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THEME: STY -- Style Invitational

May 16, 199311 YOU GIVE US THE BACKS OFF OUR SHIRTS The back of the shirt needs a slogan, something that captures the spirit of The Style Invitational. What is that spirit? You tell us. Mary Pat Jones
Mary Pat Jones 
January 16, 199446 WE WANT STUPID ENTRIES ONLY Make up a sentence that, were it not for this contest, would never be uttered. Thomas Edward Knibb STY  43   HTML   
March 6, 199453 CRUEL FETE Tell us how the Invitational has changed America. Paul Kondis STY  50   HTML   
May 15, 199463 BAD ABOUT YOU Come up with a lame idea for a Style Invitational contest, an idea destined to create unfunny results. Elden Carnahan STY  60   HTML   
May 29, 199466 THE SON-OF-SMITH LAW In 50 words or fewer, what do we do about the Chuck Smith problem? Chuck Smith STY  62    
December 25, 199493 I WANT THE MONGOOSE Tell us, in 50 words or fewer, why you must have this elegant piece of taxidermy featuring a snake being killed by a mongoose. Judith Daniel STY  90   HTML  
December 22, 1996197 DAVE'S WORLD Make David Twenhafel laugh. Any sort of delightful drollery or amusing witticism will do, so long as it is not the sort of lowbrow fare we usually favor. Jennifer Hart STY  194   HTML 
February 16, 1997205 SOME PIG Beg for the prize: convince us why you, and you alone, deserve to get it. Jon Williams STY  202   HTML 
January 24, 1999306 YOUNGIAN THERAPY Suggest ways in which the Style Invitational or any other Washington area institution can become more relevant to younger people. Meg Sullivan WAS STY CUL  303   HTML E 
April 11, 1999317 PICK US A WINNER Come up with flawed contest ideas, and the single, obvious, too-good-to-beat entry. Chuck Smith STY  314   HTML 
January 30, 2000334
The New Style Invitational: Six Choices for Czar Vote for one of six possible editors of the Style Invitation, from among the current Czar and five worthy competitors. Jonathan Paul STY     HTML 
February 6, 2000335
A LOVER'S SPAT Enter the contest that is run by the editor of your choice. Ben F. Noviello STY     HTML 
June 25, 2000355
Seeing Stars Tell us ways we can attract celebrity participation to this contest. Jacob Weinstein STY  351   HTML 
May 5, 2002452
Russellmania! (1) Design one or more steps for a 12-step program for the recovering Invitationalaholic; (2) Propose a devious method by which we might lure Russell Beland back. J. D. Berry STY  448   HTML 
March 23, 2003498 Unamazing But True! Submit a true fact that is of absolutely no use, but interesting in a weirdly Invitationalist way. Milo Sauer STY  494   HTML 
December 14, 2003536 And the Horse He Rodin On Come up with some words we can stick in the back of The Inker. Josh Borken
Andrew Elby
Dave Zarrow 
STY  532   HTML   
February 1, 2004543 Read Our Leaps Fill any readers of The Washington Post on Sunday, Feb. 29, 2032, on: (a) the day's lead news story; (b) the highest-flying company and its business; (c) the best-selling self-help book; and/or (d) the day's winning Style Invitational entry. Chris Doyle WAS BUS LIT STY HIS  539   HTML 
May 14, 2006662 How Low Will You Go? Humiliate yourself for ink, and a stupid prize. Fred Dawson STY  658     
July 8, 2007721 Know Your Market For any of the provided photos, supply two captions: one that would appeal to The Style Invitational and one that would appeal to the Harrisburg Patriot-News. Ben Aronin
Steve Ettinger 
CAP STY  717   
August 19, 2007727 We Get a C-Section Tell us some pros and cons of moving The Style Invitational to the Saturday Style section; or write us up some free promo-ad copying announcing the move. Seth Brown STY  723   HTML 
September 8, 2007730 Time-Wastes For Everyman Describe activities that make entering The Style Invitational seem like a constructive use of one's time. Anne Paris STY  726   HTML 
November 15, 2008791 The 1K Club Supply a chain of 20 names -- they may be names of people, places, organizations, products, etc., but they must be names -- beginning and ending with "Chris Doyle." Brendan Beary STY  787     
March 14, 2009808 Take Us At Our Words Create a humorous poem or other writing using only the words contained in this week's Style Invitational column or results. Russell Beland POE WOR STY  804    
February 6, 2011906 Your mug here Give us a new design for the Loser Mug. Edmund Conti
Michael Gips
Howard Walderman 
STY  902   html   E 
October 23, 2011942 Singular ideas Give us an idea for a contest for which there's likely only one good entry. Beverley Sharp STY  938    html E 
March 25, 2012964 The Grossery Bag? Suggest a design and/or slogan to go on the side of the ardently desired Style Invitational Loser Bag. Melissa Balmain SLO STY  960    html   E 
October 28, 2012994 Stick it to us Suggest a slogan for one of our two new honorable-mention Loser Magnets for 2012-2013. Bruce Carlson SLO STY  990    html E 
December 8, 20131050 Just redo it Enter any Style Invitational contest from Week 1000 through Week 1046. Brendan Beary STY  1046   HTML   E 
October 25, 20151146 Stick it to us with a magnet Suggest a new Style Invitational honorable-mention magnet. Howard Walderman STY  1142    E 
December 6, 20151152 Oops? You do it again. Enter any Style Invitational contest from Week 1098 through Week 1148, except for Week 1101, last year's do-over. Gregory Koch STY PRE  1148    E