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THEME: REL -- Religion

December 26, 199343 GOOD LORD! What does God look like? Tom Gearty REL  40   HTML   
March 9, 1997208 SEND IN THE CLONES Suggest questions a commission to investigate the moral, legal and practical question raised by cloning might consider. Joan Schloo POL REL SCI  205   HTML 
November 2, 1997242 SACRED COW PIES Take cheap shots at sacred institutions only, places and things that are so noble and wholesome they are beyond reproach, from among the items provided. Charlie Steinhice POL CUL REL  239    
November 22, 1998297 FREE FOR OIL Take any article in today's paper, and write an outraged letter to the editor about it that totally misses the point, either by misreading a word or misunderstanding the topic. David Genser WAS CUL POL REL  294   HTML 
April 1, 2001395
Devilishly Clever Describe someone's special little corner of Hell. Andy Lees REL  391   HTML 
August 29, 2004573 Thine Ad Goest Here Propose biblical and other literary passages, poems, etc., that could benefit from product placement. Peter Metrinko POE REL LIT BUS  569   HTML 
November 28, 2004586 God's Will (and Won't) Complete either of the following: "If God hadn't wanted us to ----, God wouldn’t have ----"; "If God had wanted us to ----, God would have ----." Steve Fahey REL  582   HTML 
March 27, 2005603 Sui Genesis Take one or two of the 50 chapters of the KJV Book of Genesis and draw thou from them, using words in the order in which they appear in the original, your own passage. Michelle Stupak REL WOR  599   HTML   
June 11, 2006666 Bedevil Us Give a mini-sermon explaining how some innocuous object or event signals the End of Days. Brendan Beary REL  662   
July 12, 2008773 Always Looking for Sects Coin a religion or belief system and tell us its basic tenet or distinguishing characteristic. Lawrence McGuire REL  769    html 
September 26, 2009836 Other People's Business Describe what might happen if any of the above institutions (a) were run by an institution of your choice or (b) ran an institution of your choice. Bruce Alter POL BUS REL  832     
November 27, 2010896 Other people's business Describe what might happen if any of the above institutions (a) were run by an institution of your choice or (b) ran an institution of your choice. Larry Yungk BUS REL POL  892    html 
June 4, 20171230 What in creation . . . ? Supply a brief monologue or dialogue about a Creator's specifications or planning for some living being. Drew Bennett REL  1226    E