This distinction is awarded to those who have accumulated significant ink without ever earning a Win. To do so over many Weeks is a difficult thing to do, sort of like hitting a stand-up triple in baseball. You must be good enough to get into print with regularity without attracting enough attention for the Win.

The following are the ten most prolific Losers in this category, at the present time.

1. Kyle Hendrickson
Debuted in Week 527
Last seen in Week 1532
Currently has 114 inkblots

2. Lee Graham
Debuted in Week 1162
Last seen in Week 1583
Currently has 107 inkblots

3. Rob Wolf
Debuted in Week 763
Last seen in Week 1536
Currently has 77 inkblots

4. Jon Reiser
Debuted in Week 549
Last seen in Week 1284
Currently has 74 inkblots

5. Jonathan Hardis
Debuted in Week 907
Last seen in Week 1534
Currently has 74 inkblots

6. Mel Loftus
Debuted in Week 375
Last seen in Week 1561
Currently has 68 inkblots

7. Harvey Smith
Debuted in Week 572
Last seen in Week 1400
Currently has 68 inkblots

8. Kenneth Gallant
Debuted in Week 467
Last seen in Week 1452
Currently has 67 inkblots

9. Gene Weingarten
Debuted in Week 338
Last seen in Week 1506
Currently has 66 inkblots

10. Cheryl Davis
Debuted in Week 342
Last seen in Week 1541
Currently has 62 inkblots