or: Dorkness at Noon
or: Once More Unto The Brunch

The next one is LoserBrunch #212, NOON on Sunday, October 21 at

Appalachian Brewing Company
259 Steinwehr Ave., Gettysburg

followed by a Loser-led tour of the battleground.

This event and those listed below are open to all Invitational contestants, readers, lurkers, skulkers, morbidly co-dependent enablers, critics, wannabes, and guests.

  • Loser T-shirts are not required and may not be noticed.
  • Newcomers are not expected to be funny.
  • Oldcomers will not try to be funny.
  • Attendees kindly RSVP.

Other LoserEvents

November 11 LoserBrunch #213 Heavy Seas Alehouse, Arlington
December 9 LoserBrunch #214 Moose Creek Lodge, College Park
January date TBA 20th Annual Judeo-Christmas Party Chez Langer-Fultz, Chevy Chase
February 17 LoserBrunch #215 The Front Page, Arlington
March 17 LoserBrunch #216 London Curry House, Alexandria
April 28 (21st is Easter) LoserBrunch #217 Appalachian Brewing Company, Gettysburg Followed by a Loser-led tour of the battlefield
May Saturday TBA 24th Annual Flushies Awards GatheringLocation TBA
June 16 LoserBrunch #218 Kilroy's, Springfield
July or August weekendPossible 18th LoserFest
July 21, if no July LoserFest LoserBrunch #219 Brion's Grille, Fairfax
August 18, if no August LoserFest LoserBrunch #220 Buddy's Crabs and Ribs, Annapolis
September 15 LoserBrunch #221 Paradiso Italian Restaurant, Alexandria

Later in LoserBrunch rotation: Asian Palace Restaurant (Columbia), Coastal Flats (Fairfax), Mrs. K's Toll House (Silver Spring), Aditi Indian Dining (Alexandria)