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THEME: SLO -- Slogans

March 14, 1993WRITE A MOTTO. WIN A MONSTROSITY. Maryland needs a new motto, a multi-purpose slogan suitable for placement on a state seal or a license plate. Something grand, something that embodies the full bodacious majesty of the state.  Oslo SLO POL     HTML   
September 19, 199329 AD NAUSEAM Come up with an unfortunate slogan for any real product, service, or organization. Tom Gearty SLO  26   HTML   
September 1, 1996181 YOU CAN TAKE IT TO DEBUNK Take a common slogan or saying and prove it wrong with at least one example. Chuck Smith SLO  178   HTML 
August 17, 1997231 GIVING QUARTER Suggest a motto for the "tails" side of any of the state-themed quarters. Barry Blyveis SLO  228   HTML E 
July 22, 2001411
X's and Oaths Take any oath, pledge, declaration or slogan and update it. Jean Sorensen SLO  407   HTML 
May 18, 2003506 The Battle of All Mottoes Provide a slogan for any federal department agency, department, office, etc. Brendan Beary SLO  502   HTML   
May 23, 2004559 Your Slogan Here Come up with a clever slogan or sign for a business. Chris Doyle
Eric Murphy 
SLO BUS  555   HTML 
December 11, 2005640 Whassa Motto Wid You? Give us a slogan or motto for any of the states, the District or the U.S. Territories. Phil Frankenfeld SLO POL  636   
December 29, 2007746 We Err The World Give us a motto or short slogan for any country in the world. Thomas Murphy SLO POL  742   html E 
July 4, 2009824 Jestinations Give us a slogan for any city or town. Jay Shuck SLO POL  820     E 
March 13, 2011910 Your ad here Slightly alter an advertising slogan so that someone else could use it. Rachel Braun SLO BUS  907    html 
March 25, 2012964 The Grossery Bag? Suggest a design and/or slogan to go on the side of the ardently desired Style Invitational Loser Bag. Melissa Balmain SLO STY  960    html   E 
October 28, 2012994 Stick it to us Suggest a slogan for one of our two new honorable-mention Loser Magnets for 2012-2013. Bruce Carlson SLO STY  990    html E 
December 30, 20121003 Just do it Use a well-known advertising slogan for a different company, organization or product to humorous effect. Brendan Beary SLO BUS POL  999    html E 
February 15, 20151111 When you riff upon a store Use a wordplay on a song title as a name or slogan for a real or imagined business. John O'Byrne WOR BUS SLO  1107   HTML  E 
April 30, 20171225 The Ideas of March Suggest a march for some group or field, along with one or more slogans. (You might also, or instead, comment on the march with some pertinent wordplay.) Gary Crockett SLO  1221    E 
February 18, 20181267 Jingle bungle Suggest an ill-advised spokesman (dead or alive, or fictional), along with a humorously noooo slogan or jingle. John McCooey SLO  1263    E