203Jim CitronMini Cot, Jr.51Honorable Mention
2203Ken ClairClear Ink184Honorable Mention
2203Gary ClareClear Gray281Honorable Mention
2203Allen ClarkLank Caller938Honorable Mention
2203Angela ClarkA Legal Crank335Honorable Mention
2203Lisa ClarkLilac Arks84Honorable Mention
2203Mary Jo ClarkLock Army Jar335Honorable Mention
2203Mary Jessel ClarkeLess Caramel Jerky277Honorable Mention
2203Ray ClarkeCarry Leak271Third Runner-Up
2203Murray ClaytorTry Curly Aroma251Honorable Mention
2203Chris ClearyHer Acrylics84Honorable Mention
2203Schuyler ClementeCycle Helmet Runes605Honorable Mention
2203Mark ClementsMen Lack Terms977Honorable Mention
2203Tammy ClementsClammy Men Test977Honorable Mention
2203John ClewettThe Clown Jet696Honorable Mention
2203Pete ClimeIce Temple106Win
2203Eric ClineNice Relic831Honorable Mention
2203Jeff ClineffJiff Fen Clef44Honorable Mention
2203Stacy CloydCoy Dactyls1274Honorable Mention
2203Nicolas ClutterbuckInk Table Cult Occurs560Honorable Mention
2203Phil CluttsPull Stitch10Honorable Mention
2203Amy ClymerClammy Rye511Honorable Mention
2203Christian ClymerLyricism Chanter511Honorable Mention
2203Lisa CodellaSailed Local552Fourth Runner-Up
2203Tom CodellaA Cold Motel552Fourth Runner-Up
2203Thomas CoffeyMooches Taffy78Honorable Mention
2203Mark CogenMock Anger599Second Runner-Up
2203Andy CohenDeny Nacho55Honorable Mention
2203Marlene CohenEel Anchormen805Honorable Mention
2203Michael CohenHemline Coach427Honorable Mention
2203Phillip CohenPinch Oil Help508Honorable Mention
2203Ray CohenHorny Ace137Honorable Mention
2203Sandra CohenAshen Candor495Honorable Mention
2203Susan Cruzan CohenSauna Scrunch Zone320Honorable Mention
2203Mitchell CohnChic Then Moll598Honorable Mention
2203Robin ColanninoBoil Iron Cannon526Honorable Mention
2203Harry F. ColeOh, Feral Cry84Honorable Mention
2203Kevin ColeNovice Elk375Honorable Mention
2203Matthew ColeComet Wealth625Honorable Mention
2203Chuck ColemanCoachmen Luck73Third Runner-Up
2203Lisa ColemanOil Manacles443Honorable Mention
2203Patrick ColemanMoral: Accept Ink162Honorable Mention
2203Suzanne ColillaIll On Suez Canal728Honorable Mention
2203Bruce CollinsConcurs Libel799Honorable Mention
2203Laura Farr CollinsRoll, Unfair Rascal!142Second Runner-Up
2203Meghan ColosimoMagic Moon Holes731Honorable Mention
2203Kathy ColtonToothy Clank821Honorable Mention
2203Michael ColtonHam Collection483First Runner-Up
2203Lance ConeAcne Clone14Honorable Mention
2203Chris ConeenyCoherency Sin52Honorable Mention
2203Dave CongerGoverned CA1308Honorable Mention
2203Glenn ConlonLong N.L. Nonce122Honorable Mention
2203Rosie ConnardScarred Onion93Honorable Mention
2203Stephen ConnardTranscend Phone90Honorable Mention
2203Kirk ConoverRock Over Ink949Honorable Mention
2203Craig ConrathTragic Anchor101Honorable Mention
2203Emily ConronMiner Colony541Honorable Mention
2203Ben ConsilvioNovel Bionics804Honorable Mention
2203Aili Contini-MoravaAirmail Invocation552Honorable Mention
2203Emily ContompasisMessy Compilation814Honorable Mention
2203Stephen ContompasisImpotence Snapshots1113Honorable Mention
2203Clarence CooConceal Core5Second Runner-Up
2203Andrew CookWacko Drone639First Runner-Up
2203Don CookNook Doc289Honorable Mention
2203John CookOh, No Jock!473Honorable Mention
2203Jack CooperPro Ace Jock550Honorable Mention
2203John CooperJohn Cop Ore15Honorable Mention
2203Russ CooperOur Corpses631Honorable Mention
2203Sarah CorcoranA Roach's Rancor231Honorable Mention
2203Gary CornelisonCrayoning Loser71Honorable Mention
2203Christy CorneliusLoser's City Urchin469Honorable Mention
2203Brian CortesAncestor Rib833Honorable Mention
2203Edward S. CostleyCowardly Steeds130Honorable Mention
2203Bonita Boyle CoteNoticeable Booty4Honorable Mention
2203Jim CottrellLt. Jolt Crime684Honorable Mention
2203Kelly CouperCruelly Poke459Honorable Mention
2203Donald CourtneyColonnaded Yurt31First Runner-Up
2203John CovertCovert John457Honorable Mention
2203Andy CowanCanyon Wad134Honorable Mention
2203Kevin CoyneOK, Nice Envy852Honorable Mention
2203Bob CramerBra Comber268Honorable Mention
2203Rob CramerRarer Comb228Honorable Mention
2203Tod CramtonOn Tram To DC1293Idea for Contest
2203Bill CrandellCan Drill Bell305Honorable Mention
2203Jim CranfordCan Rim Fjord464First Runner-Up
2203Mick CranstonCon-Man Tricks684Honorable Mention
2203Hal CrawfordChoral Dwarf963Honorable Mention
2203Heather CrawfordTrade Ochre Wharf296Honorable Mention
2203Jonathan CrawfordNonfat Orchard Jaw399Honorable Mention
2203Dan CreelCalender1Third Runner-Up
2203Nick CrettierTin Cricketer253Honorable Mention
2203Dean CrewsDraw Scene356Honorable Mention
2203Don CritchfieldInflicted Chord581Honorable Mention
2203Thomas CrollMacho Trolls444Idea for Contest
2203Alan CronenbergerGreen Coral Banner245Honorable Mention
2203Tom CroninI'm Not Corn382Honorable Mention
2203Walter CroninWorn Clarinet84Honorable Mention
2203Angela CrossLoser Can Sag126Honorable Mention
2203Suzanne CrossCrazes Nuns So906Honorable Mention
2203Shelley CrosslandLoser Lass Lynched78Honorable Mention
2203Michael CrowComic Whaler762Honorable Mention
2203J. M. Crowe15Honorable Mention
2203John CroweCower, John977Honorable Mention
2203Earle M. CrumLemur Cream341Third Runner-Up
2203Matthew CubaWe Attach Bum129Honorable Mention
2203Andrew W. CulhaneAward When Uncle119Honorable Mention
2203Andrew CullenUnwell Dancer110Idea for Contest
2203David CulpDD Cup Vial305Ear No One Reads
2203Nick CulpClick Pun1058Fourth Runner-Up
2203Emily CumberlandNumber Medically949Honorable Mention
2203Cliff CumminsC.C. = Slim Muffin540Honorable Mention
2203Marco CunibertiCinematic Burro380Honorable Mention
2203Deborah J. CurryDrab Ochre Jury26Honorable Mention
2203Bill CurtisCubist Rill1178Honorable Mention
2203Betsy CurtlerBerry Cutlets947Honorable Mention
2203Trudie CushingRich Nut's Guide1306Honorable Mention
2203Kathy CutlerLucky Threat1083Honorable Mention
2203Jim D'Amico222Third Runner-Up
2203Nick D'AmicoAcidic Monk111Honorable Mention
2203Renee D'AmicoMedicare Eon123Honorable Mention
2203Anthony D'AntoniNation Not Handy40Honorable Mention
2203Nicci DahoHid Cocain209First Runner-Up
2203Angela DaleAlgae-Laden914Honorable Mention
2203Kelly DaltonAnklet Dolly442Honorable Mention
2203Lin DaltonNodal Lint502Prize Donation
2203G. Daly415Honorable Mention
2203Craig DamrauerCigar Marauder807Idea for Contest
2203Ellen DanielsAll End Senile378Honorable Mention
2203Terri DannTrain Nerd23Fourth Runner-Up
2203Vincent DantonAnt Convent Din551Honorable Mention
2203Amanda DausmanMadman Sauna Ad470First Runner-Up
2203Beth DavidsonShoved Bandit482Honorable Mention
2203Ann DavieIn Nevada699Honorable Mention
2203Bernard DavisDrain Adverbs100Honorable Mention
2203Bill DavisLivid Slab644Honorable Mention
2203Bridget Cleary DavisDiscreditable Gravy488Honorable Mention
2203Heather Nann DavisThin Savannah Deer87Honorable Mention
2203Lissa DavisDials Visas203Third Runner-Up
2203Matthew DavisAm Shaved Twit750Second Runner-Up
2203Pat DavisApt Divas285First Runner-Up
2203Deb DawkinsWeb Adds Ink945Honorable Mention
2203Michael DawsA Mild Cashew1137Honorable Mention
2203Charlie DawsonOlder Chainsaw1171Honorable Mention
2203Lynn DawsonNylon Wands559Honorable Mention
2203Donald De KiefferFolded In, Freaked162Honorable Mention
2203Lynne De PasoSonny Leaped30Honorable Mention
2203Alex De los ReyesLeaderless Ex, Oy107Honorable Mention
2203Alida DeCosterDeadlier Tacos963Honorable Mention
2203Hampton DeJarnettePotent Jam Adherent925Honorable Mention
2203Rick DeLisiLicked Iris313Idea for Contest
2203Ann DeMartMad Tanner806Honorable Mention
2203Richard DeMelloOld, Idle Charmer179Win
2203Donna DeSotoDonated Soon118Honorable Mention
2203Alan DeValerioLavalier Anode448And Last
2203Kristine DeWittKinder, Wittiest1005Honorable Mention
2203Mark DeakinInked Karma1346Honorable Mention
2203Bruce DeanBurned Ace130Third Runner-Up
2203Jack DeanA Naked JC732Honorable Mention
2203Maria DeasyDismay Area296Honorable Mention
2203Jennings DeckerSerge Djinn Neck250Second Runner-Up
2203Brandon DecletBlond Recanted396Honorable Mention
2203Jerry DeilyI Jeer Dryly958Honorable Mention
2203David K. DelaneyKneaded Avidly219Idea for Contest
2203Philip Delduke III Kill Hippie Dude150Honorable Mention
2203John DelfattoreA Fjord Telethon66Second Runner-Up
2203George DemasMerge Dosage628Honorable Mention
2203Bob DennisSnob in Bed315Honorable Mention
2203Stuart DenrichDrastic Hunter1106Third Runner-Up
2203Carol DentCandle Rot81Honorable Mention
2203Steve DenyszynZesty Envy Ends509Honorable Mention
2203Rachel DepoOlder Peach914Honorable Mention
2203Elizabeth DereBelize-Hearted889Honorable Mention
2203Gary DesiletsSly Tragedies35Honorable Mention
2203Sharla DesyRash Delays1118Honorable Mention
2203John DeupreeUndo Her Jeep569Honorable Mention
2203Nadine DevayDenied A Navy44Honorable Mention
2203Jon DevineNeon Jived483Honorable Mention
2203Bill DevlinEvil Din, LLB654Honorable Mention
2203Papan DevnaniPanda Nap Vine101Honorable Mention
2203Dot DevoreVetoed Rod24Honorable Mention
2203Tom DialDim Alto160Second Runner-Up
2203Greg DiamondDamn, I Gorged156Honorable Mention
2203Albert DiazTidal Zebra108Honorable Mention
2203Matt DickertDick Met Tart5Honorable Mention
2203Loyd DillonNo, Oddly Ill1207Honorable Mention
2203Scott DillonLit Cold Snot361Honorable Mention
2203Marcy DilworthMythic Warlord172Honorable Mention
2203William DimmerWill Aim Dimmer497Honorable Mention
2203Becky DimonInked My Cob241Honorable Mention
2203Ron DimonNo, Nimrod386Honorable Mention
2203James DinanMade Ninjas322Honorable Mention
2203Erin J. DingleDiner Jingle48Unranked Runner-Up
2203Sharon DisqueSquashed Iron863Honorable Mention
2203Stephanie DixHexed Pianist5First Runner-Up
2203Fred DixonFox-Ridden973Honorable Mention
2203Jon DixonDo No Jinx792First Runner-Up
2203John J. DobbinsBind John's Job903Honorable Mention
2203Roberta DobbinsBroadest Ribbon1035Second Runner-Up
2203Jackie DobranskiKind Airbase Jock799Honorable Mention
2203Eric DobsonBored Scion1135Honorable Mention
2203Joe DoddOdd Doe, J?296Honorable Mention
2203D. J. DohaheyHey, Do Hadj?77Honorable Mention
2203Andrea DohertyRedhead Notary340Honorable Mention
2203Jack DohertyThe Croaky DJ1352Honorable Mention
2203Kevin DohertyThey Drove Ink524Honorable Mention
2203Sean DohertySoy Adherent1211Honorable Mention
2203Sean DolanNeon Salad782Honorable Mention
2203Patricia DollarPolitical Radar5First Runner-Up
2203Sunny C. DomanUncanny Mods265Fourth Runner-Up
2203Greg DonahueGuano Hedger448Honorable Mention
2203Don J. DonchiOh, Djinn Doc!109Third Runner-Up
2203D. J. DoneganJog And End251Honorable Mention
2203John F. DonleyJohnny Do Elf18Honorable Mention
2203Stephen DonnellyHonestly? Lead Pen.816Honorable Mention
2203Jeanette DonovanDonate One Jet Van1026Honorable Mention
2203Mike DonovanInvoked Moan594Honorable Mention
2203Marcia DoranRancid Aroma119Honorable Mention
2203Jason DorpinghausHid Pagan Sojourns935Honorable Mention
2203Faye DorseySeedy Foray421Honorable Mention
2203Toby DorseySooty Derby378Honorable Mention
2203Richard DotyTidy Orchard531Second Runner-Up
2203Doug Palmer's daughterSlaughtered A Gumdrop488Honorable Mention
2203Michael DoughtenTough Old Machine672Honorable Mention
2203Lawrence DouglasCongealed Walrus312Idea for Contest
2203Linda DouglasLanguid Loads52Honorable Mention
2203Duane DouglassDual-Use Gonads969Honorable Mention
2203Zona DouthitHad Ouzo Tint933Honorable Mention
2203Helen DowtinDentine Howl124Honorable Mention
2203Miriam DowtinA Dimwit Minor124Honorable Mention
2203Jim DoyleMild Joey287Honorable Mention
2203Jill DrainDrain Jill90Honorable Mention
2203Mary DramstadTry Mad Dramas31Honorable Mention
2203Vince DrayneCannery Dive607Honorable Mention
2203Keith DrewesWidth Seeker43First Runner-Up
2203James DriscollAcrid Jello SMS149Honorable Mention
2203J. Duffy259Honorable Mention
2203Robert DuffyBuy Ford, Fret344Honorable Mention
2203Don DugganNag Odd Gnu517Honorable Mention
2203J. S. Duke139Honorable Mention
2203Katherine DukeThe Kind Eureka688Honorable Mention
2203Kallen DunNuked 'n' All833Honorable Mention
2203Eric DunayerNerdy Curiae263Honorable Mention
2203Michael DunlapPlum Enchilada113Honorable Mention
2203Kevin DunleavyValued Ink Envy12First Runner-Up
2203Kristie Lyn DunleavyLevity Underlays Ink67Honorable Mention
2203Karen DunnRanked Nun679Honorable Mention
2203William DunneI Annul Mildew111Honorable Mention
2203Kevin DurkinDrunk Vie Ink1076Idea for Contest
2203Thomas DurmickTumid Shamrock154Honorable Mention
2203Tim DurningTurning Dim1118Honorable Mention
2203Lawrence DusoldWed Unclad Loser613Honorable Mention
2203Shirley S. DuvallRuled Slavishly224Honorable Mention
2203Rob DwyerDerby Row252Honorable Mention
2203Sheri DyeHides Rye462Idea for Contest
2203Nick DyenDC Ink Yen871Honorable Mention
2203Barbara Shannon DykesKosher Brandy Bananas118Honorable Mention
2203Annie DykstraRead Nasty Ink945Fourth Runner-Up
2203Shirley DykstraSly Tardy Hikers849Prize Donation
2203Valerie DykstraDreary Slave Kit945Fourth Runner-Up
2203Ed DymulaMuddy Ale268Honorable Mention
2203Al DysonNosy Lad194Ear No One Reads
2203Joe DziublenskiZounds! Jibe-Like!1016Honorable Mention
2203Kathy EanesSneaky Heat41Honorable Mention
2203Jennifer EarnerJeer Inaner Fern195Honorable Mention
2203Betsy EarpBerate Spy178Honorable Mention
2203Hannah EasleyHe Anneals Hay643Honorable Mention
2203Mary EatonOrnate Yam555Honorable Mention
2203David EberleinEdible Invader566Honorable Mention
2203Leo EbersoleSee El Bolero454Honorable Mention
2203Jeremy EbleBye, Jeer Elm551Honorable Mention
2203EdE.D.190Idea for Contest
2203Ruthie EdelmanHerniated Mule470Honorable Mention
2203Dave EdelschickAdvices Heckled505Honorable Mention
2203Phil EdgrenGrin Helped270Third Runner-Up
2203Paul EdlundAlluded Pun1048Honorable Mention
2203Laura EdmondsonUnsaddle A Moron1230Honorable Mention
2203Eldonna EdwardsDead Landowners714Honorable Mention
2203Jeannie Jasper EdwardsRewarded A Ninja's Jeeps10Honorable Mention
2203Mary EdwardsMy Sad Reward5Honorable Mention
2203Mike EdwardsMad Sewer Kid392Honorable Mention
2203Matt EganTame Gnat917Honorable Mention
2203Amy C. Egloff BakerLab-Gaffe Mockery284Honorable Mention
2203Eric EhrenbergRich Green Beer108Honorable Mention
2203Jeffrey EhrlichHer Jiffy Lecher277Honorable Mention
2203Mark EichornMinor Hacker815Fourth Runner-Up
2203Kirk EilersRiskier Elk536Second Runner-Up
2203Janice EisenSee Ice Ninja567Third Runner-Up
2203Rebecca EisenhourNice Cheese Arbour241Honorable Mention
2203Michael EisenstadtDesalinate Chemist161Honorable Mention
2203Kelley EiskantEkes Ink Lately495Honorable Mention
2203Lindsey EllingSilly Needling917Honorable Mention
2203Bob ElliottBible Lotto498Honorable Mention
2203David L. ElliottAdd Violet Lilt249Honorable Mention
2203Beverly EllisBill Severely772Honorable Mention
2203Jesse EllisSeises Jell1052Honorable Mention
2203Kieran ElsbyBrainy Leeks1124Prize Donation
2203Marvin ElsterR.E.M. Intervals377Idea for Contest
2203Bill EmoryBoy Miller750Honorable Mention
2203Gar EndersGardeners5Honorable Mention
2203Ed EngelNeed Gel455Honorable Mention
2203Joseph H. Engel"Sheep Leg" John19Win
2203Sam EngelMelanges813Honorable Mention
2203John EnglishShh! No Jingle864Honorable Mention
2203Annie EntweggerWeening Re-Agent330Ear No One Reads
2203Jim EppardJam Dipper376Honorable Mention
2203Gerald EpsteinGreediest Plan118Honorable Mention
2203Wendy EpsteinSpewed Ninety795Fourth Runner-Up
2203Mary EricksonScary Moniker1261Honorable Mention
2203Walter EricksonWet Loser Ink Arc87Honorable Mention
2203Bill ErwinWill Brine301Honorable Mention
2203Jeremy ErwinJeer Wiry Men259Honorable Mention
2203Richard EschelmanDrench Camelhairs335Honorable Mention
2203Rafael EschlySheer Fallacy57Honorable Mention
2203W. Tyler EstlerTry Wet Seller92First Runner-Up
2203Erika Ettini.e., Ink Treat1356Honorable Mention
2203Carolee EubanksCanebrake Louse566Honorable Mention
2203Linda EvangelistaAnd Last: Give Alien208Honorable Mention
2203Janice EvansJava Incense123Honorable Mention
2203Jeff EvansJ.V. Fan Fees7Honorable Mention
2203Jill EvansVain Jells123Honorable Mention
2203Melanie EvansEleven Manias123Honorable Mention
2203Paul EvansValues Nap166First Runner-Up
