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August 29, 1993 26  CASTING ABOUT FOR AN IDEA  Name a political person (past or present) and the TV or movie role in which he or she could have been cast.  MOV POL TEL   Text file | Post PDF  John Mazza  Text file | Post PDF 
February 27, 2000 338
WHO WANTS TO WIN A TOILET?  Propose even greater depths of shameless, tasteless sleaze to which Fox TV is likely to sink after the noisome debacle of "Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire?"  TEL   Text file  Greg Pearson  Text file 
November 12, 2000 375
Show Us Up  Combine the names of two existing TV shows (past or present) to make an entirely new show. Then, describe the show.  TEL   Text file  Jonathan Paul  Text file 
November 25, 2001 429
Shark Instruments  Tell us what would be a sign that any current institution--TV show, newspaper feature, magazine, business, etc.--has jumped the shark.  TEL CUL BUS   Text file  Chris Doyle  Text file 
July 14, 2002 462
Cast Away  Come up with a terrible bit of miscasting in a movie or TV show, past or present, real or imagined.  MOV TEL   Text file  William Rothstein  Text file 
June 15, 2003 510  Universal Embarrassment  What would you like to see Miss Universe Pageant contestants asked live, on national TV?  TEL   Text file  Sugar Strawn
Jack Welsch 
Text file 
September 26, 2004 577  Teledubbies  Slightly change the title of a TV show, past or present, and describe it.  TEL WOR   Text file  Jack Cackler  Text file 
May 15, 2005 610  MASH  Find two well-known movies, plays, or TV shows whose title have a significant word in common, combine their titles, and describe the hybrid.  MOV LIT TEL WOR   Text file  Paul Whittemore  Text file 
November 27, 2005 638  The Little Bummer Boy  Come up with an idea (and title, if you like) for an original Christmas movie or TV special that provides an antidote to all the sap, and give us a brief synopsis.  MOV TEL   Text file  P. H. Stevenson  Text file 
February 2, 2008 751  Strike Gold  Slightly change the name of an existing or former TV show to create a program that can scab the writers' strike.  TEL   Text file  Wilson Varga  Text file 
January 31, 2009 802  Dreck TV  Suggest a new cable TV channel, with a description or example of its programming.  TEL   Text file  John O'Byrne  Text file 
February 27, 2011 908  Recast away  Fire an actor or actress from a movie or TV show, past or present, and offer a replacement for the role.  MOV TEL   Text file  Gary Crockett  Text file 
July 24, 2011 929  Now sit right back ...  Write a funny song introducing a TV show, past or present.  MUS TEL   Text file | Post PDF | Post e-version  Nan Reiner  Text file | Post PDF | Post e-version 
February 19, 2012 959  Out of network  Move a current or former TV program (or type of programming) to a different network and explain what would change.  TEL   Text file | Post PDF  Kurt Stahl  Text file | Post PDF 
June 3, 2012 974  Eat our dust!  Write a limerick humorously describing a book, play, movie, or TV show.  LIM LIT TEL MOV POE   Text file | Post PDF | Post e-version  Chris Doyle
Text file | Post PDF (pub 7-1-12)
Text file (pub 8-19-12) 
October 14, 2012 992  Mittsterpiece Theatre  Suppose public-TV shows, past or present, were turned out onto the open market to make a living on commercial TV. Tell us what would happen.  BUS TEL   Text file | Post PDF | Post e-version  Neal Starkman  Text file | Post PDF | Post e-version 
October 20, 2013 1043  Rechanneling celebrity  Describe a TV reality show featuring a celebrity pursuing some unlikely endeavor.  TEL   Text file | Post PDF | Post e-version  Tim Livengood  Text file | Post PDF | Post e-version 
December 21, 2014 1103  Themes good enough for us  Suggest an existing song to be used as the theme for a TV series or program for comic effect. (Conversational textMUS TEL   Text file | Post PDF | Post e-version  Larry Gray  Text file | Post PDF | Post e-version 
September 27, 2020 1403  Who was that masked man?  Current a short listing for a current or past TV show that has a coronavirus story line, or one reflecting some other issue in the news right now. (Conversational textCUL TEL   Text file | Post PDF | Post e-version