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THEME: TSH -- T-shirts

May 16, 199311 YOU GIVE US THE BACKS OFF OUR SHIRTS The back of the shirt needs a slogan, something that captures the spirit of The Style Invitational. What is that spirit? You tell us. Mary Pat Jones
Mary Pat Jones 
January 30, 199448 SNIVEL WAR Beg for the coveted Style Invitational T-shirts. Daniel Riley TSH  45  HTML   
July 24, 199474 SHIRT HAPPENS In 10 words or fewer, what should the back of the "Year 2" T-shirt say? Cindi Rae Caron TSH  71  HTML   
September 24, 1995132 GIVE US THE BACKS OFF OUR SHIRTS. What should our loser's T-shirt say on the back? Your goal is to somehow capture the spirit of the contest. George C. Montgomery TSH  129  HTML  
March 30, 1997211 GIVE US THE BACKS OFF YOUR SHIRTS Design the back of the fourth Style Invitational T-shirt, with anything that captures the transcendent indignity of this contest. Craig Ulander TSH  208  HTML 
July 6, 1997225 WE RESPECTfully decline to publish any dumb entries by YOU. Come up with signs for a T-shirt of a bumper sticker that hide the real message in tiny type. Dan Kaplan
Tom Witte 
TSH  222  HTML 
October 29, 2000373
An Extra Large Challenge What should we put on the back of the new Style Invitational T-shirt? Mike Elliott TSH  369  HTML 
September 12, 2004575 T Hee Hee Come up with new ideas for both front and back of the Loser T-shirts. Brendan Beary
Russell Beland
Sarah Gaymon 
TSH  571  HTML 
May 27, 2007715 Your Mug Here Send us an idea for a slogan for the back of the new Loser T-shirt. Russell Beland
Chris Doyle
Lawrence McGuire
Beverley Sharp 
TSH  711