2203Philip EvansEvil Hip Pans111Honorable Mention
2203Shep EvansShaves Pen208Honorable Mention
2203Blair EwingGerbil Wain80Honorable Mention
2203Rory EwinsWry Senior707Honorable Mention
2203Anthony FabicCohabit Fanny7Fifth Runner-Up
2203Michael FadenChained Flame84Idea for Contest
2203Virginia FairchildRah! Frigid Civilian!542Honorable Mention
2203Jerry FalwellJell Fly Rawer311Idea for Contest
2203David Farenthold1321Prize Donation
2203Paul FarhiFlu Pariah607Honorable Mention
2203Perry FarrarFry Rarer Rap161Honorable Mention
2203Mark FarrellFreak R.R. Mall184Honorable Mention
2203Shawn A. FarrellFeral Narwhals168Third Runner-Up
2203Allen FarringtonFrontal Learning327Honorable Mention
2203Mandy FarringtonNonfading Martyr327Honorable Mention
2203Carol FauthHula Factor197Honorable Mention
2203Peter FayParty Fee110Honorable Mention
2203John FeeneyHe Enjoy Fen147Honorable Mention
2203Rhoda FeigenbaumA Beheading Forum1202Honorable Mention
2203Bruce FeilerBriefer Clue134Honorable Mention
2203Rebecca S. FeindBrief Cadences338Honorable Mention
2203Lowell FeldDell Fellow39Honorable Mention
2203Ben FeldmanMen Bled Fan137Honorable Mention
2203Cliff FeldwickCliff Few'd Lick1293Honorable Mention
2203John Ferguson, Jr.Nurse J.J. Foghorn106Honorable Mention
2203Teal FergusonTorn Fuselage2Fifth Runner-Up
2203Mike FerraraRemake Friar369Honorable Mention
2203Selma Mathias FerrisFresh As Materialism652Honorable Mention
2203Marcus FerroRumor Farces296Honorable Mention
2203Bob FerryBerry Fob84Honorable Mention
2203Alan FeyerhermA Reefer Hymnal151Honorable Mention
2203David FialkoffIf Folk, Diva Fad1195Honorable Mention
2203Sue FialkoffFake, If Fouls748Honorable Mention
2203Amy FicklingMagic Fly Ink366Honorable Mention
2203Robert FikeBiker Forte163Honorable Mention
2203Lynne FildermanManly Elfin Nerd380Win
2203Chris FiliatreauArtificial Usher1178Honorable Mention
2203Brian FinchFinch Brain1162Honorable Mention
2203Joanne FindleyEnjoy Fine Land27Honorable Mention
2203Mike FiniganImagine Fink101Third Runner-Up
2203Dave FinkbinderInk Adverb Fiend90First Runner-Up
2203Sean W. FinneganNew Inane Fangs371Honorable Mention
2203Les FinsterFelt Sirens408Honorable Mention
2203Gail FioriniIron Flag III413Win
2203Samantha FirebaughAmbush Father Again1031Honorable Mention
2203Bonnie FirestoneBee Into Infernos481Honorable Mention
2203Roger M. FirestoneRoofer Regiments284First Runner-Up
2203Melissa FischerFlimsier Chases7Honorable Mention
2203Steve FischerFever's Itches652Honorable Mention
2203Cathy FischmanCatch Many Fish394Honorable Mention
2203Jeremy FisherIf Rhymes, Jeer!460Second Runner-Up
2203Kathy FisherFrisky Heath763Honorable Mention
2203Rick FisherHick Friers474Honorable Mention
2203Elizabeth FitzGeraldGlitzier Flatbed Haze358Honorable Mention
2203Evan FitzGeraldGalvanized Fret358Honorable Mention
2203B. FitzgeraldBarfed Glitz173Idea for Contest
2203Daniel FitzgeraldA Fertilized Gland423Honorable Mention
2203Joe FitzgeraldGaze Fired Jolt155Honorable Mention
2203Kate FitzgeraldFreaked At Glitz970Honorable Mention
2203Ginger FitzpatrickRip Czar Gift, Get Ink89Honorable Mention
2203John P. FitzpatrickJ.F.: Think Pi, Top Czar55Honorable Mention
2203Kelly FitzpatrickTalky Fritz Pickle89Honorable Mention
2203Andrew FlanneryFar Lewder Nanny118Honorable Mention
2203Mike FlanneryFry Enamel Ink102Honorable Mention
2203Emily FlauttMutilate Fly194Honorable Mention
2203Jim FlauttJam Flu Tit194Honorable Mention
2203Philip FleetFile Help Tip37Honorable Mention
2203Skip FlegnautPlugs Ink Feat119Honorable Mention
2203Daniel FleisherSad, I Fell In Here1313Honorable Mention
2203Anne FlemingNine Flagmen457Honorable Mention
2203Jennifer FlemingMen Jig Fennel Fir875Honorable Mention
2203Fran FletcherRaffle Trench367Honorable Mention
2203Dan Flynn552Honorable Mention
2203Kathy Flynn498Honorable Mention
2203Spencer FoggEgg Crops Fen266Idea for Contest
2203James FoleyFemale's Joy1138Honorable Mention
2203Lauren FoleyA Felony Lure1194Honorable Mention
2203Tom FonnerNot for Men488Honorable Mention
2203Chris FontecchioRich Font Choices198Honorable Mention
2203Anita FordNot Afraid396Honorable Mention
2203Martin FordDamn Fir Rot392Honorable Mention
2203Bill ForehandFloral Behind358Honorable Mention
2203Andrew ForinNarrow Fiend106Third Runner-Up
2203Phil ForjanHon Flip Jar113Honorable Mention
2203John FosheeJohn's Ho Fee442Honorable Mention
2203Ian FossbergGas Bonfires98Honorable Mention
2203Melissa FossbergFrog's Assemblies98Honorable Mention
2203Carrie FosterRioter's Farce507Honorable Mention
2203Daniel FosterDefiant Loser305Prize Donation
2203Jeff FosterJet Off, Serf855Honorable Mention
2203Nate FosterFattens Roe409Third Runner-Up
2203William FosterMoist Firewall172Abuse
2203Rick FoucheuxUK Couch Fixer1344Honorable Mention
2203Michelle FowlerChewier Elf Moll193Honorable Mention
2203Martyna FoxFoxy Mantra650Honorable Mention
2203Jonathan FraimNonfat Hair Jam62Honorable Mention
2203Jon FrandsenJ.F. Darns Neon122Honorable Mention
2203Jane FrankJerk 'n' a Fan835Honorable Mention
2203Rebecca FrankBarrack Fence286Honorable Mention
2203Ted FrankDeft Nark505Honorable Mention
2203Dale FrankelRankled Flea1163Honorable Mention
2203Alison FranklinInk Rainfall, Son!655Honorable Mention
2203Bill FranklinFill Link Barn84Honorable Mention
2203David FranklinLivid And Frank1222Honorable Mention
2203Dorothy FranklinFlorid Honky Rant287Honorable Mention
2203Richard FranklinArr! Flinch In Dark!1330Honorable Mention
2203Carole FranksRancor Flakes1103Honorable Mention
2203Dave FranzRad Van Fez605Honorable Mention
2203Frank FranzFrank Far, N.Z.182Honorable Mention
2203Bruce FraserBarf Rescuer3Honorable Mention
2203Jane FreedmanJar Deafen Men481Honorable Mention
2203Judy FreedmanFaded Jurymen420Unranked Runner-Up
2203Pam FreedmanDamn Pram Fee814Honorable Mention
2203Michael Freedman-SchnappImpeach Flashcard Penmen!116Idea for Contest
2203Pam FreemanFree Map, Man!810Honorable-Mention Section Name
2203Rob FreemanBar Foremen336Honorable Mention
2203Suzanne FreglySlay Fez Gunner240Honorable Mention
2203Burt FreimanFruit Barmen1187Honorable Mention
2203Don FreseNerd's Foe217Honorable Mention
2203Charles FrickArcher Flicks347Honorable Mention
2203Lawrence FriedlWild Freelancer231Honorable Mention
2203Noah FriedlanderAloha, Nerd Friend1314Honorable Mention
2203Daryl P. FriedmanFired Dry Napalm282Honorable Mention
2203George FriedmanReforged Enigma108Honorable Mention
2203Bruce FriedrichFire-Cured Birch460Prize Donation
2203Dale FruchtnichtAnt Lifted Church472Honorable Mention
2203Mark FruitermanMurkier Ant Farm443Revised Title
2203Tango FulhamA Manful Goth1354Honorable Mention
2203Liz FullerI Lullz Ref688Third Runner-Up
2203Phyllis FungPly Lungfish134Honorable Mention
2203Nancy FunkhouserHock Unfunny Ears217Honorable Mention
2203Bob FureyFob Buyer418Honorable Mention
2203W. S. FurieI Sew Fur69Honorable Mention
2203Tom FuscoFoot Scum830Honorable Mention
2203John GaddHadj Dong60Honorable Mention
2203Steve GaddDated Vegs413Honorable Mention
2203Julie GaddyDaily Judge1330Honorable Mention
2203Jim GaffneyJiffy Mange110Honorable Mention
2203Bill GageLibel Gag1107Honorable Mention
2203Dorothy GaillardHard Dilatory Log79First Runner-Up
2203Sarah GalbraithHalt Rash Airbag115Honorable Mention
2203Allan GalfundA Gnu Landfall109Honorable Mention
2203Eric GallagherEclair Haggler506Honorable Mention
2203M. GallagherEgg Harm All79Honorable Mention
2203Joe GallaherJog Hell Area288Honorable Mention
2203Helen E. GallantNeat Angel Hell172Honorable Mention
2203Jer GallayA Jelly Rag668Honorable Mention
2203Eric P. GallunAllergic Pun194Second Runner-Up
2203Bob GarasArab Bogs750Honorable Mention
2203Jessica GarberJeers A Big Scar1286Honorable Mention
2203Nicole Caruso GarciaA Rogue Iconic Rascal1337Honorable Mention
2203Mark GardinerDaring Remark858Honorable Mention
2203Ray GardinerDairy Ranger854Honorable Mention
2203Arthur GardnerHad Rarer Grunt864Honorable Mention
2203Bill GardnerBlander Girl419Honorable Mention
2203David GardnerGravid Dander605Honorable Mention
2203Craig GarlandA Glaring Card7Honorable Mention
2203Alan GarlettGallant Tear682Honorable Mention
2203Lenore C. GaronCoroner Angel3Honorable Mention
2203Richard GasparottiCardiograph Artist1115Honorable Mention
2203Elizabeth GastonHobnail Gazettes488Honorable Mention
2203Lynda GattozziGloat, Dizzy Ant!904Honorable Mention
2203Lee GazlayLazy Eagle566Honorable Mention
2203Andy GefenFanny Edge1272Honorable Mention
2203Peter GeigerTepee Rigger7Honorable Mention
2203Steve GeistGive Testes486Honorable Mention
2203Laurie GellerGuerrilla Eel273Honorable Mention
2203Barbara GemsBar Bar Games296Honorable Mention
2203Caroline GennityAnointing Celery231Honorable Mention
2203Pat GentnerEntrap Gent18Eighth Runner-Up
2203Alexander GeorgeAngered Eager Lox312Idea for Contest
2203Katherine L. GeorgeIrate Leghorn Geek174Honorable Mention
2203Terry GeraceGrey Caterer826Honorable Mention
2203Christine GerbodeDiscreet Neighbor414Honorable Mention
2203Ann GerhartRent Hangar212Idea for Contest
2203Robert D. GermanGarment Border211Honorable Mention
2203Bruce GershCheers Grub103Second Runner-Up
2203Robert GerstlGrr... Terse Blot1094Honorable Mention
2203Daniel GeselowitzLegalized Townies495Honorable Mention
2203Suzanne GesinA Sneezing Sun84Honorable Mention
2203Marna GettlemanLament A Garment997Honorable Mention
2203Jim Getz594Win
2203Nivedita GhoshVanish Hogtied394Honorable Mention
2203Jon GianinyAny Joining?51Honorable Mention
2203Jessica GiannascoliJailing Casinos Aces465Honorable Mention
2203Janice Marie GibbsJeer Magician's Bib79Honorable Mention
2203Lorraine GibsonOriginal Boners977Fourth Runner-Up
2203Tina GibsonBoating Sin222Idea for Contest
2203Edward GieferFried Ragweed7Second Runner-Up
2203Vincent "The Chin" GiganteInvent Genetic Hatching190Idea for Contest
2203Chris GignouxSix Grouching193Honorable Mention
2203Karen GilberBe Larger Ink459Honorable Mention
2203Elliott GilbergGo, Little Gerbil!1274Honorable Mention
2203Sarah GilbergGarish Garble1330Honorable Mention
2203David I. GilbertDividable Grit56Honorable Mention
2203Deborah GilbertThe Drab Obliger871Third Runner-Up
2203John GilbertJingle Throb15Sixth Runner-Up
2203Landon GildarAnalog Dirndl591Honorable Mention
2203Jocelyn GillClingy Jello161Honorable Mention
2203Richard GillcristCitric Grill Shard71First Runner-Up
2203Seumas GillecriosdSugarless Domicile124Honorable Mention
2203Elaine GillespieI Spiel Alien Glee699Honorable Mention
2203Todd GillettDolt Geld Tit462Honorable Mention
2203Susan GilletteInsults Eaglet59Honorable Mention
2203Richard GilliamMild Garlic Hair864Honorable Mention
2203Bob GillmanGoblin Balm405Honorable Mention
2203Cynthia GilmanNightly Maniac450Honorable Mention
2203Addison L. GilmoreGilded Monorails11Honorable Mention
2203Amy GilsonMalign Soy378Honorable Mention
2203Michael K. GilsonAiling Hemlocks378Honorable Mention
2203Rebecca GilsonObscene Garlic378Honorable Mention
2203David GinenskyGives Dandy Ink1250Second Runner-Up
2203Ira GinsbergBig Earrings790Honorable Mention
2203Michael GinsbergBelching Mirages1162Honorable Mention
2203Loretta GladsenLoser Dental Tag238Honorable Mention
2203Jim GlanvilleVenal Jig Mill202And Last
2203Ken GlaserElk's Anger727Honorable Mention
2203Mark GlassSlag Marks914And Last
2203Harry GlazerGrrr, A Lazy He!900Honorable Mention
2203Andy GlendinningGladdening Ninny155Second Runner-Up
2203Beth GlickGlib Ketch168Honorable Mention
2203Howard GlickHack Low Grid168Honorable Mention
2203Clara M. GlockGo Crack Mall13And Last
2203Alyssa GlombBasally Smog760Honorable Mention
2203Jeff Gluck448Honorable Mention
2203Robert GluckTrucker Glob638Honorable Mention
2203Thomas GlynnManly Thongs1176Honorable Mention
2203Lou GoddardAdd Our Gold377Honorable Mention
2203Adil GodrejLorded A Jig1222Honorable Mention
2203Jim GoinsJingoism!1171Honorable Mention
2203Jeff Gold27Honorable Mention
2203Dan GoldbergRagged Blond52Honorable Mention
2203Gabriel GoldbergA Dribbler Goggle62Idea for Contest
2203Jack GoldbergJack Bled Grog1057Honorable Mention
2203Joel GoldenJelled Goon1079Honorable Mention
2203Mark GoldenbergGrog-Blend Maker141Win
2203Bruce GoldfarbCabled For Grub135Honorable Mention
2203Russell GoldflamOld Frugal Smells1033Honorable Mention
2203Marc GoldmanDamn Ram Clog269Idea for Contest
2203Barry GoldsmithShort Bridal Gym488Honorable Mention
2203Jan GoldsteinDangles Joint479Honorable Mention
2203Marshall GoldsteinLandless Algorithm88Honorable Mention
2203Angela GonsorcikCool, Ranking Sage818Honorable Mention
2203Willard GoodmanWild Angora Mold853Honorable Mention
2203Barry GoodmannNo Barmy Dragon1231Honorable Mention
2203Lee GoodwinWedgie Loon484Honorable Mention
2203Jim GoodyearGooey Dim Raj654Honorable Mention
2203Debra GookinsDork Begonias396Honorable Mention
2203Barbara GordonBorn Aboard Rag329Fourth Runner-Up
2203L. Suzanne GordonA Dozen Long Runs944Honorable Mention
2203Paul GordonPorn Gal Duo462Honorable Mention
2203Tom GordonO! Not Mr. God!696Honorable Mention
2203Dennis GorisNo Rigidness77Win
2203Greg GormanGrog Manger594Honorable Mention
2203Ken GosseGeek's Son1281Honorable Mention
2203Gail GottliebTibial Toggle488Second Runner-Up
2203Joan GottliebA Goblet Joint299Honorable Mention
2203Rylan GottronGlory, Not Rant897Prize Donation
2203Michael GouldMedical Ghoul192And Last
2203Ron GoveGrooven1002Honorable Mention
2203George GowenGee, Wrong Ego487Honorable Mention
2203Kevin GowenInk-Wog, Even704Honorable Mention
2203Ed GrahamMega-Hard627Honorable Mention
2203M. GrahamGram Ham316First Runner-Up
2203Edith GrantDang Tither!446Honorable Mention
2203Kara GrantKarat Rang16Honorable Mention
2203Eleanor GrassGranola Seers48Unranked Runner-Up
2203Matt GrassSmart Stag394Idea for Contest
2203Debra J. GravelleLevel Badger Jar419Honorable Mention
2203Michael GraverGravel Chimera57Honorable Mention
2203Brendan GravesEngraved Barns483Honorable Mention
2203Fred GrayFry Grade1081Honorable Mention
2203Grace GrayCraggy Ear839Honorable Mention
2203David GrazianoDig Ovarian Adz34Seventh Runner-Up
2203Andrew GreenEnraged Wren483Honorable Mention
2203Chris GreenRich Genres208Honorable Mention
2203David H. GreenEvading Herd27Honorable Mention
2203J. W. Green362Honorable Mention
2203Madi GreenEnema Grid104Honorable Mention
2203Tom GreenMerge Not!179Win
2203Eric D. GreenbergGreen Ceder Brig9Honorable Mention
2203Karen GreenbergGreen Barren Keg233Second Runner-Up
2203Kevin GreenbergRevenge Ink Berg233Second Runner-Up
2203Talia GreenbergInteger Algebra502Honorable Mention
2203Mark GreenblattTrek-Garb Lament179Win
2203Robert GreenblattRent Gabble Retort182Honorable Mention
2203Jonathan GreeneNeaten Jargon, Eh?1080Honorable Mention
2203Rick GreeneCreek Reign11Second Runner-Up
2203Stephen GreeneNepenthe Serge612Third Runner-Up
2203Lisa GreenhillShrill Lineage517Third Runner-Up
2203John GreenleesHe Ogles Jenner1322Honorable Mention
2203B. P. GreenmontBent Porn Gem307Honorable Mention
2203Bill GreenwellRebelling Well970Honorable Mention
2203Judith GreigI Judge Right471Prize Donation
2203Doug GrekinGringo Duke337Honorable Mention
2203Bob GriffinFor Fibbing309Third Runner-Up
2203Janet GriffinJet-Firing Fan1016Honorable Mention
2203George GriffithFirefight Gorge137Second Runner-Up
2203Tracy GriggsCraggy Grits853Honorable Mention
2203Nancy GrimesCry Meanings109Honorable Mention
2203Nicolin GrimesMinor Ceilings226Honorable Mention
2203Rick GrimesGrim Sicker109Honorable Mention
2203Danny GronerNo Angry Nerd700Honorable Mention
2203Jonathan GronerNeat Horn Jargon629Honorable Mention
2203Gene GrossGross Gene421Honorable Mention
2203Harry GrossGross, Harry!1003Honorable Mention
2203Jill GrossRolls Jigs123Win
2203Roger GrossSorer Grogs40Honorable Mention
2203Reene GrossmanGermane Snores468Idea for Contest
2203Mardy GrotheRhymed Argot949Honorable Mention
2203Susan GruenUnsung Eras328Honorable Mention
2203Robert GrunerRegret Or Burn460Honorable Mention
2203John GrunwellHung Worn Jell178Second Runner-Up
2203Sally GuardiaA Guild Salary750Honorable Mention
2203John P. GudasJog And Push1Honorable Mention
2203Joe GuderjohnJog, Jeer Hound38Second Runner-Up
2203Jean GuevaraEven A Jaguar398Honorable Mention
2203William F. GuidaFugal Midi Wail157First Runner-Up
2203Katrina GulliverVarietal Lurking570Honorable Mention
2203Ashley GumUgly Shame241Honorable Mention
2203Jerry GumbinerGrim Juneberry724Honorable Mention
2203Greg Gust119Honorable Mention
2203Sarah GustafsonShort Faun Sagas976Honorable Mention
2203Daniel GutierrezEnergized Ritual1024Honorable Mention
2203Carolyn GuyUgly Crayon810Prize Donation
2203Diana GuyGuyana ID1355Honorable Mention
2203Sarah GuySugar Hay57Honorable Mention
2203Gwen@engineer.commen.wince@gene.org331Ear No One Reads
2203Erik HaddenAdd Ink Here164Honorable Mention
2203Tom HaferHot Frame681Honorable Mention
2203Adrienne HagenA Grenadine Hen293Honorable Mention
2203Tara HagenbrockGo, Aberrant Hack!819Honorable Mention
2203Mark HagstromSmog Harm Kart7Honorable Mention
2203Todd HakalaAha, Talk Odd316Honorable Mention
2203Andrew HallLed Narwhal516Honorable Mention
2203Ann Hall30Honorable Mention
2203Bob HallLob Blah270Honorable Mention
2203Daniel HallInhaled All1263Honorable Mention
2203Janice M. HallLilac Hen Jam119Honorable Mention
2203Morgan HallHog Ran Mall360Honorable Mention
2203Jim HamannJam Ham Inn422Honorable Mention
2203Jeffrey HambergerFry Her Beef Jar Gem267Honorable Mention
2203Jon HamblinAn "LBJ" On Him994Honorable Mention
2203Anne V. HamiltonVenom Inhalant251First Runner-Up
2203Tom HamiltonMoonlit Math251Honorable Mention
2203Owen HammettWhat Memento?988Honorable Mention
2203Monrah HammondA Damn Honor, Hmm?1065Honorable Mention
2203Peter HammondMoth Dampener1183Honorable Mention
2203Kim HamptonMom, Think "Pa"335Honorable Mention
2203Heather HancockThe Nacho Hacker913Honorable Mention
2203Hal HandersonAh, Loner's Hand846Honorable Mention
2203David HangerEvading Hard479Honorable Mention
2203Kathy HangerGather Hanky57Honorable Mention
2203HankKhan!!!!!13Honorable Mention
2203Mary HanlonAn Oral Hymn1132Prize Donation
2203Thomas HansenThem Hosannas764Second Runner-Up
2203Chris HansonChina's Horns399Idea for Contest
2203Sue HansonAshen Onus68Honorable Mention
2203Patty HarbisonTyrant Phobias1317Honorable Mention
2203Lynn HardingHang Nil 'n' Dry26Honorable Mention
2203Raishad HardnettTrained Hardhats804Honorable Mention
2203Cindy HargrovesHydrogen Vicars351Honorable Mention
2203Kenneth HarkavyHark, Hanky Event!885Prize Donation
2203David HarrVia Hard Rd.122First Runner-Up
2203Bernie HarrisRehires Brain75Honorable Mention
2203Bret HarrisRare Births362Third Runner-Up
2203Marie HarrisMarries Hair523Honorable Mention
2203Neil HarrisLearn Irish!1130Honorable Mention
2203Steven HarrisSin Harvester524Honorable Mention
2203Anne HarrisonAn Iran Nosher760Idea for Contest
2203Barbara HarrisonHarbor Barn Arias266Honorable Mention
2203Lloyd HarrisonDishonor Rally448Honorable Mention
2203Scott HarshmanRam's Snot Hatch90And Last
2203Dave HarstadDad's Rave Hat147Win
2203Neil HartbargerRare Blathering1307Honorable Mention
2203Gene HartisGrease This!936Honorable Mention
2203Erica HartmanRather Maniac740Honorable Mention
2203Jonathan HartmanAmaranth Tan, John?190Honorable Mention
2203Bill HarveyA Hilly Verb68Honorable Mention
2203Ed HarveyDry Heave252Third Runner-Up
2203Marsha HarveyA Very Harsh A.M.816Honorable Mention
2203Michelle HarveyMy Achiever Hell542Honorable Mention
2203Mary Beth HastingsBathes Mynas Right161Fifth Runner-Up
2203Al HattalA Tall Hat54Honorable Mention
2203Don HauptmanDamn Tuna Hop!849Honorable Mention
2203Carla HausA Hula Scar871Honorable Mention
2203D. C. HauserCad Usher427Honorable Mention
2203Dan HauserSauna Herd768Honorable Mention
2203Sarah HautHath Auras353Honorable Mention
2203Charles HavekostShortcake Halves494First Runner-Up
2203Susie HawkWeak Sushi386Honorable Mention
2203Willy HawkinsWails "Why Link?"124Honorable Mention
2203Fred HayesHe's Frayed371Win
2203Jeron HayesEnjoys Hare325Honorable Mention
2203Paul HayesPasha Yule521Honorable Mention
2203Sebastian HaymanHis Steamy Banana531Honorable Mention
2203Ruthie HaynesHirsute Hyena971Honorable Mention
2203Allen HaywoodYawned "Halloo!"1325Honorable Mention
2203Steve HazeltonSeventh Zealot105Third Runner-Up
2203Bernadette Scholastica HearnAcrobatic Neanderthal Sheets43Honorable Mention
2203Martin HeathHath Raiment812Honorable Mention
2203Dave HebdaHeaved Bad511Win
2203Norm HechtOhm Trench512Honorable Mention
2203J. S. HedegardHedged Jars917Honorable Mention
2203R. A. HeindlHardline117Honorable Mention
2203Martha HeinerTherein A Harm1207Prize Donation
2203Gary HeinzeHey, A Zinger!787Honorable Mention
2203Harry B. HeislerHe's Her Library169Fourth Runner-Up
2203Kym HelbigHe Bilk Gym85Honorable Mention
2203David HellerHa, Led Drivel939Honorable Mention
2203Douglas HellerAged Loser Hull457Honorable Mention
2203Patricia HelmetagAh, Legitimate Crap!424Win
2203Elena HelmingHemline Angle1255Honorable Mention
2203Ruth HeltinHunt Hitler270Honorable Mention
2203Susan M. HendersonUnharness Demons225Honorable Mention
2203David HendrickDarn Hick Dived443Honorable Mention
2203Ruth Roberts HendrixExhort Third Burners284Honorable Mention
2203Richard C. HenryDrench Hair, Cry!317Idea for Contest
2203Tom HenryMe, Thorny?182Win
2203Deborah HensleyHey! Bean Holders!657Honorable Mention
2203Samuel F. HepfordPomade Shuffler421Honorable Mention
2203Barry HermanRare Bra Hymn1157Honorable Mention
2203Henry J. HermanHarm Her Jenny224Honorable Mention
2203Kim HermanInk Hammer672Honorable Mention
2203Mimi HermanMini Hammer134Honorable Mention
2203A. E. Casey HermansonSome Arcane Hyenas803Honorable Mention
2203Phil Herr241Honorable Mention
2203Robert HerskowitzBother Reworks Zit89Honorable Mention
2203David HertzigHid Graved Zit143Second Runner-Up
2203Susan HertzlerLets Hazers Run933Honorable Mention
2203Russell HessSells Rushes359Honorable Mention
2203Harry J. HewsonHer Horny Jaws122Honorable Mention
2203Andrew HeymanDamn Anywhere1006Honorable Mention
2203Isabel HibenShine A Bible335Honorable Mention
2203Paul HildebrandUnbridled Alpha528Honorable Mention
2203Jack HilesHeck, Jails474Honorable Mention
2203Dale HillDial Hell804Honorable Mention
2203Susan K. HillHauls Kilns91Honorable Mention
2203Tobin HillBillionth182Honorable Mention
2203Bill HiltonI'll Boil Nth1256Honorable Mention
2203Corey HindersteinCheery Renditions510Honorable Mention
2203Adam HirschfeldHard, Dismal Chef30Honorable Mention
2203Ted HirtThe Dirt93Unranked Runner-Up
2203Frank HobbsOh, Frank's B.B.396Honorable Mention
2203Jan D. HodgeGod 'n' Jehad970Honorable Mention
2203Bob HodgesHog Sobbed41Honorable Mention
2203Michaela HoenigHome Again, Chile682Honorable Mention
2203Alex HoffmanHalf-Mean Fox244Honorable Mention
2203David HoffmanOffhand Ad Vim266Honorable Mention
2203Jeff HoffmanJam Offff, Hen!79Honorable Mention
2203Laura HoffmanHalf Fun Aroma26Honorable Mention
2203Rich HoffmanHarm Chiffon130Honorable Mention
2203Susan R. HoffmanSaffron Humans157Honorable Mention
2203Ro HoffordRod Off Rho14Honorable Mention
2203Robert HofheimerMob For Hire There9Honorable Mention
2203Aaron HofmannHorn Of Mañana371Third Runner-Up
2203Dana HoganAha, Nag Don!313Honorable Mention
2203Donal HoganHand Lagoon128Honorable Mention
2203Patrick HoganParch Ink Goat329Honorable Mention
2203Bob HoggG-go Bob H.!624Honorable Mention
2203Jennifer HohnsonJohn's Hen Inferno418Honorable Mention
2203Melinda HolcombChamomile Blond161Fifth Runner-Up
2203Bill HoleBoil Hell303Honorable Mention
2203Brian HollenBarn Hellion303Honorable Mention
2203Kathy HollenLethal Honky303Honorable Mention
2203Steve HolmanHeaven Molts62Honorable Mention
2203Dick HolmeMild Choke370Idea for Contest
2203Les HolmesHello, Mess861Honorable Mention
2203Marsh HolmesHarmless Ohm335Honorable Mention
2203Jon HolmlundJ.H.? Dunno. Moll?519Honorable Mention
2203Anne HolsingerHalogen Sinner903Honorable Mention
2203Dawne HolzHad Low Zen545Honorable Mention
2203Riley HolzberleinI'll Zero Her Byline819Honorable Mention
2203David HonigsDashing Void31Third Runner-Up
2203Janie HonigsJinn Hoagies31Third Runner-Up
2203John HooverHonor J.V. Hoe35Honorable Mention
2203Adrienne G. HopeHanged Pioneer291Honorable Mention
2203James HopenfeldFlash Demon Jeep148Second Runner-Up
2203Edward HorahanHad No Hardware399Fourth Runner-Up
2203Yukari HoribaRob Airy Haiku89Honorable Mention
2203Mike Horn-MitchemMom Rethink Chime483Honorable Mention
2203Cara HorowitzWhoa, Czar Trio!17Honorable Mention
2203Elena HorowitzA Lone Howitzer17Honorable Mention
2203Jeremy HorowitzJeer Woozy Mirth1076Win
2203Mark HorowitzIrk Matzoh Row32Honorable Mention
2203Stan HorowitzWatt Horizons428Honorable Mention
2203Janet M. HostetlerRamjet Telethons302Honorable Mention
2203Susan HoustonShout As Nouns492Honorable Mention
2203Vroni HovaguimianViva Moaning Houri243Honorable Mention
2203Ginger HowardHarrow Edging306Honorable Mention
2203Patricia HowardA Whipcord Tiara1206Prize Donation
2203Richard HowardHid Orchard War359Third Runner-Up
2203Rick HowardI Work Chard356Honorable Mention
2203Robert HowardBoard Thrower189Ear No One Reads
2203Catherine HowellWaterhole Lichen909Honorable Mention
2203Dana HowellA Low Handle506Honorable Mention
2203Deborah HowellA Hollowed Herb60Honorable Mention
2203Trudy Wayne HowlandDowny Wheat Laundry79Honorable Mention
2203Rich HoylandLynch Hairdo578Honorable Mention
2203Douglas J. HoylmanAlmond Joy Laughs124Second Runner-Up
2203Gerald Hrenko Jr.Jerk Long, Harder87Second Runner-Up
2203John Huber990Fourth Runner-Up
2203Karen HuffAh, Ref Funk?177Honorable Mention
2203Vera HuffmanHave Farm Fun999Honorable Mention
2203Phil HuffyHuff Hiply1307Honorable Mention
2203Edwin J. HughesShh! Wine Judge!1Honorable Mention
2203Erica HughesGauche Heirs75Honorable Mention
2203Leslie HughesHellish Segue421Honorable Mention
2203Mary Ellen HughesHurl Eagle Hymens36First Runner-Up
2203Donna Hughes-HasleHuge Hassle on Hand13Win
2203John Hughes-HasleJohn! Lug Hasheesh!13Win
2203Diana HugueHued Iguana228Honorable Mention
2203Anna HulkowerA Known Hauler402Honorable Mention
2203Charles HummelHummer Shellac1107Honorable Mention
2203Mike HummelMe Mime Hulk254Honorable Mention
2203Lynn Hunt751Honorable Mention
2203Michael HunterHelium Chanter36Honorable Mention
2203Deborah HuoyHoorayed Hub2Honorable Mention
2203Barry HurewitzWhy Bizarre Rut?23Fifth Runner-Up
2203Larry HurleyReally Hurry40First Runner-Up
2203Lee HurwitzThe Wiz Rule135Honorable Mention
2203Michael HurwitzUh, Wartime Zilch513Honorable Mention
2203Fred HuttoDour Theft506Honorable Mention
2203Randy HuwaHad Runway499Honorable Mention
2203Gregory HuyckHer Yucky Grog1116Honorable Mention
2203Jan HyattAh! A NJ TTY!686Honorable Mention
2203Kelly HysonYells "Honky!"504Honorable Mention
2203Frank IerardiFire Ink Radar428Honorable Mention
2203Tina IngerskiIs Tearing Ink293Honorable Mention
2203Rich InmanMini Ranch98Third Runner-Up
2203Michael InnisInimical Hens973Honorable Mention
2203William IraniMini Liar Wail375Honorable Mention
2203William J. IrvinI Will Vim In Jar70Honorable Mention
2203Keith IrvineInvite Hiker492First Runner-Up
2203Rich IsaacmanAnarchic Aims9Honorable Mention
2203Gerry IvesRye Givers998Honorable Mention
2203Raj IyerI Err, Jay263Honorable Mention
2203Eric Robert JablowErotic Barber Jowl80Honorable Mention
2203Marge JackmanMagma Jar Neck236Honorable Mention
2203Christine JacksonChickens' Janitors159Win
2203Mike JacksonInk Jams Coke759Honorable Mention
2203Paul JacksonUSA Jock Plan1210Fourth Runner-Up
2203Reginald JacksonEndorsing Jackal578Honorable Mention
2203Tiairra JacksonAn OK Satiric Raj688Honorable Mention
2203Lorraine JacobsLoser Crania Job127Honorable Mention
2203Tyson JacobsJabs Tycoons447Second Runner-Up
2203William JacobsSilica Jam Bowl416Honorable Mention
2203Lani JacobsonConjoin Balsa106Honorable Mention
2203Phil JacobsonJab Chops Lion157Third Runner-Up
2203Roy JacobsteinRosy Abjection203Honorable Mention
2203Steven M. JacobyEjects Navy Mob163Honorable Mention
2203Stevenson JamesNames Oven Jests288Honorable Mention
2203Heather JamiesonHate Jasmine Hero119Honorable Mention
2203Gordon A. JanisAdjoin Organs68Honorable Mention
2203Karin JapikseSpike Ink Ajar532Honorable Mention
2203Waldo L. JaquithHad a Jowl Quilt73Honorable Mention
2203Alan S. JarvisRaja's Anvils310Honorable Mention
2203Mike JarvisA Jive Smirk241Honorable Mention
2203Bradley JeffersonBland Jersey Offer5And Last
2203Charlene Fischer JehleHence, Flashier Leech Jr.1081Honorable Mention
2203Marianne JemianoMore Ninja Anemia303Honorable Mention
2203Judith JenkinsJunk Hindi Jest125Honorable Mention
2203Sara JenkinsSane Ink Jars125Honorable Mention
2203Luther JettLet Jet Thru1081Honorable Mention
2203Bradford A. JewettBarfed Toward Jet101Honorable Mention
2203William JimenezMinimize Ell Jaw483Honorable Mention
2203JohnNo, J.H.!328Idea for Contest
2203Geary JohnsRehangs Joy6And Last
2203C. W. JohnsonJohn's On WC1016Honorable Mention
2203Carey JohnsonEnjoy Anchors472Honorable Mention
2203Christopher JohnsonJohnnie's Short Porch178Honorable Mention
2203Clarence JohnsonJeer Cannon Lochs389Honorable Mention
2203David JohnsonShod Djinn Ova892Honorable Mention
2203Debbie JohnsonBehind One's Job488First Runner-Up
2203Jamie JohnsonNo Hajj Monies1211Honorable Mention
2203Keith JohnsonHe Honks Joint327Fifth Runner-Up
2203Mary Ann JohnsonNanny Jam Honors45Honorable Mention
2203Mrs. Douglas JohnsonOhm's Gland Sojourns409Honorable Mention
2203Peter JohnsonPorno Hen Jest113Sixth Runner-Up
2203Sarah JohnsonJohn Has Sonar529Honorable Mention
2203Shannara JohnsonJohn Ran Hosannas956Honorable Mention
2203W. J. Johnson502Revised Title
2203George JohnstonNo Honest Jogger201Honorable Mention
2203Andre JonesSend One Jar37Honorable Mention
2203Andy JonesEnjoy Sand461Second Runner-Up
2203Brian JonesBanjo Siren615Honorable Mention
2203Gordon JonesNo Drones Jog625Honorable Mention
2203Jennifer JonesJ.J. Refines Neon801Prize Donation
2203Linda B. JonesLined Banjos298Honorable Mention
2203Nancy JonesCons A Jenny121Honorable Mention
2203Richard JonesJihad Scorner344Honorable Mention
2203T. Meriwether JonesJoin Sweeter Therm139Ear No One Reads
2203Tamara JonesJam A Senator312Prize Donation
2203Mimi JordanJoin Dam Rim195Honorable Mention
2203Scott JordanDarn Cot Jots90Second Runner-Up
2203Gary JoseffGaffer Joys413Sixth Runner-Up
2203Lauren JoseffFuel For Jeans439Honorable Mention
2203Jake JosephHe Pokes A J.J.264Honorable Mention
2203Jeff JosephOff Sheep, JJ!452Second Runner-Up
2203Matt JosephsJams The Post322Honorable Mention
2203John Judy198Honorable Mention
2203Jimmy JungGum In My JJ275Idea for Contest
2203Q. Jura193Honorable Mention
2203Josh JuranSo Run Hajj220Honorable Mention
2203Donna JusticeSnot Jaundice762Honorable Mention
2203Fraser A. KaderaFake Radar Ears157Honorable Mention
2203Judy KahnHad Junky202Honorable Mention
2203Stacey KahnAshcan Tyke174Honorable Mention
2203Alice KaleLace Alike387Honorable Mention
2203Barbara KallasBalsa Kraal Bra30Honorable Mention
2203Howie KallemHomelike Law766Second Runner-Up
2203Shari KallmyerHallmark Is Rye16Honorable Mention
2203Sharon KaltwasserWrathless Anoraks915Honorable Mention
2203John KalutaAha, Junk Lot262Honorable Mention
2203Scott KaneNot Casket102Honorable Mention
2203Jonathan KangThank Ana 'n' Jog672Honorable Mention
2203Jonathan L. KangJohn, A Lank Gnat245Honorable Mention
2203Stephen KannHen Pen Stank512Honorable Mention
2203Samart KantaweatWasn't a Karate Mat749Prize Donation
2203Don KapinosPad Ink Soon389Honorable Mention
2203Catherine O. KaplanKneecap Inhalator222Honorable Mention
2203Lydia B. KaplanBalky Paladin155Honorable Mention
2203Susan KaplanSank USA Plan1249Honorable Mention
2203Rick KaplarCar Park Ilk313First Runner-Up
2203Beth KarpBath Perk1150Honorable Mention
2203Cindy KarpawPanicky Ward16Honorable Mention
2203John KarwockiJoin Hackwork488Honorable Mention
2203Gynny KatonNanny Got KY4Honorable Mention
2203Jon Katz2Second Runner-Up
2203Judy Katz313Honorable Mention
2203Tim KauffmanFunk Fit Mama506Honorable Mention
2203Ron KaufmanUnman A Fork57Fourth Runner-Up
2203Cesar KaumeyerA Creaky Resume335Honorable Mention
2203Allie KayLay Alike924Honorable Mention
2203Patricia KearneyAerate Ink Piracy199Sixth Runner-Up
2203Frank T. KearnsFrankest Nark277Second Runner-Up
2203David KeatingDated A Viking936And Last
2203Charlie KeattsHeretical Task193Eighth Runner-Up
2203Meagan KeefeGee, Fake Name1005Honorable Mention
2203Claire KeelerLeakier Creel1076Honorable Mention
2203Jeff KeenanKeen FF Jean547Honorable Mention
2203Christopher KeeneCheer Post Ink Here361Honorable Mention
2203Scott KeeterStock Teeter24Honorable Mention
2203Susan KeevanSank Avenues279Honorable Mention
2203Stan KegelGets Ankle564Honorable Mention
2203Julie KehrliI Jeer, Uh, Kill1218Honorable Mention
2203Doug KeimGo, Emu Kid!110Honorable Mention
2203Christine KeinerTheir Sincere Ink44Honorable Mention
2203Mario KeirleLike More Air335Honorable Mention
2203Jordy KeithRid Thy Joke476Honorable Mention
2203Mike KeithHi, Meek Kit617Honorable Mention
2203Zadoc-Lee KekuewaDoze, Cue Weak Leak980Honorable Mention
2203Erland KelleyElderly Ankle372First Runner-Up
2203Michelle KelleyCheek Me, I'll Yell1223Honorable Mention
2203Molly KelleyLolly Meekly912Honorable Mention
2203Stephen KelleyHe Plenty Sleek923Honorable Mention
2203Jen Kellner253Honorable Mention
2203Bill KellyKill Belly90Fourth Runner-Up
2203Gretchen KellyHe Knelt, Clergy!418Second Runner-Up
2203John KellyHonky Jell14Honorable Mention
2203Judy Kelly90Fourth Runner-Up
2203Laurie KellyA Likely Rule1025Honorable Mention
2203Patrick KellyTalky Prickle768Honorable Mention
2203Lisa KelseySilky Easel1082Idea for Contest
2203Katelynn KemKneel, My Tank652Honorable Mention
2203Zak KemenoshHoke Zen Mask779Second Runner-Up
2203Wayne KempNew Map Key37Honorable Mention
2203Rita KempleyMate Perkily281Idea for Contest
2203Julie Kempton1082Honorable Mention
2203Frank KenessonKeno Frankness341Honorable Mention
2203Michael K. KeneyMany Like Cheek135Honorable Mention
2203Christie KennedyThe Ink Residency65Honorable Mention
2203Kathy KennedyKneed Thy Yank184Second Runner-Up
2203Christopher KentPost Trench Hiker198Honorable Mention
2203Steve KentSkeet Vent75Honorable Mention
2203Eric KephartPark Heretic1016Honorable Mention
2203Andy KerlinLean Dry Ink193Honorable Mention
2203Dan Kerr-HobertDarken Brother409Third Runner-Up
2203Colm KerryMerry Lock329Honorable Mention
2203Chris KervinaRich Ink Saver610Honorable Mention
2203Jim KetchumMum Hick Jet148Honorable Mention
2203Kathy KevanyThy Yak, Knave140Idea for Contest
2203Kathryn KiddThy Kid Drank119Honorable Mention
2203Kathy KielmeyerReheat Milky Key177Honorable Mention
2203Tracy KielyIcky Realty195Honorable Mention
2203Sharyn KilderryRashly Dryer Ink645Third Runner-Up
2203Jr. Kilpatrick, Henry E.Jerkier Than Prickly377Honorable Mention
2203Karen Kimmel-MilitzerMaze-like Kremlin Trim24Honorable Mention
2203Graham KingGingham Ark1219Second Runner-Up
2203Jay KingInky Jag505Honorable Mention
2203Pamela KingA Pink Gleam93Unranked Runner-Up
2203Mark KippermanRemark Pink Map528Honorable Mention
2203Eileen KirbyBeery Ink Lie52Honorable Mention
2203Elizabeth KirkwoodLook! Whizkid Beater492Honorable Mention
2203Scott KirkwoodDoctor's Wok Kit90Honorable Mention
2203George KirschenbauerGorier Greenback Hues44Fifth Runner-Up
2203Jason KirwanSow An Ink Jar376Honorable Mention
2203Barry KistlerLibrary Treks942Honorable Mention
2203Carmen KittMetric Tank518Idea for Contest
2203Bill KivelaLivable Ilk512Third Runner-Up
2203Henry KivettIrk Thy Event122Honorable Mention
2203Alice KlagesGlacial Seek218Honorable Mention
2203Andy KlagesDangles Yak218Honorable Mention
2203David KlannKind Vandal925Honorable Mention
2203Kitty KlausA Kitty Sulk289Honorable Mention
2203Julie KlavensNukes All Jive653Honorable Mention
2203Bert KlimasMr. Balkiest1262Honorable Mention
2203Lisa KlischHails Licks208Second Runner-Up
2203Geri KlitschGlitches Irk4Win
2203Heidi KlitschTicklish Hide4Win
2203Tom KlitschThick Molts4Win
2203Bob KlocekLock Kebob938Honorable Mention
2203Jake KnanishuJunks A Hankie153Honorable Mention
2203Jerry KnightRing Thy Jerk58Idea for Contest
2203John KnowlesJ.K.'s Neon Howl46Honorable Mention
2203Sam KoborOkra Mobs963Honorable Mention
2203Jim KolbMilk Job37Honorable Mention
2203Jodi KolberI, Bold Joker159Honorable Mention
2203Elizabeth KolbertThe Zebra-Like Blot694Idea for Contest
2203Todd KolmK.O. Dolt M.D.7Seventh Runner-Up
2203Kacey KologyKooky Legacy48Unranked Runner-Up
2203Scott KominersMost Ink Sector522Honorable Mention
2203Peter KonowiczWon't Prize Coke545Honorable Mention
2203Adam KoonsNomad's Oak89Honorable Mention
2203Judy Kopff229Honorable Mention
2203Mira KoplovskySmoky Pork Vial590Honorable Mention
2203Bret KoplowPleb To Work1252Honorable Mention
2203David KoplowOld Vapid Wok498Honorable Mention
2203Greg KoppenhoeferPeg Foghorn Keeper344Honorable Mention
2203Jim KorenthalOh Man! Jerk Lit!701Honorable Mention
2203Louis Y. KormanAmorously Ink188Prize Donation
2203Tom C. KorologosStockroom Logo78Idea for Contest
2203Chris KorteTrick Horse364Honorable Mention
2203Joan KouryOak Joy Run73Honorable Mention
2203Kate KoutavlisTaut Veal Kiosk50Honorable Mention
2203Dick KovarVodka, Rick?413Honorable Mention
2203C. Amor KramerMacro Remark523Honorable Mention
2203Judy KramerA Jerky Drum871Honorable Mention
2203Nancy KramerCanny Remark57Honorable Mention
2203Scooter KrattenmakerNeat Retrorocket Mask104Honorable Mention
2203Jeff Kraus524Honorable Mention
2203Meyran KrausMurky Arenas554Honorable Mention
2203Angie KrauseAges Urea Ink468Honorable Mention
2203Aaron KravitzI Rank Ova Tzar324Win
2203Robin KreisbergRoger, Ink Bribes163Honorable Mention
2203R. Scott KrickR.R. Ticktocks60Honorable Mention
2203Kevin KristInk Irks Vet712Honorable Mention
2203Randi Gray KristensenRearranged Tiny Sinks293Honorable Mention
2203Robyn Kroll-RemickBelly Knock Mirror62Honorable Mention
2203Susan KrysRusk's Nays396Honorable Mention
2203Kimmarie KryscnskiKiss My Karmic Inker!607Honorable Mention
2203Paul KudravPark'd Uvula1118Honorable Mention
2203David KuebrichHired Avid Buck78First Runner-Up
2203Elizabeth KuglerKill the Zebu Rage89Honorable Mention
2203Elizabeth KuhnThink Blue Haze492Third Runner-Up
2203Bob KulawiecI Buckle a Bow196Win
2203Nitin KumarI'm In A Trunk1061Honorable Mention
2203Paul KundravDrunk Up Lava514Honorable Mention
2203Scott Kuntz7Honorable Mention
2203Kom KunyosyingYoung Smoky Ink67Honorable Mention
2203Gary L. KunzUgly N.Z. Ark266Honorable Mention
2203Sophie J. KunzeSeize Hop Junk409Honorable Mention
2203Sharon KuykendallUnholy Naked Larks27Win
2203Margie KwartEarmark Twig483Honorable Mention
2203Patrice KygerKey Tiger Crap240Honorable Mention
2203Antonio La GrechNectar Hooligan294Honorable Mention
2203Maria LaBerreA Blearier Ram1177Honorable Mention
2203Donna LaBrancheHandlebar Canon650Honorable Mention
2203Karen LaCroixAnorexic Lark109Honorable Mention
2203Paula LaFeminaMail Fauna Plea441Honorable Mention
2203Matthew LaFlammeMammal Left Wheat344Honorable Mention
2203Tom LaMannaMan-Alto Man125Honorable Mention
2203LeRoy LaRocheCohere Orally938Honorable Mention
2203Jay LabovLava By Jo682Honorable Mention
2203Lindsay LacyA Silly Candy492Win
2203Kala LadenheimAlkali Headmen486Honorable Mention
2203Chris LaffertyCraftily Fresh526Honorable Mention
2203Robert LafskyStroke Barfly365Honorable Mention
2203Robert LafsyFart By Loser485Honorable Mention
2203J. Lakshmanan78Honorable Mention
2203Ed LambBedlam242Honorable Mention
2203Arch LamontCarnal Moth786Honorable Mention
2203Elly LampnerMen All Reply986Honorable Mention
2203Bill LandauI, Dull, Banal1106Honorable Mention
2203Amy LaneMay Lean1330Honorable Mention
2203Brendan LaneLend A Banner23Honorable Mention
2203Anne LangeGlean An "En"595Honorable Mention
2203Nannette LanhamHalt, Antenna Men!914Honorable Mention
2203Carol LantzNot All Czar51Honorable Mention
2203Pat LarkTalk Rap551Honorable Mention
2203Kathy LarkinHi, Talky Nark!485Honorable Mention
2203Al LarsenAle Snarl1152Honorable Mention
2203Cynthia LarsenSilent Anarchy16Honorable Mention
2203Peter LarsenEel Partners592Win
2203Beth LarsonHerbal Snot250Second Runner-Up
2203Nancy LasnerClears Nanny1004Honorable Mention
2203William LasserSwell Airmails922Honorable Mention
2203Steve LatouretteAvert Tee Outlets317And Last
2203Jonathan LatroyNatty Rajah Loon953Honorable Mention
2203Wunji Lau610Honorable Mention
2203Charles A. LauerClausal Hearer49Second Runner-Up
2203Gene LaughridgeLaughing Degree241Honorable Mention
2203Martin LawsonNominal Warts106Fourth Runner-Up
2203George LazopoulosZealous Google Pro176Honorable Mention
2203Cecilia LeAle Icicle359Honorable Mention
2203Maria LeBerreA Merrier Bale1202Honorable Mention
2203Eric LeVasseurClassier Revue1211Honorable Mention
2203Mark LeVotaVarlet Amok1170Third Runner-Up
2203Stephen LeadHen Pedestal490Honorable Mention
2203Donna LearAlone? Darn.464Honorable Mention
2203Blythe LeathermanThermally Beneath324Honorable Mention
2203Jonathan LechterJolt Heathen Narc67Third Runner-Up
2203Adam K. LeeMake Deal70Third Runner-Up
2203Ben Lee123Honorable Mention
2203Herbie LeeHer Bee Lie588Honorable Mention
2203Liz LeeI'll Zee69Honorable Mention
2203Victor LeeCovert Lie768Honorable Mention
2203Jeff Leen972Prize Donation
2203Tom LehkerMother Elk39Honorable Mention
2203Karen LeichtnamCarnal Ink Theme791Honorable Mention
2203Katherine LenardLankier Adherent211First Runner-Up
2203Robert LennartzTorn Blazer Rent5Second Runner-Up
2203Ernest LentEnters Lent307Honorable Mention
2203Ed LeonardoDarned Oleo!29Honorable Mention
2203Leila LeoncavalloAll Leave Colonial776Honorable Mention
2203Phil LermanHelp Marlin149Honorable Mention
2203John LescaultLethal Juncos559Idea for Contest
2203Emily LeskinenKey Lime Linens569Honorable Mention
2203Gene LesserSerene Legs29Honorable Mention
2203Carol LevinViral Clone362Honorable Mention
2203Terri LevineNit Reliever9First Runner-Up
2203Dmitri LevitasMislaid Trivet440Honorable Mention
2203Pete LevitasElevate Spit247Fourth Runner-Up
2203Jay LevittJetty Vial806Idea for Contest
2203Alison LevyOily Navels280First Runner-Up
2203Brad LevyVerb Lady1256Honorable Mention
2203Harvey LevyAh, Very Levy644Honorable Mention
2203Jonathan LevyThe Nylon Java297Honorable Mention
2203Lenny LevyEnvy 'n' Yell696Honorable Mention
2203Marc LevyVery Calm280First Runner-Up
2203Barbara LewisAlas, Barbwire291Honorable Mention
2203Craig M. LewisMiracle Wigs18Honorable Mention
2203Donna LewisOwned Nails531Honorable Mention
2203Megan LewisEnamel Wigs451Honorable Mention
2203Richard LewisWilder Chairs674Honorable Mention
2203Rick LewisWiser Lick60Honorable Mention
2203Terry LewisSly Rewrite297Honorable Mention
2203Stephen LichtStench! Help It!33Win
2203Ken LickliterKrill Necktie458First Runner-Up
2203Cara LiebensonInane Loser Cab80Honorable Mention
2203E. James LiebermanSee Jail Membrane319Honorable Mention
2203Audrey LiebrossBury Loser Ideas518Honorable Mention
2203Ned LillyLend Lily13Second Runner-Up
2203Sam Kyung-Gun LimSmugly Unmaking1220Honorable Mention
2203Drew LimskyMy Lewd Risk176Honorable Mention
2203Wendy LindboeDowned Byline354Honorable Mention
2203T. LindenLint Den489Honorable Mention
2203Kelly A. LindnerReally Lend Ink39First Runner-Up
2203Nathan LindseyDeny Inhalants904Honorable Mention
2203Thom LinkMoth Kiln1072Honorable Mention
2203Ken LinkerInk Kernel27Honorable Mention
2203Matthew J. LinnMelt Ninth Jaw36Honorable Mention
2203Dorothy LinowesWorthy Solenoid559Honorable Mention
2203Lisa Linske-O'ConnellLook, Nil Cleanliness!608Idea for Contest
2203Hope Linske-RicePickles Heroine608Honorable Mention
2203Joel LipmanI Jam Pollen832Honorable Mention
2203Robert LisleSell Orbiter73Second Runner-Up
2203Ken LissInkless1337Honorable Mention
2203William Liss-LevinsonVillain Sews Millions1187Honorable Mention
2203Suki LitchfieldLick Futile Dish495Honorable Mention
2203Judy LivingstonVinyl Donuts Jig1007Honorable Mention
2203Mike LivingstonInk-Loving Items702Honorable Mention
2203Seth LivingstoneVileness Tonight 1118Honorable Mention
2203Dima LlanosDismal Loan1280Honorable Mention
2203Emily LloydI Yell, "Moldy!"499Win
2203Mac LloydLacy Mold84Honorable Mention
2203Dorothy LoangHard Ontology13Honorable Mention
2203Brian LochrieRicher Albino524Honorable Mention
2203Nicole LockhartChlorinate Lock454Honorable Mention
2203Jennifer LogueJungle Iron Fee462Honorable Mention
2203Joe LombardBe Old Major364Honorable Mention
2203Bob LondonOld Bon-bon138Honorable Mention
2203Jim LondonDjinn Loom58Honorable Mention
2203Carole LongCellar Goon941Honorable Mention
2203John LongLong John933Honorable Mention
2203Sally LonginottiInstant Lily Logo13Honorable Mention
2203Miranda LongstrethSmart, Loathing Nerd736Honorable Mention
2203Chris LopezSpore Zilch864Fourth Runner-Up
2203James M. LopezJeez, Slap Mom?74Honorable Mention
2203Tom LorenzenMr. Lent Ozone358Honorable Mention
2203Lori LossmanSolo Marlins253Honorable Mention
2203Karen LoveKeen Valor789Honorable Mention
2203Zachariah LoveHa Ha, Vocalizer!483Honorable Mention
2203Andrea Bakewell LoweryLone Breakaway Dweller116Honorable Mention
2203Bertram LowiEmbroil Wart602Anti-Invitational
2203Spencer LuSpun Creel491Honorable Mention
2203Karen LubienickiInk Brake Uncle (II)75Honorable Mention
2203Alfred LubranRerun Bad Fall?1194Prize Donation
2203Fran LudmanRum And Flan29Honorable Mention
2203Jerry LugarJury Glarer1325Honorable Mention
2203Edith LundIdled Hunt116Honorable Mention
2203Kelley LundKeenly Dull471Win
2203Chris LustoSo Curl Shit771Honorable Mention
2203James D. LymanMen Jam Sadly281Ear No One Reads
2203Emmah LynchHmm, Lacy Hen?1263Honorable Mention
2203Greg LynchLynch Greg!496Honorable Mention
2203Jennifer LynchLynch Free Jinn641Honorable Mention
2203Kenneth LynchThen Lynch Ken8Honorable Mention
2203Chris LyntStir Lynch41Honorable Mention
2203Henry LyntonTry Nylon Hen39Second Runner-Up
2203Jess LyonLens Joys126Second Runner-Up
2203Michael LyonsIs Melancholy566Honorable Mention
2203Carleton MacDonaldDamn Candle Locator94Honorable Mention
2203Sue MacDonaldCoded Manuals476Honorable Mention
2203Duncan MacGregorNarc Gang Decorum577Honorable Mention
2203Scott MacKenzieComic Zest Taken114Idea for Contest
2203Christina MachCatch Mini Rash394Win
2203Francene MachettoEncroachment Fate520Honorable Mention
2203Scott MackMocks Tact770Honorable Mention
2203Gail MackiernanCreaking Animal641Honorable Mention
2203Katie MaddocksStacked Mikado822Honorable Mention
2203Candadai MadhavanCad Had Diva Manana652Honorable Mention
2203Beverly MagdaBravely Gamed161Honorable Mention
2203Glenn MagdaMangled Nag161Honorable Mention
2203Grey MaggianoI Am An Orgy Egg661Honorable Mention
2203Ray MagliozziO! I Am A Grizzly!736Honorable Mention
2203Tom MagliozziZoom! I Am Glitz!736Honorable Mention
2203David M. MagnessDammed Savings148Honorable Mention
2203Erica MagramRacier Magma263Win
2203Kevin MaherMink Heaver41Honorable Mention
2203Hank MaineHankie Man178Honorable Mention
2203Susannah MaiselInhumane Salsas513And Last
2203Marvin MaizelMaim Viral Zen304Honorable Mention
2203Jay D. MajorsMad Jar Joys90Honorable Mention
2203David MalinowskiDim Ink Disavowal760Idea for Contest
2203Joel MalkinA Jello Mink1043Honorable Mention
2203Norman MallardDarn Roman Mall316Third Runner-Up
2203Chris MaloofFolio Charms810Honorable Mention
2203Richard MaltagliatiAirtight Acrid Llama10And Last
2203Sarah ManchesterRehash Sacrament512Honorable Mention
2203Michael ManciniMechanical Mini208Honorable Mention
2203Beverly MangoldGold Marble Envy551Honorable Mention
2203Katherine Mangu-WardA Warmhearted Nuking280Honorable Mention
2203John W. ManleyMy Henna Jowl271Idea for Contest
2203Myra MannN-Man Army843Honorable Mention
2203Tom MannO Mtn. Man!48Unranked Runner-Up
2203Thomas E. MannleMenthol Seaman378Honorable Mention
2203Peter MansbachBatman Perches428Fourth Runner-Up
2203Carol MansonMoral Canons245Honorable Mention
2203Alex MantleLA Latex Men965Honorable Mention
2203Emily E. ManuelYule Melamine104Honorable Mention
2203Nancy ManuszakSmack a Zany Nun219Honorable Mention
2203Ninamarie MaragiolioImagine Monorail Aria1103Honorable Mention
2203Alvin O. MarchonosNonvocal Mohairs332Ear No One Reads
2203Richard MarcusArmchair's Crud468Honorable Mention
2203Zora MargolisRig Zoo Alarms383Honorable Mention
2203Ben MarguliesMiserable Gnu273Honorable Mention
2203Lisa MarierLiar Armies773Fourth Runner-Up
2203John MaringArming John613Honorable Mention
2203Jimmie MarketMaim Jerk Item109Honorable Mention
2203Jonathan MarkoffJr. Homo Kaftan Fan648Honorable Mention
2203Nancy MarmorellaA Mannerly Clamor482Honorable Mention
2203David MarshHis V.D. Drama470Honorable Mention
2203Debi MarshMesh Braid633Honorable Mention
2203Ken MarshShark Men173Honorable Mention
2203Miranda MarshDamn Arm Hairs55Honorable Mention
2203Pete MarshmanMan, He Tampers!717Honorable Mention
2203Beth MartinBreath Mint635Prize Donation
2203Grant MartinMigrant Rant217Honorable Mention
2203Joe MartinMe Janitor267Prize Donation
2203Kim MartinTrim A Mink216Third Runner-Up
2203L. John MartinI, Jolt'n', Harm'n'823Honorable Mention
2203Michael MartinMint Camelhair759Honorable Mention
2203Stephanie MartinInterim Pheasant192Fifth Runner-Up
2203Laura MartinengoRuminate Granola37Honorable Mention
2203Sherry MartsTsar's Rhymer147Idea for Contest
2203Eric MarxCar Mixer1007Honorable Mention
2203Patricia MarxImpair Car Tax1245Idea for Contest
2203Frank MasonManna Forks62Third Runner-Up
2203Lisa MassarellaLlama's Salaries90Honorable Mention
2203Allan MassieLean Salamis188Honorable Mention
2203Robb MathewsWreath Bombs83Win
2203David MathiasonNaiad Vomit Dash80Honorable Mention
2203Amanda MatosAm So Adamant527Honorable Mention
2203Susan MatsonMason's Aunts572Honorable Mention
2203Tansy MatthewsTwenty Asthmas272Honorable Mention
2203Craig MatthiessenHesitant Grimaces1126Honorable Mention
2203Zachary MayHay Yam Czar722Idea for Contest
2203Ernst MayerSmear Entry940Honorable Mention
2203John MaynardJar On My Hand692Prize Donation
2203John MazzaNo Jazz Ham26Win
2203Katie McBrideMediate Brick124Honorable Mention
2203Robert McBrideCribbed Tremor291Honorable Mention
2203T. L. McBrideMcDriblet77Honorable Mention
2203Lee McBroomCool Member570Honorable Mention
2203Ignatius McBundySmudgy Cabin Unit74Honorable Mention
2203Laurie McCabeAmicable Ecru507Honorable Mention
2203Thomas R. McCabeCombat Marches69Honorable Mention
2203Ann Georgia McCaffrayFancy Camera Foraging396Honorable Mention
2203John McCambridgeCommend Birch Jag377Honorable Mention
2203John P. McCarthyJohn, Thy McCrap!396Honorable Mention
2203Robert E. McCarthyTry Torch Embrace91Fifth Runner-Up
2203Lisbeth McCartyMystic Rat Belch1285Honorable Mention
2203Dan McCauleyMaced Lunacy577Second Runner-Up
2203Bill McClatchieAll Climb Hectic73Third Runner-Up
2203Eileen McClellanLinemen Lace Cell512Honorable Mention
2203Jim McClellanMJ Calm in Cell752Honorable Mention
2203Paul McClureA Cruel Clump341Second Runner-Up
2203Eric E. McCollumCruel Elm Comic23Honorable Mention
2203Matthew McCollumMammoth Clew Cult661Honorable Mention
2203David McCordDVD c/o Mr. Acid1184Honorable Mention
2203Jim McCormack1166Honorable Mention
2203Charles McCraryCalm Archers Cry465Honorable Mention
2203Ben McCullochBum Conch Cell507Honorable Mention
2203J. J. McCullough408Honorable Mention
2203Mike McCumberMuck Me, Crib Me1323Honorable Mention
2203John P. McDermottJ.C. Tromped Month383First Runner-Up
2203Hugh McDiarmidDig Humid Charm462Third Runner-Up
2203James H. McDonoughJudge Common Hash30First Runner-Up
2203Jane McDowellCold Man-Jewel657Honorable Mention
2203Mark McDowellCalm Mr. Lewd, OK?657Honorable Mention
2203John B. McElhattonJab Menthol Notch303Third Runner-Up
2203Tipper McFarrenPrefer Mint Crap299Honorable Mention
2203Wesley McGeeEyes Clew Gem328First Runner-Up
2203William McGheeWeigh Lime Clam389Honorable Mention
2203Mark McGovernMock German RV666Second Runner-Up
2203Bob McKentyNeck By Tomb1329Honorable Mention
2203Anne McKenzieInk Zen Menace306Honorable Mention
2203Mike McKeownWe Knock Mime162First Runner-Up
2203Victoria McKernanConvict Rainmaker293Honorable Mention
2203Gary McKethanCrank Thy Game94Win
2203Stuart McKinnonInconstant Murk303Honorable Mention
2203Andrew McLeanWarm, Clean End1059Honorable Mention
2203Susan McLeanSlam Nuances1076Honorable Mention
2203Claire McManusNumerical Scam473First Runner-Up
2203Peter McMenaminEncampment Mire809Honorable Mention
2203John McMillanHmm, Local Jinn?558Honorable Mention
2203Greg McMinn195Honorable Mention
2203Kate McMinnMink Men Act195Honorable Mention
2203Holly McMullenMull Cello Hymn22Fourth Runner-Up
2203Tina McMullinMimic Tall Nun138Honorable Mention
2203Charlie McNamaraManiacal Marcher326First Runner-Up
2203John McNamaraAnchorman Jam623Idea for Contest
2203Rose McNeelyMole Scenery515Honorable Mention
2203Ceola McNeilClone Malice51Honorable Mention
2203Mike McNeilIce Milkmen652Honorable Mention
2203Bruce McNeillUncle Climber268Honorable Mention
2203Elizabeth McQueenBeach Element Quiz1202Honorable Mention
2203Carol Haney McVeaHoly Caveman Race23Honorable Mention
2203Sean M. McVeighVeg Mechanism214Honorable Mention
2203Jim McWilliamsMimic Jam Swill379Honorable Mention
2203Karl MeansAnkle Arms90Honorable Mention
2203Catharine MeffordAffronted Chimera1253Prize Donation
2203Louise MegargeeMeager Eulogies38First Runner-Up
2203Gloria MehrtensHot Malingerers54Third Runner-Up
2203Becky MejiaIcky Bee Jam578Honorable Mention
2203Nannette MelnickAncient Men Knelt1126Honorable Mention
2203Jennifer MendelsohnLemon-Freshened Jinn13Sixth Runner-Up
2203Rob MendelsonLoser Bondmen18Honorable Mention
2203Wes MerchantWench Tamers1260Honorable Mention
2203Carl MeredithDeclare Mirth268First Runner-Up
2203Meghan Meredith-SandsThe Handmaiden's Germs371Uncle
2203Mike MermanMe Ream Mink33Idea for Contest
2203Mike MerriganI, Mr. Meager Ink1204Honorable Mention
2203Mark MerrimanMr. Main Remark717Honorable Mention
2203Ben MerrionMiner Boner417Honorable Mention
2203E. Kelly MerritteTreelike Myrtle9Honorable Mention
2203A. K. MerrymanMyna Remark22Fifth Runner-Up
2203Margareta MetcalfCremate Fatal Gram479Prize Donation
2203Joseph MethodJet Shed Oomph229Honorable Mention
2203Arthur MethvinTavern Hurt Him229Honorable Mention
2203Donna MetlerArdent Lemon555Honorable Mention
2203Jim MetzgerJeez, MM Grit44Idea for Contest
2203Larry MeyerMerry Layer841Honorable Mention
2203Ellen MeyersonNo Enemy Seller71Win
2203Rick MeyersonRosy Ink Creme204Honorable Mention
2203Jerry MiatechEject Mr. Hairy!691Honorable Mention
2203Gloria MiccioliCorgi Cilia Limo191Honorable Mention
2203James A. MichaelJams Each Email128Honorable Mention
2203Scott MichaelAlmost Hectic13Tenth Runner-Up
2203Matt MichalakLack That Imam305Honorable Mention
2203Michael MichalikMaim Helical Hick46Fourth Runner-Up
2203Alan MiddletonDandelion Malt516Honorable Mention
2203Charles MiehmI'm Sham Lecher845Honorable Mention
2203Linda MikuI'm Dual Ink837Honorable Mention
2203Monica MikulskiCilium Inks Amok593Honorable Mention
2203Dan MilamA Mild Man746Honorable Mention
2203Kate MilanInk Tamale378Second Runner-Up
2203Rich MilauskasRakish Musical105Honorable Mention
2203Joe Milazzo IIJazz? I Lie, I Moo!37Honorable Mention
2203Tonya MilesMy Toenails395Honorable Mention
2203Carmelo MiliciImmoral Icicle225Honorable Mention
2203Lori MillenLion Miller124Idea for Contest
2203Miller & ChevalierVermicelli & Haler84And Last
2203Carson MillerI'm All Corners733Honorable Mention
2203Christy MillerShrilly Metric581Honorable Mention
2203Elizabeth "Vienna" MillerNimble Lavaliere Zenith954Honorable Mention
2203Lawrence MillerI'm Well 'n' Clearer717Honorable Mention
2203Mark MillerLark Elm Rim94Honorable Mention
2203Peter G. MillerTemper Grille370First Runner-Up
2203Stevens MillerNerviest Smell595Honorable Mention
2203Paul MilliganPlain Gallium1251Honorable Mention
2203Bob MillsBills Mob276Honorable Mention
2203Richard A. MillsteinMiscarried Anthill104Honorable Mention
2203Josh MilnerSir John Elm613Honorable Mention
2203Jerry MindesJeer My Rinds!1228Honorable Mention
2203Amy MindickMy Acid Mink149Honorable Mention
2203Jules MintonJust In: Lemon!1229Honorable Mention
2203Mark MironerMr. Iron Maker1195Honorable Mention
2203Alexander Mitchell IVExtreme Vanilla Child672Honorable Mention
2203Ian G. MitchellMagnetic Hill299Honorable Mention
2203Mike MitchellMilk Them Lice245Honorable Mention
2203Bryan MitraBrainy Mart1026Honorable Mention
2203Frederick MitsdarferRefaced Drifter Smirk787Honorable Mention
2203Lee ModesittOmelet Tides194Honorable Mention
2203Peter A. MolinaroPraetorian Mole19Honorable Mention
2203Ed MolnarMr. "No Deal"998Second Runner-Up
2203Eva MonasterskyStarves A Monkey1333Honorable Mention
2203Bill MontagueGlobal Minute143Honorable Mention
2203Doug MontgomeryO My God! Nut or Gem?1056Honorable Mention
2203Christopher W. MoonThrows Microphone51Second Runner-Up
2203Jacki MoonvesI Convoke Jams872Honorable Mention
2203Eva MooreEave Room445Third Runner-Up
2203Gary MooreGray Romeo391Honorable Mention
2203Heidi MooreRe-Hoe Idiom30Fifth Runner-Up
2203Nancy MooreOne Acronym595Honorable Mention
2203Steve MooreRemove Toes351Honorable Mention
2203Todd MooreDomed Root154Honorable Mention
2203Ron MorettiI, Tormentor1020Honorable Mention
2203Dan MorganDragon Man49Honorable Mention
2203Diane MorganDamn Iron Age453Honorable Mention
2203Kelly MorganMonk Allergy467Honorable Mention
2203Michelle MorganCholera Lemming49Honorable Mention
2203Harry MoritzA Zit or Myrrh262Honorable Mention
2203Kris MorrisKiss Mirror19Honorable Mention
2203Glenn MorrisonLoner's Morning510Honorable Mention
2203Tim MorrisonMonitor Rims1022Honorable Mention
2203Howard MortmanDamn Hot Marrow88Honorable Mention
2203William MoschkeHammock Willies26Third Runner-Up
2203Edward P. MoserMadder Powers208Honorable Mention
2203Rex Moser1309Prize Donation
2203MosesSOS Me38Honorable Mention
2203Spencer MoskowitzZinc Wok To Empress466Honorable Mention
2203Victoria MossSitcom Savior181Honorable Mention
2203Jason MottTo Jam Snot578Honorable Mention
2203Donna MountfortNo Mutant On Ford691Honorable Mention
2203Becky MoyerKey Boy, Mr. EC714Honorable Mention
2203St. Andrew's Episcopal School Mrs. Airey's English classSingle's Archetypical Posies Screws Solo Marshlands44Win
2203Chris MuldrowDC Humor Swirl958Honorable Mention
2203Jack MulfordJam Folk Crud344Honorable Mention
2203John MulhollandAlmond John Hull801Honorable Mention
2203Tacey MullenCue Mentally604Honorable Mention
2203Katie MulliganEat Gallium Ink396Honorable Mention
2203Bruce MullinaxBlue Climax! Run!597Honorable Mention
2203John P. MulvilleNovel Hill Jump127Honorable Mention
2203Mark MundeyDamn Rum Key462Honorable Mention
2203Arthur J. MurphyJump Thru Harry166Win
2203Carolin MurphyRomp Raunchily514Honorable Mention
2203Colleen MurphyLunch Employer974Honorable Mention
2203Dabe MurphyA Bumpy Herd55Honorable Mention
2203E. Stanley MurphySurely A Nymphet1First Runner-Up
2203Rich MurphyHurry, Chimp120Honorable Mention
2203Brendan J. MurrayJuryman Brander2Third Runner-Up
2203Mark MurrayRum Army Ark100Second Runner-Up
2203Mimi MurrayAiry Mum Rim24Honorable Mention
2203Patrick MurrayArmy Truck Pair807Honorable Mention
2203Will MurthaMullah Writ1018Honorable Mention
2203Jeanne MussigJasmine Genus488Honorable Mention
2203John W. MyrnaWarm Johnny226Honorable Mention
2203Bill MyronsBriny Molls30Honorable Mention
2203David NachtsheimThis Advanced Him88Honorable Mention
2203Miriam NadelMilder Mania1067Honorable Mention
2203Jeff NadlerJar Fled Fen546Second Runner-Up
2203D'Juan NashHadj as Nun837Honorable Mention
2203Shoba NayarBony Sahara956Honorable Mention
2203Meg NazdinDazing Men29Honorable Mention
2203Joanne NeesNee "No Jeans"200First Runner-Up
2203Amy Neff759Honorable Mention
2203Linda NeighborgallOh, Lingering Ballad!1030Honorable Mention
2203Andrew NellisLean Swindler456Third Runner-Up
2203Carl NelsonSnarl Clone441Honorable Mention
2203Ron NelsonLorn Neons413Honorable Mention
2203Linda NemoNamed Lion1003Honorable Mention
2203Ellen NestosSteel On Lens5Honorable Mention
2203Sharon NeubauerA Harbour Unseen284Honorable Mention
2203Elise NeuschelerRules Cheese Line688Honorable Mention
2203Ed NeveleffEven Fed Elf1323Honorable Mention
2203Tom NevenNet Venom145Honorable Mention
2203Linda NevilleLean Dill Vine59Honorable Mention
2203Dale NewburyWeary Bundle1056Honorable Mention
2203Ingrid NewkirkDrink Wig Inker162Honorable Mention
2203Agata NewlacilGlaciate A Lawn113Honorable Mention
2203Elsa NewmanEnamel Swan76Honorable Mention
2203Jeff NewmanFew Fan J-Men251Honorable Mention
2203Stu NewmanWants Menu770Honorable Mention
2203Page NewtonWeapon Gent7Honorable Mention
2203Jimmy NguyenYe Gummy Jinn12Win
2203Mai NguyenI, Me, Any Gnu569Win
2203Mary Anne NicholsLemons In Anarchy717Honorable Mention
2203Nina NicholsClannish Ion396Honorable Mention
2203Wayne NicholsonAnyone Clownish474Second Runner-Up
2203Joanne NickersonCannon Siren Joke497Honorable Mention
2203Lydia NicolaCan Oil Daily645Honorable Mention
2203Mark NielsenMeaner Links201Honorable Mention
2203Lucian NiemeyerUremia Leniency241Honorable Mention
2203No Name GivenEvening Moan40Honorable Mention
2203Charley NoelHoly Cleaner1021Honorable Mention
2203Laura K. NoellAll Our Ankle194Honorable Mention
2203Ken NoffkeNee "F--k", no, "F--k!"1002Honorable Mention
2203Tom NolanMan on Lot443Honorable Mention
2203Cheryl NolandNodal Lyncher417Honorable Mention
2203Dave NoonDo Novena14Third Runner-Up
2203Michael NoonanMacho Non-Alien1307Honorable Mention
2203Dominic NooneyConey Dominion787Honorable Mention
2203Beth NorcrossCensors Throb!1276Honorable Mention
2203Ann NormansellLorn Manna Lens246Ear No One Reads
2203Steve NorumSmut? O, Never!688Honorable Mention
2203Kat NoveOaken TV833Honorable Mention
2203Bob NowakKabob Now!536Honorable Mention
2203Patrick O'ConnellNapkin Collector338Honorable Mention
2203Lawrence O'ConnorNew Loner Raccoon858Honorable Mention
2203Martin O'ConnorCorn Nominator839Honorable Mention
2203Tom O'ConnorNoncom Root382Honorable Mention
2203Frances O'DonnellFlanneled Croons1163Honorable Mention
2203J.F. O'DonnellFond on Jell296Second Runner-Up
2203Jeanne O'MearaJean Area Omen203Honorable Mention
2203Elizabeth O'NeillLionize The Label834Honorable Mention
2203Gene O'NeillOnline Glee70First Runner-Up
2203Ed O'ReillyOily Elder117Honorable Mention
2203Frank O'RourkeNuke Fork, Roar!402Third Runner-Up
2203Steve O'RourkeRevoke Ouster476Honorable Mention
2203Michael W. OakesWe Choke Salami406Second Runner-Up
2203Mort OakesMake Torso11Fourth Runner-Up
2203R. M. ObaRambo!474Honorable Mention
2203Paul ObergPour Bagel241Honorable Mention
2203Adele OdegardGoaded Leader45Honorable Mention
2203Dave OdegardDegraded Ova45Honorable Mention
2203Mary Beth Oelkers-KeeganMonthly Breakage Seeker413Honorable Mention
2203Kristina OgilvieSolitaire Viking464Second Runner-Up
2203Ryuta OhtaniAn Authority58Honorable Mention
2203Lori OlcottLot Color It514Honorable Mention
2203Bill OldachA Bold Chill904Honorable Mention
2203Dan OldeburgBurled Gonad524Idea for Contest
2203Mark OldenburgGrumbler and OK1262Honorable Mention
2203Dave OldsOdd Slave280Honorable Mention
2203Anne OliveiraNaive Aileron130Second Runner-Up
2203Nick OlsenClones Ink353Honorable Mention
2203Patrick OlsenPelican Stork1115Honorable Mention
2203Bonnie OlsonNoble Onions409Honorable Mention
2203Dan OlsonLand Soon340Honorable Mention
2203Storrs L. OlsonSons Or Trolls322Fourth Runner-Up
2203Virginia Hume OnuferA Fire-Humoring Vein1314Honorable Mention
2203Peter OrazemA Zero Temper69Fourth Runner-Up
2203Mark OrganekArk Monk Rage659Honorable Mention
2203Alan OrloffA Flan Floor317Honorable Mention
2203William OsbornA Billion Worms35Honorable Mention
2203John OstNosh Jot567Honorable Mention
2203Joe OtchinJoint Echo497Fourth Runner-Up
2203Peter OverbyBeer Poverty339Honorable Mention
2203Geneva OverholserLoser Grove Heaven180Idea for Contest
2203Tchaka OwenOctane Hawk111Honorable Mention
2203Coilin OwensColonies Win!748Honorable Mention
2203E. OwensSee Now!396Honorable Mention
2203Edward OwensOnward Swede!42Honorable Mention
2203G. C. OwensNew Cogs89Second Runner-Up
2203Gary OxfordX-Ray for Dog360Honorable Mention
2203PDKL LetellierPelleted Krill90Sixth Runner-Up
2203Michael PabloPliable Macho483Honorable Mention
2203Ken PageKnee Gap390Honorable Mention
2203Ken PaisnerAn Ink Spree103Honorable Mention
2203Pia Palamadessi1348Honorable Mention
2203Edward PalmMap Dawdler124Honorable Mention
2203Douglas PalmerOld Maple Sugar675Honorable Mention
2203Andrea PalmiterMarinated Pearl560Honorable Mention
2203Natalia PaneAn Ale Pinata249Honorable Mention
2203Michelle PangalloMale Pinochle Gall773Honorable Mention
2203Daria PanichasRapid as a Chain893Honorable Mention
2203Betsy PankeyYep, Yanks Bet505Honorable Mention
2203George PapanicolaouPolio Panacea Gouger455And Last
2203Paul H. ParentHunt Apparel16Honorable Mention
2203Frank ParenteRent Freak Pan792Honorable Mention
2203Jim ParisiJam Iris Pi481Honorable Mention
2203Tara ParkerPark Errata335Honorable Mention
2203Jordi ParryRid Ropy Jar1077Honorable Mention
2203Chris ParsonsHis Porn Scars637Honorable Mention
2203Paul ParsonsParasol Puns118Honorable Mention
2203Debbie PatrickPicketed Rabbi511Honorable Mention
2203Kim PattersonTamer Post Ink97Honorable Mention
2203Michael PattersonEmphatic Loser Tan488Honorable Mention
2203Dave PattonAtop Advent1130Honorable Mention
2203Jane PattonO! Jap Tenant!682Honorable Mention
2203Anne PaulinAn Alien Pun980Honorable Mention
2203Jane PaulkovichJava Cup = Ink Hole50Honorable Mention
2203Michael PaulkovichMock Chili Upheaval47Win
2203Briana PayneBrainy Paean547Honorable Mention
2203Louisa PayneUse In Payola188Honorable Mention
2203Lawrence PearlPrewar Nacelle440Honorable Mention
2203Marty PearlLamprey Rat586Honorable Mention
2203Mark PearsonKarma Person968Honorable Mention
2203Edward PeckWrecked Pad777Honorable Mention
2203Kathy PedeltyThey Kept Lady9Honorable Mention
2203Diego Pedulla-SmithMultiplies Godhead971Honorable Mention
2203Adam PeglerLed Rampage248Honorable Mention
2203Priscilla PelligrinoSillier Garlic Poplin148Honorable Mention
2203Craig PelzCzar: El Pig591Honorable Mention
2203Robin PemantlePrintable Omen79Honorable Mention
2203Alan PendletonPolled Antenna44Honorable Mention
2203Andrea PendletonOleander Pendant44Honorable Mention
2203Rick PennPeck in R.N.448Honorable Mention
2203Brian PenneyBrain Pen Yen535Honorable Mention
2203Juan PerezRan Up, Jeez!856Honorable Mention
2203Robert PerkinsBroke Printers264Honorable Mention
2203Linda PerlsteinSillier Pendant173Ear No One Reads
2203Vinnie PerroneRipe Inner Oven914Honorable Mention
2203Joseph PetaHe Post Jape532Honorable Mention
2203Matthew J. PeterkinMap Twentieth Jerk30Second Runner-Up
2203Dane PetersenPreteen Sedan437Honorable Mention
2203Maggie Wolff PetersonTop Loser Gaffe: Mewing35Honorable Mention
2203Ed PetrickDeck Tripe791Honorable Mention
2203Kyle PetrickRickety Kelp803Honorable Mention
2203Nicole PetrilloCotillion Leper118Honorable Mention
2203Tammy PetrilloOptimal Myrtle130First Runner-Up
2203Jim PettitJet Tit Imp829Honorable Mention
2203Inger PettygroveGreeting Poverty407Second Runner-Up
2203Chip PfafferPrep If Chaff268Honorable Mention
2203Fran PfefferRare FFFF Pen827Honorable Mention
2203Peter M. PflugPreempt Gulf144Honorable Mention
2203Luan PhamHuman Pal495Honorable Mention
2203Tom PhelpsPlops Them294Fourth Runner-Up
2203Jenn PhillipsNil Help in PJs1278Honorable Mention
2203Louis J. PhillipsUphill, I Soil PJs1313Honorable Mention
2203Mike "Annapolis" PhillipsPolishin' Slim Ink Appeal243Honorable Mention
2203Sylvia PhillipsLavishly Lisp Pi3Honorable Mention
2203Chuck PiaseckiI Suck Chickpea405Honorable Mention
2203Debbie PieperRipe Biped Bee82Honorable Mention
2203Max PieperPrime Apex826Honorable Mention
2203Sue PierceEerie Cups772Prize Donation
2203Mark PietrowskiPost Kiwi Remark139Honorable Mention
2203Leah PikePale Hike565Honorable Mention
2203Mark PilloffFlap For Milk177Honorable Mention
2203Joseph B. PincusPunch Job Spies275Honorable Mention
2203Nick PishvanovPosh C.V., Vain Ink190Honorable Mention
2203Mark PitreArk Permit5Honorable Mention
2203Russell PittmanSmallest Turnip210Honorable Mention
2203John Michael PlattLethal Joint Champ204Fourth Runner-Up
2203Jeffrey PlunkettJerk Puffy Nettle386Honorable Mention
2203Mike PocalykoKooky Lice Map460Idea for Contest
2203Sara Page PodolskySpooky Parade Gals1015Honorable Mention
2203Lorraine PolikRoil Ink Parole396Honorable Mention
2203Michael PolilloPhallic Mole Oil1048Honorable Mention
2203Benjamin PollackNeon Blimp Jackal458And Last
2203Daniel Pollack-PelznerZealand Prickle Pollen939Honorable Mention
2203Elaine PollardLineal Leopard314Honorable Mention
2203Mark PomponiInk Ammo Prop1213Honorable Mention
2203Jim PonessaJams Ponies217Honorable Mention
2203Joe PonessaNoose Japes222Second Runner-Up
2203Paul PontonLaptop Noun253Honorable Mention
2203Jeremy PortoMore Pert Joy940Honorable Mention
2203Justin E. PortoJupiter Snoot160Honorable Mention
2203Bradford R. PostonBrood Porn Drafts313Honorable Mention
2203Ryan PostonNo Post Yarn625Honorable Mention
2203Christopher PoteTroposphere Itch467Third Runner-Up
2203Peter PoverReport Veep40Honorable Mention
2203Yvonne PoverProven Envoy40Honorable Mention
2203Ralph Emerson Powe IIIImproper Liaison, Whee!428Honorable Mention
2203Daryl PowellDrywall Pole200Honorable Mention
2203Tom PowerWorm Poet391Honorable Mention
2203Bill PowersProbe Swill49Idea for Contest
2203John PowersWe Josh Porn218And Last
2203Samantha PoyerMoaner's Apathy1027Honorable Mention
2203Richard PrattThird Crap Art393Honorable Mention
2203Judy PremerPremed Jury71Honorable Mention
2203John H. PrenticeChop Ninth Jeer7Honorable Mention
2203Dylan PresmanLearn, Damn Spy468Honorable Mention
2203Michael PressHarmless Epic669Prize Donation
2203Mary PresswoodRaw, Droopy Mess655Honorable Mention
2203Mrs. S. T. PrevostMrs. Sport Vest14Honorable Mention
2203Jonathan G. PriceHectoring Japan81Honorable Mention
2203Debby PrigalA Pebbly Grid24Fourth Runner-Up
2203Walter J. ProbkaBlow Jerk Apart206Honorable Mention
2203Jim ProctorJ.P.: Micro Rot152Honorable Mention
2203Perrye ProctorProper Rectory623Honorable Mention
2203Andrew ProdromouArmored Downpour488Honorable Mention
2203Bob ProkopBook Bop PR49Honorable Mention
2203Diane ProkopDear Ink Poop49Honorable Mention
2203Becky ProskyPerky Sky Cob900Honorable Mention
2203Jim ProulxLo, Jr. Mixup585Honorable Mention
2203Rick ProuserPork Curries247Second Runner-Up
2203Nancy ProvornyCorny Navy Porn1251Third Runner-Up
2203John PruessnerJuror's Hen Pens224Honorable Mention
2203Fran PryluckFlunk Par, Cry676Win
2203Myra PurdumA Dummy Purr79Honorable Mention
2203Bill PurvisVilli Burps90First Runner-Up
2203Sandy QuallichI'll Quash Candy70Honorable Mention
2203Bud QuigleyLubed Guy IQ51Honorable Mention
2203Helen Quinn480Prize Donation
2203Rikki RabbinIrk Ink Rabbi492Honorable Mention
2203Lee RabyBe Early38Honorable Mention
2203Ed RaderRe-Adder1003Honorable Mention
2203Carol RadowskasAwards Oarlocks2Honorable Mention
2203J. S. RaffenspargerPrefers Jar Fangs239Honorable Mention
2203Paulette RainiePetunia Atelier910Honorable Mention
2203Alli RainsAll Raisin298Honorable Mention
2203Chuck RainvilleVehicular Clink4Honorable Mention
2203Arun RajagopalanAural Groan: Japan!496Honorable Mention
2203Bruce RamsayMerry Abacus69Honorable Mention
2203Donald RamseyDamned Royals1157Honorable Mention
2203Sheila RandallAlias: Hall Nerd934Honorable Mention
2203George RandelsSaner Doggerel1067Honorable Mention
2203Elizabeth RanginZenith in Algebra30Honorable Mention
2203Basil Ransome-DaviesI Am a Brave Solidness970Honorable Mention
2203Sheila RatcliffeRelish a Facelift1022Honorable Mention
2203John RatherThe Horn Jar137Win
2203David RaumaAura Add Vim214Honorable Mention
2203David RawlinsonOnward, Invalids!604Honorable Mention
2203John ReRE: John3Fourth Runner-Up
2203Chris RealiRare Chilis413Honorable Mention
2203Matt RealiMelt Tiara413Honorable Mention
2203Steve RealiVile Teaser413Honorable Mention
2203Brooke RectorReboot Rocker396Honorable Mention
2203Nicole ReeberBeerier Clone191Honorable Mention
2203Marcia ReecerRear Crime Ace330Win
2203Danielle ReedLeer Deadline448Honorable Mention
2203Marnie ReedAm Reindeer91Honorable Mention
2203Rebecca ReedCede Cerebra1061Third Runner-Up
2203Tom ReedRed Tome16Honorable Mention
2203Reef familyYe Farm Life34Win
2203Emily ReemsEmery Slime243Honorable Mention
2203Mark L. Reese Jr.Male Jerk Errs975Honorable Mention
2203Adam J. ReeseSeemed Ajar427Honorable Mention
2203Barry ReichenbaughHurrah, Agency Bribe!8Honorable Mention
2203Blake ReidLike Beard59Fourth Runner-Up
2203Corey ReidCried "Yore!"590Honorable Mention
2203Jim Reid236Honorable Mention
2203Jim Reidy38Fourth Runner-Up
2203Gene ReiherRehire Gene90Honorable Mention
2203Phil ReiserIrish Leper154Second Runner-Up
2203Stephanie ReissInapt Heiresses44Honorable Mention
2203Susan ReissSears Sinus429Honorable Mention
2203Jay ReizissI Say Jr. Size583Honorable Mention
2203Laura RemalyA Laurel Army1056Honorable Mention
2203Gil RenbergBrr, Neglige!108Honorable Mention
2203Kate RenmerRemake Rent84Honorable Mention
2203Jeff RennerJ.R. Re-fen Fen247Honorable Mention
2203Veronica RennerNearer Conniver247Honorable Mention
2203W. Wallace RespassEscapes Wall Wars378Honorable Mention
2203Ariele RevotsVotes Earlier116Honorable Mention
2203Bruce ReynoldsNerdy Loser Cub389Honorable Mention
2203Jim ReynoldsJoins Dry Elm36Honorable Mention
2203Rod ReynoldsDry Loser Don61Honorable Mention
2203Paul RhoadsHarps Aloud396Honorable Mention
2203Eric RibackIckier Crab396Honorable Mention
2203Richard RiccardiRid Rich Acrid Car1287Honorable Mention
2203Sandy RiccardiDry Cardiac Sin1287Honorable Mention
2203Dale A. RiceClear Idea42Honorable Mention
2203Jon RiceJoin Rec472Honorable Mention
2203Theresa RiceCheesier Rat1315Honorable Mention
2203Christopher RichardChirps Hard Rhetoric273Honorable Mention
2203Paul RichardA Rapid Lurch79Idea for Contest
2203Amanda RichardsArachnid Dramas531Honorable Mention
2203Hugh RichardsHigh Card Rush127Honorable Mention
2203A. J. RichardsonJihad Rancors109Second Runner-Up
2203Blair RichardsonLibrarian Chords411Honorable Mention
2203C. Lynne RichardsonScold Richer Nanny17Honorable Mention
2203Catherine D. RichardsonHidden Iron Characters7Fourth Runner-Up
2203Don RichardsonAndiron Chords486Honorable Mention
2203Jim RichardsonDisharmonic Jr.888Honorable Mention
2203P. J. RichardsonNip Jar's Chord232Honorable Mention
2203Sue RichardsonHardcore Sinus631Honorable Mention
2203Scott RichlenCrochets Lint253Third Runner-Up
2203Chelsea RichmondChiseled Monarch160Honorable Mention
2203Larry RiedmanLardy Mariner413Honorable Mention
2203Joan RieggerJeer A Gringo49Honorable Mention
2203Will RieggerI Regrew Gill49Honorable Mention
2203Sandy RielandDarned Inlays58Honorable Mention
2203Tiglao RigobertoGoober Litigator466Third Runner-Up
2203Betsy RileyYes, Try Bile1226Honorable Mention
2203Kevin P. RileyVery Pin-Like127Win
2203Russell RileySurlier Yells839Honorable Mention
2203Sharon RileyRosy Inhaler766Honorable Mention
2203Jim RisnerI Rinse Mr. J.523Second Runner-Up
2203Bob RitterTot Briber358Honorable Mention
2203Kate RitzenbergBetter Ink Gazer471Unranked Runner-Up
2203Vincent RivelleseEleven Civil Terns34Honorable Mention
2203Chris RiveraIrish Carver912Honorable Mention
2203David RizzoRazz Void ID441Honorable Mention
2203Joann RizzoNo Jazz Iron70And Last
2203Jesus RoachJar Echos Us335Honorable Mention
2203Chuck RoastRoast Chuck72Honorable Mention
2203Alex RobbinsAxle Ribbons54Honorable Mention
2203Jo RobbinsRob Job = Sin81Honorable Mention
2203Bill RobertsBribe Trolls155Honorable Mention
2203David RobertsRods Vibrated763Honorable Mention
2203Drew RobertsRetrod Brews229Second Runner-Up
2203Mark RobertsSmart Broker82Honorable Mention
2203Roxanne RobertsReran Boxer Snot1067Prize Donation
2203Ted RobertsBed Retorts178Honorable Mention
2203Mark A. RobinRib Ran Amok243Honorable Mention
2203Lawrence S. RobinsScrawnier Nobles111Honorable Mention
2203Celeste RobinsonNosecone Blister832Honorable Mention
2203Greg RobinsonBongo Ringers381Honorable Mention
2203Mary RockArmy Cork166First Runner-Up
2203Frank RodriguezGrazed Ink Furor36Third Runner-Up
2203Mario RoedererEerier Arm Odor819Honorable Mention
2203Jill RoessnerJeer Sin Rolls54Honorable Mention
2203Joel J. RoessnerJ.J. Leers Sooner90Honorable Mention
2203Gail RogersGorier Slag182Prize Donation
2203John RogersRe-Jogs Horn652Honorable Mention
2203Karen RogersRanker Ogres81Fourth Runner-Up
2203Kelley RogersSleeker Glory1050Honorable Mention
2203Kent RogersGreen Stork82Honorable Mention
2203Nancy RogersScanner Orgy38Honorable Mention
2203R. Scott RogersGrocer's Torts349Honorable Mention
2203Tom RogersOgre Storm445Fourth Runner-Up
2203Lois RoismanRaisins Loom98Win
2203Steve RojcewiczEjects Wiz Cover466Honorable Mention
2203Mollie Peek RolandImpanelled Looker90Fifth Runner-Up
2203Denise RomanoSmeared Onion101Honorable Mention
2203Nicholas RomanovNonvocal Mohairs232Honorable Mention
2203Laura RomstedtAlarmed Tutors182Honorable Mention
2203Paul RoneyYour Plane495Honorable Mention
2203Dave RooneyO! Need Ovary!688Honorable Mention
2203Emmitt RorqualMr. Quite Mortal252First Runner-Up
2203Sheila RorqualAlas, Her Liquor252First Runner-Up
2203L. RosaSolar314Third Runner-Up
2203Donna RoscoeOcean Donors1323Honorable Mention
2203Dale RoseD.E.A. Loser201Honorable Mention
2203Howard RosemanMoron Warheads161Honorable Mention
2203Robert RosenBoner Sorter1038Honorable Mention
2203Harry RosenbergRosy Herb Ranger756Honorable Mention
2203Nancy RosenbergObscener Granny368Honorable Mention
2203Steve RosenbergVerbose Regents13Honorable Mention
2203Betsy J. RosenblattSnobby Jet Starlet315Honorable Mention
2203Susannah RosenblattRuthless Banana Snot46Honorable Mention
2203Alan RosenthalAnneal Harlots828Honorable Mention
2203Rick RosenthalLoser Ink Chart185Honorable Mention
2203Alan RosenzweigA Worsening Zeal260Second Runner-Up
2203Dan RosenzweigZanies Wronged253Honorable Mention
2203Michael RosmanElm Harmonicas91Second Runner-Up
2203Michael RossHi, Loser Scam479Honorable Mention
2203Toni Gagnon RossAnoints Gorgons811Honorable Mention
2203Alex RothLox Hater339Honorable Mention
2203Asher RothTrash Hero1081Honorable Mention
2203Stephen RothandlerHelp! The Drones Rant!656Honorable Mention
2203Deborah RotterAbetted Horror389Honorable Mention
2203Jack RouchUh, Car Jock232Honorable Mention
2203Steve RouzerOur Zest Ever166Win
2203Andrea RowanEarn No Award568Honorable Mention
2203Kevin RowanVainer Wonk317First Runner-Up
2203Adele RoyA Yodeler413Honorable Mention
2203Bill RubackyA Brick Bully54First Runner-Up
2203Paul RubensteinUnprintable Use904Honorable Mention
2203Dorothy RubinHorrid Bounty910Honorable Mention
2203Howard RubinHarbour Wind583Honorable Mention
2203Larry "Pikesville" RubinPerky, Burlier Villains17Honorable Mention
2203Larry "Silver Spring" RubinSnipers Blurring Rivalry1107Honorable Mention
2203Jules RubinsteinUnbelts Injuries182Honorable Mention
2203Fred RuckdeschelCrushed, Freckled702Honorable Mention
2203Warren RudmanDamn War Rerun756Honorable Mention
2203Phyllis RudnickDull, Chirpy Inks960Honorable Mention
2203Jack M. RudolphHurl Damp Jock95Honorable Mention
2203Debbie RuffingFeuding Fibber55Honorable Mention
2203Twink RuffingGruff Ink Twin121Honorable Mention
2203John Ruml943Honorable Mention
2203Rob RunettTut Reborn7Seventh Runner-Up
2203Gwen RunionWino Gunner335Honorable Mention
2203Bruce RuskRub, Sucker!858Honorable Mention
2203Mike RussellLikes Lemurs467Honorable Mention
2203Ira RutbergGut Barrier5First Runner-Up
2203Craig RuthCigar Hurt1057Honorable Mention
2203Natalie RutkowskiA Stinkier Walkout562Honorable Mention
2203Bruce RyanBean Curry1207Honorable Mention
2203Phyllis RyerShrilly Prey182Honorable Mention
2203Scott SabeyCoyest Bats161Honorable Mention
2203Chetan SabnisCans Absinthe941Third Runner-Up
2203Eddie SacksCeded a Kiss101Honorable Mention
2203Mike SacksSkims Cake31Honorable Mention
2203David SafavianDiva's Avian Fad809Honorable Mention
2203Karli SakasAsk, Liar, Ask!473Honorable Mention
2203Thomas SalanderShaman Leotards1103Honorable Mention
2203Elva SalcedoLocals Evade976Honorable Mention
2203Diana SaloweIdea? Now? Alas!823Honorable Mention
2203David SaltzmanMad Vandal Zits303And Last
2203Jim SalvucciA Civil J.C. Sum339Honorable Mention
2203Mike SamAsk Mime72Idea for Contest
2203Kate SammonsStamens Amok1077Honorable Mention
2203Jim SampleSimple Jam305Honorable Mention
2203Al SamplesLame Slaps239Honorable Mention
2203Gary SamplinerRaspy Maligner987Honorable Mention
2203Betsy SampsonSynapse Tombs181First Runner-Up
2203Robert SamsSomber Tsar193Second Runner-Up
2203Stephen SamuelsUmpteen Hassles413Honorable Mention
2203Emily SamuelsonMealy Emulsions389Honorable Mention
2203Connie SancettaOceanic Tenants357Idea for Contest
2203Rodrigo SanchezGraced Horizons502Third Runner-Up
2203Holly SandersSly Loser Hand7Honorable Mention
2203Rory SandersRosary Nerds396Honorable Mention
2203Tony SandersRandy Stones7Honorable Mention
2203Bill SantiffFlab Is Flint389Third Runner-Up
2203Etta SaundersSuede Tartans38Honorable Mention
2203Joyce A. SauterCute Joy Areas37Honorable Mention
2203Dave SavolaineAn Evasive Load1079Honorable Mention
2203Heidi C. ScanlonHenna Codicils161Honorable Mention
2203James ScarboroughHero Combs Jaguars1232Honorable Mention
2203John SchachterHer John's Catch687Idea for Contest
2203Debbie SchaeferDebrief Beaches525Second Runner-Up
2203Eric SchafferChiefer Scarf440Second Runner-Up
2203Susan SchearerHer Assurances1125Idea for Contest
2203Michael SchechtmanCatch Hemline Chasm791Honorable Mention
2203Keeley SchellLeech Sleekly354First Runner-Up
2203Gretchen SchieberEtch Generic Herbs267Honorable Mention
2203Wayne SchiffA Chewy Sniff479Honorable Mention
2203Mike SchikmanMimes Hack Ink185Third Runner-Up
2203Emily SchillingChilling Smiley84Honorable Mention
2203Kathleen SchindlerChannelled The Risk973Honorable Mention
2203Warren SchlechteScratch Her Newel390Honorable Mention
2203Andrea SchmahlHarem and Clash1005Honorable Mention
2203Karin SchmerlerRancher's Milker1Fifth Runner-Up
2203M. SchmidtmanCad Mints, Hmm?164Win
2203Kirsten SchneiderInk Screened Shirt148Honorable Mention
2203Craig SchopmeyerChirpy, Coarse Gem914Honorable Mention
2203Michele SchottenbauerThe Consumable Heretic396Honorable Mention
2203Holly SchotzShh, Cozy Toll252Honorable Mention
2203Fredreka SchoutenEndure Aftershock228Honorable Mention
2203Charles SchrumpfFresh Scrap Mulch335Honorable Mention
2203Bruce SchuckmanBan Ecru Schmuck560Honorable Mention
2203Larry SchulerHurry Recalls27Honorable Mention
2203Dodi SchultzTo Duds, Zilch454Fourth Runner-Up
2203Tracy SchultzThy Cult's Czar1340Honorable Mention
2203Margaret SchumanUnchaste Grammar236Honorable Mention
2203Steven SchupakSunk Cheap Vest6First Runner-Up
2203Andy SchwartzThy Czar's Wand555Honorable Mention
2203Ariel SchwartzCzar Saw Hitler378Honorable Mention
2203Emily SchwartzThem Wily Czars1255Honorable Mention
2203John SchwartzWrath J. Schnoz139Honorable Mention
2203Mark SchwartzWhacks Mr. Tzar1255Honorable Mention
2203Michael SchwartzWitch Charms Zeal1345Honorable Mention
2203Kate SchwarzErsatz Whack280Honorable Mention
2203Jerilyn SchweitzerEnrich Ritzy Jewels661Honorable Mention
2203Tom ScoccaOccam's Cot823Third Runner-Up
2203Dave ScottCats Voted509Honorable Mention
2203Julia ScottA Cult Joist499Honorable Mention
2203Lauren ScottLoser Nut Act5Honorable Mention
2203Van ScottVon Tacts359First Runner-Up
2203Audrey ScruggsGuy Curses Grad148Honorable Mention
2203Pat ScullyLusty Clap69Win
2203Sharon SeegerEnrage Horses612Honorable Mention
2203Michael SeeseE-mails Cheese1169Honorable Mention
2203Carl SegalCell Agars336Prize Donation
2203Peter SegallGet A Speller!815Honorable Mention
2203David SeidDid Advise40Honorable Mention
2203Edward SeilerRaised Lewder59Fifth Runner-Up
2203Mark SeittenTermite Sank231Second Runner-Up
2203George SelbyBoggler Eyes749Honorable Mention
2203Jim SelkreggElk Jig Germs229Honorable Mention
2203Ronald SemoneSame Londoner702Third Runner-Up
2203Stephen SerbanSpent Her Beans84Second Runner-Up
2203Mike SerlinSilk Ermine356First Runner-Up
2203Arika SeymourOur Yak Armies962Honorable Mention
2203Geoff ShaferHe Offers Fag393Win
2203Lindsay ShaferShe’s Fairyland393Win
2203Ron ShaferFear Horns933Honorable Mention
2203Ed ShakinSkinhead314Honorable Mention
2203Sarah ShalfFlash A Rash141Honorable Mention
2203Shomon ShamsuddinMishmash Odd Nouns351Honorable Mention
2203Martin ShankInk Harms Ant552Honorable Mention
2203Maggy ShannonAnon. Hymn Gags193Fourth Runner-Up
2203ShariHairs243Idea for Contest
2203Elizabeth SharpHep Shirt Ablaze396Honorable Mention
2203Nanci Phillips SharpPiranhas Pinch Pills310Honorable Mention
2203R. SharpPR Rash22Win
2203Anna ShawWanna Ash?130Honorable Mention
2203Pat SheaApe Hats231Honorable Mention
2203Steve ShearerReheats Verse39Honorable Mention
2203Jack SheehanHe, Jeans Hack741Honorable Mention
2203Peg SheeranAnger Sheep228Honorable Mention
2203Walterjervis SheffieldVile, Stiff, Harder Jewels715Second Runner-Up
2203Helen SheingornNosh Leering Hen55Win
2203Teen ShengGE Sent Hen343Win
2203Ross ShepardPhrase Dross714Third Runner-Up
2203Stephen ShepherdHen's Depth Sphere438Second Runner-Up
2203Mark SheppardHer Damp Spark1061Honorable Mention
2203Matthew SherenThe Newt Masher1274Honorable Mention
2203David J. ShererHard Red Jives220Honorable Mention
2203Tonda SherkTsar Honked371Honorable Mention
2203Jim SherkelI Jerk Helms147Honorable Mention
2203Donna ShermanNo Shaman Nerd549First Runner-Up
2203Kristina SherryHires Starry Ink534Honorable Mention
2203Kevin ShertzKnives Hertz297Honorable Mention
2203Courtney SherwoodWoo Thorny Seducer294Honorable Mention
2203I-Li SherwoodWHO Idoliser511Honorable Mention
2203Hershal ShevadeRehashed Halves40Fifth Runner-Up
2203Rebecca ShoafAcres Of Beach551Honorable Mention
2203Allen ShogrenLean Leghorns191Honorable Mention
2203Marion ShoreErosion Harm974Honorable Mention
2203David ShorrRad Shiv Rod78Honorable Mention
2203Christopher ShortHer Rich Shortstop754Honorable Mention
2203Rebecca ShortBreach Sector411Honorable Mention
2203Michael ShriroA Holier Smirch342Uncle
2203Chaya ShuchAh, Such Achy1107Honorable Mention
2203Tammy ShulmanManly Math Sum406Honorable Mention
2203Dan ShvodianDo Vain Hands24Honorable Mention
2203Bob SibleyBoy's Bible16Honorable Mention
2203Joan SieberJeer Bonsai568Honorable Mention
2203Tristan SiegelTsar Is Gentile130Honorable Mention
2203Troy SiemersMessy Rioter659Honorable Mention
2203Sally SierackiSickly Aerials975Honorable Mention
2203Jonathan S. SilberNasal Herb Joints9Honorable Mention
2203Steve SilberbergSeverest Glibber151Honorable Mention
2203Anthony SilkHoly Ink Ants135Honorable Mention
2203David SilversmithAvid Drivelsmiths1005Honorable Mention
2203Jol SilversmithVisor Jilts Helm410Fourth Runner-Up
2203Bob SilversteinSoviet Nibblers338Uncle
2203Jonathan SimonJinn Moans Oath118Honorable Mention
2203Cynthia SimonsonSanctions Hominy574Honorable Mention
2203Chuck SimsChick Sums641Honorable Mention
2203Dave SingerIs Engraved181Honorable Mention
2203Mitchell SingerChills Regiment602Honorable Mention
2203Saul S. SingerRuin Glasses127Honorable Mention
2203Donna SingletaryLoser Tanning Day138Honorable Mention
2203Brian SinkInk Brains46Honorable Mention
2203Jeff SiperlyJiffy Lepers1252Honorable Mention
2203Clifton SkoczylasCozy as Flintlocks122First Runner-Up
2203Ewa SkoczylasSleazy Wackos122First Runner-Up
2203Dennis Skoff'Skins Offend54Fifth Runner-Up
2203Leon SlavinOval Linens5Honorable Mention
2203Scott SleaterLoser Test Act193Honorable Mention
2203Catherine SlossEach Loser's Snit67Honorable Mention
2203Rodney SmallRandom Yells152Fourth Runner-Up
2203Ann Walker SmalleyKlansman Ewe Rally875Honorable Mention
2203Tom SmilackMock. I'm Last.578Honorable Mention
2203Ali SmileyMislay Lei23Fifth Runner-Up
2203Alex SmithLax Theism492Honorable Mention
2203Amy SmithMisty Ham684Honorable Mention
2203David "Alexandria" SmithInvalided Sixth Armada1210Honorable Mention
2203Diane SmithMini Deaths102Honorable Mention
2203Donna Rae SmithAnimated Horns192Honorable Mention
2203Ed SmithThe Dims552Honorable Mention
2203Gerald H. SmithMarsh Delight339Honorable Mention
2203Gillian SmithI'm All Insight1323Honorable Mention
2203Holly SmithHilly Moths338Honorable Mention
2203J. D. Smith970Honorable Mention
2203Jan SmithThin Jams546Honorable Mention
2203Jean SmithThine Jams1056Honorable Mention
2203John SmithHis "J." Month238Honorable Mention
2203Kennon SmithMink Hen Snot19Honorable Mention
2203Kevin SmithInk Vets Him37Honorable Mention
2203Liz SmithLiszt Him!352Honorable Mention
2203Manuel SmithMule Shit, Man!591Honorable Mention
2203Margaret SmithTheist Grammar106Honorable Mention
2203Martin SmithMantis Mirth1185Honorable Mention
2203Mary Lou SmithSolarium Myth19Honorable Mention
2203Meg SmithHmm... I Gets.932Honorable Mention
2203Mika SmithMaims Kith566Honorable Mention
2203Patrick SmithThick Armpits792Honorable Mention
2203Ray SmithTrims Hay56Honorable Mention
2203Russ SmithStirs Mush229Honorable Mention
2203Sarah SmithTsar Has Him253Honorable Mention
2203Terry SmithMirthy Rest1277Honorable Mention
2203Tom SmithMock. I'm Last.390Honorable Mention
2203Verenda SmithInverted Sham701Honorable Mention
2203Yale SmithSlimy Heat499Honorable Mention
2203Alan SmitheeTamale Shine267Ear No One Reads
2203Amy SmithermanMainmast Rhyme305Honorable Mention
2203Glenn SmoakLank Gnomes629Honorable Mention
2203Bob SniderBribed Son351Honorable Mention
2203Myra SnowWry Moans566First Runner-Up
2203I. Michael SnyderInches Dreamily967Honorable Mention
2203Ed SofinowskiOssified Wonk192Honorable Mention
2203Alison SohmerHis Loser Moan72Honorable Mention
2203Anna SokolNasal Nook9Honorable Mention
2203Michael SolanoLlama Cohesion1011Honorable Mention
2203Marvin SolbergRoving Marbles579Third Runner-Up
2203Oliver SommersLoser-Ism Mover10Honorable Mention
2203Justin SondakAdjusts No Ink121Honorable Mention
2203Bobby SorensenSnobbery Bones123Idea for Contest
2203Mike SorohanOho, Ink Smear!193Honorable Mention
2203Tony SoukYou Knots462Honorable Mention
2203Sydd SouzaSad, Dozy Us56Second Runner-Up
2203Jerome SpaansPreseason Jam387Honorable Mention
2203J. Preston SparrerRents Proper Jars19Honorable Mention
2203Sparrow familyFor Primal Ways407Honorable Mention
2203David SparrowDid Savor Warp485Honorable Mention
2203Graffy SparrowSpry Arrow Gaff77Honorable Mention
2203Paul SpartaPupa Altars19Honorable Mention
2203Brent SpenceB.S. Pen Center773Honorable Mention
2203Rick SpencerCrisper Neck554Idea for Contest
2203Frank J. SpinaPink Fan Jars284Honorable Mention
2203David SpitzerSpritzed Diva363Uncle
2203Erik SpolnickiI Pick Loser Ink352Honorable Mention
2203Ginny SprinkleSkinning Reply308Abuse
2203Capt. J. C. SpugnardiCrap! Sgt. Cajun Dip503And Last
2203Ankit SrivastavaAvatar Inks Vista780Honorable Mention
2203Gavin St. OursStung Savior156Second Runner-Up
2203Harry St. OursHurry! Ass Rot!156Second Runner-Up
2203Sara St. ThomasRoasts Asthma564Honorable Mention
2203Paul StackpoleCollapse Kaput1025Third Runner-Up
2203Jo Ann StaeblerNo Banal Jester936Honorable Mention
2203Martha StallmanSmall Mantra Hat479Honorable Mention
2203Elizabeth StamperTrapeze Slime-Bath653Honorable Mention
2203Diane StandifordDefiant Androids483Honorable Mention
2203Kyle StandifordDefiantly Dorks417Honorable Mention
2203Barbara StandridgeArbitraged Sandbar810Honorable Mention
2203Matthew StanfieldAnimated Twelfths778Honorable Mention
2203Ken StanghagenNag Shaken Gent216Honorable Mention
2203Seymour StanleyYou Try Maleness193Honorable Mention
2203Patricia StansburyA Bipartisan Curtsy248Third Runner-Up
2203Mitch StarkMatch Skirt198Honorable Mention
2203Robert P. StarlingTransport Gerbil118Honorable Mention
2203David StarnStrand Diva195Third Runner-Up
2203Adam StasioAtoms As Aid483Third Runner-Up
2203Kenneth SteadmanTen Naked Anthems457Honorable Mention
2203Ed SteamSteamed121Honorable Mention
2203Bob SteckBest Bock519Honorable Mention
2203Armani SteeleManlier Tease700Second Runner-Up
2203Bill SteinBet I'll Sin!206Honorable Mention
2203Leni SteinerIre Sentinel476Honorable Mention
2203Evan SteinhartTeeth Nirvanas15Second Runner-Up
2203Bill SteinmetzLittle Men's Biz102Idea for Contest
2203Sayuri StempStays Impure425Honorable Mention
2203Michelle StengerRetelling Scheme22Honorable Mention
2203Melanie StephensElephant Nemesis371Honorable Mention
2203John StephensonSpent Johnson, Eh?858Honorable Mention
2203Art SternRents Rat25Honorable Mention
2203Howard SternHorned Warts114Abuse
2203Howard StevensHarvested Snow894Honorable Mention
2203Margaret StevensStratagems? Never!1185Honorable Mention
2203Simon StevensSits & Envenoms1246Honorable Mention
2203Jean StewartEntreat Jaws812Honorable Mention
2203Nicole StewartEnact Loser Wit139Honorable Mention
2203Richard W. StickleRear Width Clicks60And Last
2203Jim StimsonMint Jissom693Prize Donation
2203Katherine StinsonHastens Into Inker875Honorable Mention
2203Stephen StockumSketch Post Menu545Honorable Mention
2203Jan StoehrHonest Raj748Honorable Mention
2203Ed StolarDat Loser!666Honorable Mention
2203Fritz StolzenbackFrozen Stack Blitz25Win
2203Eric StoneResection138Honorable Mention
2203Helen StoneLenten Hose642Honorable Mention
2203Julie StoneJute Insole104Honorable Mention
2203Margaret StoneGreatest Roman193Honorable Mention
2203Ned StoneNot Dense729Honorable Mention
2203Rich StoneRots Niche4Second Runner-Up
2203John StonerNo Jet Horns456Honorable Mention
2203Betsy StorckTrek By Scots663Honorable Mention
2203Elena StoverReveals Tone149First Runner-Up
2203Jan StowellWants Jello602Honorable Mention
2203Carol V. StrachanCornstarch Lava21Honorable Mention
2203Terri StrassburgerStir Rarest Burgers89Honorable Mention
2203Scott StraubActors' Butts12Third Runner-Up
2203Tara StrawdermanWarms A Retardant113Honorable Mention
2203Philip StrubPublish Trip794Honorable Mention
2203Katherine StruckKraut Thickeners30Honorable Mention
2203Roger StrukhoffForge Hurts Fork513Honorable Mention
2203Rob StuartRobust Art1133Honorable Mention
2203Paul StygarUgly Satrap425Honorable Mention
2203Page StylesSpy Eaglets1026Honorable Mention
2203Jack SuberScuba Jerk562Idea for Contest
2203Mark SubletteBulk Teamster158Prize Donation
2203Suvinay SubramanianI Am As Sunny, Via A Burn1254Honorable Mention
2203Maxine SudolOxen Dualism500Honorable Mention
2203Gary SuggarsGassy Rag Rug1081Honorable Mention
2203Jim SullinsMinus Jills1272Honorable Mention
2203David SullivanDuns Livid Lava80Second Runner-Up
2203Marian SullivanRuins Vain Llama109First Runner-Up
2203Tom SullivanAlumni Volts744Third Runner-Up
2203Nancy SummersMy Mess Can Run1281Second Runner-Up
2203Aaron SuplizioZap Our Liaison16Honorable Mention
2203Rajiv SuriI Jar Virus98Fifth Runner-Up
2203Hari SuryanarayananHurray, An Asian Aryan!309Honorable Mention
2203Steve SvartzAvers TV Zest18Honorable Mention
2203Michael SwanlundDull Chainsaw Men391Honorable Mention
2203Richard J. SwansonNinja's Chord Wars39Second Runner-Up
2203Jim SwartzMr. Zit Jaws1168Honorable Mention
2203Bill SwedishWished Bills45Third Runner-Up
2203Mary Jo SweeneyEnjoy Warm Eyes759Honorable Mention
2203Tim SweeneyMy Weeniest148Honorable Mention
2203Michael SweetChewiest Male35Win
2203Lily Fu SwensonOwl's Sinful Yen221Win
2203Jim SwickardDim Jar Wicks299Honorable Mention
2203Duchess SwiftSew Fish-Ducts!688Honorable Mention
2203Richard E. SwindellHeraldic Swindler55Honorable Mention
2203Bill SwisherI Swill Herbs70Honorable Mention
2203Mike SzydlowskiSized Milky Woks160Honorable Mention
2203Dinah TabbahHad Habit Ban1091Honorable Mention
2203Christine TabbertThis Crabbier Tent167Win
2203Melinda TablerMeatball Diner378Honorable Mention
2203John E. Taibi IIJoin Hi Tibiae318Honorable Mention
2203Debby TaitTabby Diet413Honorable Mention
2203Charlene TalcottTell A Technocrat482Honorable Mention
2203Jill Tallman366Honorable Mention
2203Barry TalskyBray Starkly130Honorable Mention
2203Kevin TanseyVanity Knees915Honorable Mention
2203Pat TanseyPanty Seat578Honorable Mention
2203Jean TataliasSatan Eat Jail552Honorable Mention
2203Sue TaubenkibelUnusable Bee Kit1277Honorable Mention
2203Jonas TavelaA Stolen Java406Honorable Mention
2203Allen R. TaylorLearnt Orally40Sixth Runner-Up
2203Jeff TaylorFar Left Joy252Honorable Mention
2203Joy TaylorLay Rot Joy778Prize Donation
2203Maxine TaylorMoral Anxiety750Honorable Mention
2203Melissa Anne TaylorNasal Loser Amenity624Honorable Mention
2203Mitch TeichItch Itch Me327Honorable Mention
2203Carol TeitelbaumBicameral Outlet1183Honorable Mention
2203Samantha TempchinA Pitchman's Anthem396Honorable Mention
2203Amanda TempleMelted Panama373Honorable Mention
2203Gary TempleEmpty Glare111Honorable Mention
2203David TempletonDevoted Implant3Honorable Mention
2203Thomas TempletonHotplate Moments304Idea for Contest
2203Walter TendlerDeterrent Wall402Honorable Mention
2203Lynn TerharLearn Thy R.N.324Honorable Mention
2203Adam TerioMoire Data361Honorable Mention
2203Richard TeskeCrashed Trike336Honorable Mention
2203Annie TevelinLinen Naivete54Honorable Mention
2203Ben TevelinLenten Vibe54Honorable Mention
2203David TevelinDeviant Devil54Honorable Mention
2203Sandy TevelinNavel Density54Honorable Mention
2203Michael TharpMatch Harelip168Honorable Mention
2203Julie ThatcherThe Curt Elijah691Honorable Mention
2203The Students at the Charter SchoolThe Trustless Hothead Technocrat782Honorable Mention
2203The West Springfield High School OM-Classics TeamTechnocracies Swim Steam, Goldfish Hogs The Pills136Honorable Mention
2203The math department at the University of North CarolinaHeathen Hotfoot Charlatan Painted Smutty Vernier Trim141Honorable Mention
2203Liz ThelanderHe Lent Lizard1207Honorable Mention
2203Ted TheofanosTone-Deaf Host738Honorable Mention
2203Rebecca ThomasCobra Machetes977Honorable Mention
2203Ward ThomasWho, Mad Tsar?216Honorable Mention
2203Greg ThomeMother Egg474Honorable Mention
2203Abbie ThompsonBoatmen Bishop39Honorable Mention
2203Alison ThompsonLoon-Snot Mishap1273Honorable Mention
2203Bill ThompsonPlinth Blooms625Honorable Mention
2203Carol ThompsonLo, Post Monarch!263Honorable Mention
2203David ThompsonHid Post-Mod Van26Honorable Mention
2203Jim ThompsonHmm, Join Post396Honorable Mention
2203Linda ThompsonManhood Splint552Honorable Mention
2203Sammy ThompsonMomma's Pythons969Honorable Mention
2203Desson ThomsonSon's Hot Demons696Prize Donation
2203Garrett ThomsonHotter Angstrom439Honorable Mention
2203Kerry ThornTry, Err, Honk601Honorable Mention
2203Keith ThorneThink Hetero509Honorable Mention
2203Jennifer ThorntonNinth Jeer on Front914Honorable Mention
2203Jessie ThorpeJet Hop Series618Honorable Mention
2203Angus MacLean ThuermerRehung Sacramental Emu73Honorable Mention
2203Honus ThuermerNether Humours136Second Runner-Up
2203Bob ThurstonHot, Stubborn130Honorable Mention
2203Mike TidwellWit Killed Me16Win
2203Karen TierneyEye Errant Ink547Honorable Mention
2203Matt TietzeTat, Meet Zit1337Honorable Mention
2203Patrick TigheGraphite Tick263Honorable Mention
2203Claire TimmsIt's Clammier30Honorable Mention
2203Diana ToddDid No Data944Honorable Mention
2203Karen ToddDread Knot237Fourth Runner-Up
2203Marc TolericoComic Realtor351Honorable Mention
2203Jeff TomasevichThieve Jam, Scoff507Honorable Mention
2203Diane TomaskyMeaty Ink Soda551Honorable Mention
2203Joel TompkinsInk Jolts Poem124Fourth Runner-Up
2203Karen TonerReran Token514Honorable Mention
2203Simon ToomeyMosey Motion456Third Runner-Up
2203Paul TotmanMutant Opal1167Honorable Mention
2203Mischeline ToussaintInelastic Mouthiness3Fourth Runner-Up
2203Jim TownJim Won't80First Runner-Up
2203Jean TraubButane Jar840Honorable Mention
2203Candace J. TrenumEject Manna Curd366Idea for Contest
2203Steve TretiakA Skeet Trivet448Honorable Mention
2203Heather TrewThreat? Where?661Honorable Mention
2203Dan TrigoboggDragging Boot44Honorable Mention
2203Judy TrimarchiThird Juicy Ram368Honorable Mention
2203Ken TroccoliCricket Loon87Honorable Mention
2203Ken TromblyMyrtle Knob72Honorable Mention
2203Don TroopDo Pronto626Honorable Mention
2203Joseph V. TruhePush Hover Jet251Honorable Mention
2203Amy TryonMy Notary474Third Runner-Up
2203Trent TschirgiCritter Things402Honorable Mention
2203Beth TuckerBe The Truck30Honorable Mention
2203Elijah TuckerHijacker Lute133Fourth Runner-Up
2203Claire TuleyYule Recital565Honorable Mention
2203Brad TurnerDart Burner335Honorable Mention
2203Connie P. TurnerPrince Neutron216Honorable Mention
2203Oliver TurnerUnveil Terror314Honorable Mention
2203Peter TutiniPettier Unit329Honorable Mention
2203Winslow TuttleTow Sullen Twit!161Idea for Contest
2203Rachel TuxfordCharred To Flux1042Honorable Mention
2203Edward TweddellTwaddled Lewder66Honorable Mention
2203Tim TweddellTwiddle Melt641Honorable Mention
2203Bonnie TylerNeon Liberty1Honorable Mention
2203Trevor UhlHurt Lover313Honorable Mention
2203Bob UllomBull Boom130Honorable Mention
2203Dan UngerAd Gunner241Honorable Mention
2203Ron UngvarskySorry, Van Gunk417Honorable Mention
2203University of Maryland music grad studentsDefamatory Vinyl Ruins Disgraced Smut Nuts396Honorable Mention
2203Bobby UppotTo Bop By Pub201Fourth Runner-Up
2203Susan UrbanSauna Burns707Honorable-Mention Section Name
2203Thomas UrbanBatman's Hour802Honorable Mention
2203Bryan UtterRan Buttery511Honorable Mention
2203Kevin VailI, Ink Valve195Third Runner-Up
2203Ryan Van AlstyneA Navel's Tyranny834Honorable Mention
2203Reid Van NattanAn Avid Entrant151Idea for Contest
2203Bryan Van NordenBravo, Nerd Nanny91Honorable Mention
2203Aaron Van RoyNo Nova Array527Honorable Mention
2203Bruce W. Van RoyVery Urban Cow69Second Runner-Up
2203Glenn VanDerWoudeDevour New England!396Honorable Mention
2203Bill VankoOval Blink867Honorable Mention
2203Tim VanoverRaven Vomit251Honorable Mention
2203Ronald VaruskaAardvark 'n' Soul14Honorable Mention
2203Sudhir VasudevaAha, Dud Survives991Honorable Mention
2203Kelsey VaughnHunky Selvage977Honorable Mention
2203James M. VennettMen Vent Jetsam62Honorable Mention
2203Lorraine VerchotHer Cartoon Liver498Honorable Mention
2203T. L. VernonTV 'n' Loner564Honorable Mention
2203Bill VerreyLib Revelry67Honorable Mention
2203Donna VervenaRaven and Oven604Honorable Mention
2203Karl Vick297Prize Donation
2203Maddy ViethHa! My TV Died!1325Honorable Mention
2203Bob VietrogoskiOverbooks It Big5Third Runner-Up
2203Stephen VigneuxExpunge His Vent149Honorable Mention
2203Jim Villani1317Honorable Mention
2203Jimmy VincentMince My J.V. Nit37Honorable Mention
2203Kelton VincentConvent Tinkle754Win
2203Thomas VincentEnchants Vomit1287Honorable Mention
2203Margaret VirkusGreat Virus Mark527Honorable Mention
2203Allon VishkinNo Lavish Link444Honorable Mention
2203Ron VlaskampOK Vamp, Snarl7Eighth Runner-Up
2203John VogelJohn Glove66Honorable Mention
2203Mary Von DrehleOh, Damn Revelry!315Honorable Mention
2203J. VonBushbergerRehung Verb Jobs124First Runner-Up
2203Evelyn VoorheesEveryone Shovel!1143Honorable Mention
2203Howard WachspressSOS! Shrewd, Raw Chap687Honorable Mention
2203Pam WadlerLap-Warmed166Win
2203Shana WaggerWage Hangars41Third Runner-Up
2203Kathleen WagnerEntangle Hawker249Honorable Mention
2203Matthew F. WagnerWe Thaw Fragment61And Last
2203Matthew G. WagnerTwang Threw Game806Honorable Mention
2203Olivia WalchI Will A Havoc724Honorable Mention
2203Dave WalcherChewed Larva347Uncle
2203G. WaldmannM.G. And Lawn197Honorable Mention
2203Mark WalesLawmakers958Honorable Mention
2203Angus WalkerNeural Galks961Honorable Mention
2203Dan WalkerWalked? Ran!1005Honorable Mention
2203F. WalkerArk Flew288Honorable Mention
2203Howard WalkerA Hawker World17Third Runner-Up
2203Jamie WalkerWear Like Jam62Honorable Mention
2203Michael WallaceClaim Lace Whale384Honorable Mention
2203Pat WallaceAlpaca Welt14Honorable Mention
2203Shirl WalleySilly Whaler750Honorable Mention
2203Nigel J. WallisJailing Wells161Honorable Mention
2203Wally the Man With Three ButtocksWhet A Stretchable Twinkly Mouth190Idea for Contest
2203Ed WaltersLewd Tears127Honorable Mention
2203Seth WaltonSnot Wealth762Honorable Mention
2203Alice WalzAll Ace Wiz413Honorable Mention
2203Steve WangnessVegan's Wetness31Honorable Mention
2203Dan WardDarn Wad841Honorable Mention
2203Peter WardDear Twerp177Honorable Mention
2203Stephanie WardInept Warheads46Honorable Mention
2203Caroline WarfelLow Carafe Liner1173Honorable Mention
2203Steve WartikWeak Trivets79And Last
2203Christopher WashburnWorship Thru Branches810Honorable Mention
2203Kaye WashingtonWheat Agony Inks776Honorable Mention
2203Ken WashingtonWakens Nothing760Idea for Contest
2203Rick WasserWires Racks95Honorable Mention
2203Max WassermanWax Merman Ass386Uncle
2203E. J. WassmerJams Sewer56Win
2203Bob WatersAbsorb Wet30Honorable Mention
2203Lisa WatersWears Tails30Honorable Mention
2203Sharon WatersTan Warhorses135Honorable Mention
2203Don Watkins IIIKiwi Anoints Id456Honorable Mention
2203Doug WatsonGoat Wounds688Honorable Mention
2203John WatsonSoon Nth Jaw384Honorable Mention
2203Benjie WattsBeta Jest Win56Abuse
2203Eliza WealthLaze With Ale334Second Runner-Up
2203Brent WeaverNew Vertebra116Honorable Mention
2203Carol WeaverCleave Arrow320Honorable Mention
2203Ralph T. WebbPhew, B.L.T. Bar!102Honorable Mention
2203Kerry WeemsMerry Weeks322Fifth Runner-Up
2203Mike WeiderholdHerded Kiwi Mole204Honorable Mention
2203Damaris WeidnerWeird Marinades345Honorable Mention
2203Lucy WeigelWee Icy Gull1072Honorable Mention
2203Hank WeilevyHey! Evil Wank!661Idea for Contest
2203Hillel WeinbergHell-Brewing Lie744Honorable Mention
2203Wendy WeinbergWe Deny Brewing126Honorable Mention
2203Shirlee WeingartenTinnier Gearwheels102Honorable Mention
2203Boogie WeinglassWoolie Bagginess38Abuse
2203Carmiya WeinraubI Buy American War1111Honorable Mention
2203Steven A. WeinsteinEntwines Naivetes17Honorable Mention
2203Deborah WeisbrodShabbier Redwood351Honorable Mention
2203Minders WeiskopfSwipe Ink Serfdom290Fourth Runner-Up
2203Harold WeissLoser's "Haw" Id67Honorable Mention
2203Joe WeissmanOwes Jasmine90Honorable Mention
2203Kate WeizelWe Like Zeta68Honorable Mention
2203Kevin WelberLike New Verb795Honorable Mention
2203Sarah WelbourneWarhorse Nebula396Second Runner-Up
2203B. T. WellsWelt Lbs.371Honorable Mention
2203Lilly WelshHilly Wells1159Honorable Mention
2203Michelle WeltmanMelt Machine Well608Honorable Mention
2203Steve WennbergGreen Web Vents350Honorable Mention
2203Katherine WertheimHire Weathermen Kit123Fourth Runner-Up
2203Elizabeth WesmanBlaze Anthemwise863Honorable Mention
2203Michael WestWatches Mile442Honorable Mention
2203Annabel WestgrierWintergreen Balsa462Honorable Mention
2203Annie WestoverVenerates Wino1294Honorable Mention
2203Allison WetterhahnShown Anteater Hill484Honorable Mention
2203Richard WexlerRich x Lewd = Rare1340Honorable Mention
2203Tamara WexlerA Latex Warmer302Honorable Mention
2203Sam WheelerMe, A Welsher?902Honorable Mention
2203Craig WhitakerGeriatric Hawk1007Third Runner-Up
2203David WhiteDivide What?413Honorable Mention
2203Don WhiteHoned Wit169Honorable Mention
2203Jeanne WhiteThe Wee Ninja1356Honorable Mention
2203Lynn WhiteNewly Thin641Honorable Mention
2203Mary Lou WhiteMouth Wearily296Honorable Mention
2203Mike WhiteKiwi Theme61Honorable Mention
2203Paul WhiteU Pile What?1294Honorable Mention
2203Tex WhitehouseThou Exist, Whee!202Honorable Mention
2203Tex WhitmoreExit The Worm160Fourth Runner-Up
2203Tony WhitmoreWitty Hormone307Honorable Mention
2203Kyle WhitneyHey, Ink Wetly!488Honorable Mention
2203John WhitworthWroth with John983Honorable Mention
2203S. A. WiebeWee Bias532Honorable Mention
2203Valentino AssateaguePonyFootfalls WiebelUnavailable Sweeties Only Offal On Top Stage43Honorable Mention
2203Tom WienerRemote Win322Honorable Mention
2203Gary WiesmanRages, May Win719Revised Title
2203Don WigginsO, Wingdings!186Honorable Mention
2203Phil WilburWill Burp "Hi"890Honorable Mention
2203Andi WildtTidal Wind25Honorable Mention
2203John WildtNth Jowl Id351Honorable Mention
2203Walt WileyWail Wetly203Honorable Mention
2203Greg WilinskiWigglier Inks80Honorable Mention
2203Joseph WilkersonJoke Perils Shown1194Honorable Mention
2203Susan WilkersonLoser Saw Sun Ink119Honorable Mention
2203Roberta WilkesWorkable Tires747Honorable Mention
2203Ann WilkinsonAnon Wins Link93First Runner-Up
2203Marjean WillettWe Jilt Maternal13Seventh Runner-Up
2203CeCe WilliamsWillie's Mecca750Honorable Mention
2203Chris WilliamsI'll Swim Chairs971Honorable Mention
2203Jon WilliamsMillion Jaws205Win
2203Louise WilliamsSumo Lilies Wail396Honorable Mention
2203Meredeth G. WilliamsWeighed Millstream417Honorable Mention
2203Oliver Crown WilliamsLowlier Criminal Vows994Honorable Mention
2203Ollie WilliamsWill Oil E-mails193Honorable Mention
2203Roland WilliamsSimilar Lowland87Honorable Mention
2203Brendan WilliamsonAnimal Blinders, Now!873Honorable Mention
2203Reid WilliamsonA Mildew Sirloin341Honorable Mention
2203Bob WilsonWino Blobs396Honorable Mention
2203Ed WilsonNow Idles361Honorable Mention
2203Erika WilsonSwankier Oil696Honorable Mention
2203Kelly WilsonYellow Links547Honorable Mention
2203Laura WilsonUrinals AWOL118Third Runner-Up
2203Mike WilsonKiwi Lemons302Fourth Runner-Up
2203Scott WilsonColon Twists277Honorable Mention
2203Steven M. WilsonSvelte Minnows126Honorable Mention
2203Tom WilsonI'm Lost Now229Honorable Mention
2203Dave WiltonDeviant Owl185Fourth Runner-Up
2203Vanessa WinansAsian News Vans484Honorable Mention
2203Paul WinnerUnripe Lawn390Honorable Mention
2203Sonya WinnerA Nosy Winner40Fourth Runner-Up
2203Philip WinnickI Pinch Lip, Wink394Honorable Mention
2203Fred WinterFerret Wind673Win
2203Chris WintersSir Retch Wins379Third Runner-Up
2203Meg WintersSwing Meter1263Win
2203Tina WintersNear Nitwits222Honorable Mention
2203Sue WitmerResume Wit417Honorable Mention
2203Sue WitnerEnsure Wit76Win
2203David WittDid Wit Vat603Honorable Mention
2203Sarah M. WoffordWash Off Ramrod228Honorable Mention
2203Noah WofsyWhy No Oafs?192Second Runner-Up
2203Katherine WolfHot Ink Welfare1066Honorable Mention
2203Kevin WolfVowel Fink109Honorable Mention
2203Linda WolfeFlailed. Won.535Honorable Mention
2203Carol WolffFall Of Crow231Honorable Mention
2203Jay WolffJaw Of Fly231Honorable Mention
2203Rebecca WolfingtonNew Lo-Farting Bocce518Honorable Mention
2203Anne WolfsonNo Flaws, None78Third Runner-Up
2203David WolinskyKindly Disavow1254Honorable Mention
2203Dana E. WollneyNeed Anally-- OW!161Honorable Mention
2203Dan WoltmanWant Almond182Honorable Mention
2203Ken WoodOde Wonk30Sixth Runner-Up
2203L. WoodallAWOL Doll78Win
2203Steve WoodburyTwo Bed Voyeurs848Idea for Contest
2203Michael WoodwardWhew, Radical Mood!1134Honorable Mention
2203Mandy WorleyWryly Moaned1254Honorable Mention
2203Ingrid WrausmannGrandma Ruins Win418Honorable Mention
2203Lillian WrayNail Lily Raw!195Honorable Mention
2203Rebecca WrennBeen Narc Crew945Honorable Mention
2203Judith WrightJr. Thug Hid Wit1278Honorable Mention
2203Michael WrightCalmer High Wit272First Runner-Up
2203Minturn WrightMr. Grunt Within1040Honorable Mention
2203Patrick WrightTrack With Grip298Honorable Mention
2203Paul WrightLaugh, Twirp!717Honorable Mention
2203Sara WrightGarish Wart477Honorable Mention
2203Cate Magennis WyattManage Witty Stance1050Honorable Mention
2203Peter WyattTweet Party461Honorable Mention
2203Mary WylongMy Angry Owl369Honorable Mention
2203Hang Xia-TiNigh A Taxi420Unranked Runner-Up
2203Maureen YacobucciAerobic Yucca Menu1243Prize Donation
2203Maria Wainer YaffeA Fireman! Fire Away!109Honorable Mention
2203Diane YaminiAny Mini-Aide1044Honorable Mention
2203Carla YanniCranial "Nay"525Third Runner-Up
2203Brandy YarbroughAngry Hubby Ardor375Honorable Mention
2203Benjamin YeagerBig Jane Eyre Man953Honorable Mention
2203Alyson YeeNay, Ye Lose596Honorable Mention
2203Sandra YinA Randy Sin396Honorable Mention
2203Yvonne YoergerOrnery Ego Envy917Honorable Mention
2203Jo Ann YorkNo-Nark Joy93Second Runner-Up
2203Mark YoseySoak My Rye193Honorable Mention
2203Marty YoumansYo, Satan, My Rum!192Honorable Mention
2203Matt YoungAgony Mutt46Second Runner-Up
2203Mike YoungYum! Ego Ink!181Idea for Contest
2203Ryan YoungYou, Granny!343Honorable Mention
2203Dave YourellA Rude Volley218Win
2203Celeste YousoofYo, Use Feces Tool!130Honorable Mention
2203Eric Yttri"Trite!", I Cry1091Fourth Runner-Up
2203Karen ZacharyA Cranky Hazer772Honorable Mention
2203Daria ZahalskyDark, Hazy Alias979Honorable Mention
2203Howard ZahalskyLow Shaky Hazard996Honorable Mention
2203Shehzil ZahidHid sizzle. Hah.977Honorable Mention
2203Peter ZajacApe-Jet Czar139Honorable Mention
2203Xandra ZamoraDarn Zax Aroma!722Idea for Contest
2203Matt ZampellaZap Metal Malt1251Honorable Mention
2203Hank ZangaraHang A Nark, A-Z277Third Runner-Up
2203Mario ZanglaAmazon Grail194Honorable Mention
2203Joey ZarrowWry Ooze Jar24Honorable Mention
2203Rita ZeidnerI Render A Zit442Honorable Mention
2203Kim ZelonisMiz "Lose Ink"754Third Runner-Up
2203Craig ZimmermanMr. Amazing Crime517Win
2203Alan ZirkleRaze All Ink296Honorable Mention
2203Carl ZirkleCzar Killer839Honorable Mention
2203Cindy ZoricaCrazy Icon ID470Honorable Mention
2203Caron ZuckUck! No Czar!378Honorable Mention
2203Daniel ZwickerWild, Crazee Ink!396Honorable Mention
2203Tara ZwillmanA Marlin Waltz221Honorable Mention
2203Melanie ZyckZany Elk Mice113Honorable Mention