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THEME: POL -- Political and Government

March 14, 1993WRITE A MOTTO. WIN A MONSTROSITY. Maryland needs a new motto, a multi-purpose slogan suitable for placement on a state seal or a license plate. Something grand, something that embodies the full bodacious majesty of the state.  Oslo SLO POL     HTML   
June 27, 199317 REDUCTIO AD ABSURDUM Come up with an easy way to reduce the federal deficit, in 20 words or fewer. Steven King POL  14   HTML   
August 1, 199322 STUMP US Come up with slogans for the 1996 presidential campaign. R. Sharp POL  19   HTML   
August 29, 199326 CASTING ABOUT FOR AN IDEA Name a political person (past or present) and the TV or movie role in which he or she could have been cast. John Mazza MOV POL TEL  23   HTML   
September 12, 199328 MOTHERS-IN-LAW OF INVENTION Propose some drastic change in government to help the economy or otherwise improve the quality of life in America. E. Gaston POL  25   HTML   
October 31, 199335 LIGHT AT THE END? Tell the federal government what it should do with the 14-mile-long, 15-foot-diameter sausage-shaped tunnel it dug near Waxahachie, Tex., for the Superconducting Super Collider project that was scrapped by Congress last week. Michael Sweet POL  32   HTML   
November 13, 199487 WEST EASY, ANN Come up with good things about West Virginia, in 50 words of fewer. Dave Zarrow POL  84   HTML  E 
November 20, 199488 GIVE US SOME GOOD NEWS Come up with ways things are going to be different now that Republicans have ascended to power. Arthur Adams POL  85   HTML  
January 22, 199597 NEWTONIAN PHILOSOPHY Come up with more Newt Gingrich philosophy to explain the differences between men and women, Democrats and Republicans, dogs and cats, whatever needs explaining. Greg Arnold POL  94   HTML 
September 10, 1995130 NICELY STATED Create a fictional city to be humorously paired with a real state abbreviation. Tommy Litz POL  127   HTML 
February 18, 1996153 STUMP US Complete this sentence, "I should be elected President of the United States because…" and launch your campaign. Dan Kravitz POL  150   HTML 
May 5, 1996164 MEAN MEANINGS Translate things politicians say into what they really mean. M. Schmidtman
Tom Witte 
POL  161   HTML 
December 29, 1996198 YOU MUST BE MAD II Come up with proposals designed to infuriate special interest groups. Bob Sorensen POL CUL  195   HTML 
March 9, 1997208 SEND IN THE CLONES Suggest questions a commission to investigate the moral, legal and practical question raised by cloning might consider. Joan Schloo POL REL SCI  205   HTML 
April 13, 1997213 A SIN OF THE TIMES Submit campaign or other political practices that would be illegal and/or unethical. Bill Moulden POL  210   HTML 
November 2, 1997242 SACRED COW PIES Take cheap shots at sacred institutions only, places and things that are so noble and wholesome they are beyond reproach, from among the items provided. Charlie Steinhice POL CUL REL  239    
December 21, 1997249 BAD NEWS, GOOD NEWS Supply a silver lining for any scourge or social ill facing America or the world. Tom Witte CUL POL  246   HTML 
February 1, 1998255 SCANDAL IN THE WIND Each of the provided items is somehow related to the current presidential scandal. Tell us how. Drew Knoblauch POL  252   HTML 
March 1, 1998259 SPARE EXCHANGE, BUDDY? Take any phone number of any business or government office in the Washington area, translate the first two digits into their constituent letters and propose any appropriate one-word exchange. Elden Carnahan LET POL BUS  256   HTML 
March 22, 1998262 CAMPAIGN FOR ONE Design a line for Niels Hoven to deliver in his campaign for a student government office that will wake up a snoozing audience. Jonathan Paul POL  259   
May 10, 1998269 SIGNS, AND THE TIMES Come up with new, helpful signage for downtown streets. You must state the problem, and propose the sign to rectify it. David Litman CUL POL  266   HTML 
October 18, 1998292 PAYING THE BILL Propose appropriate punishments for President Clinton. Art Grinath POL  289   HTML  
November 22, 1998297 FREE FOR OIL Take any article in today's paper, and write an outraged letter to the editor about it that totally misses the point, either by misreading a word or misunderstanding the topic. David Genser WAS CUL POL REL  294   HTML 
January 10, 1999304 TIME OF THE SIGNS Come up with appropriate signage to appear outside any business or retail establishment in the Washington area, including government offices. David Genser WAS BUS POL  301   HTML 
February 28, 1999311 A JERRY-BUILT CONTEST Find cleverly disguised threats to public morality or hallowed American values that may be secretly lurking out there in our culture. Joseph Romm CUL POL  308   HTML 
March 5, 2000339
Campaignful Developments Come up with signs that a presidential campaign might be in trouble. Kelli Midgley POL  336   HTML 
May 28, 2000351
Dubya Fun Take any well-known statement, expression, slogan, etc., and rewrite it the way Dubya might have said it. Jonathan Paul POL  347   HTML 
July 23, 2000359
It's No Party Come up with a new political party and its main political tenet. Jonathan Paul POL  355   HTML 
July 1, 2001408
What's In a Name? Take the name of any politician, living or dead, and construct an appropriate message from the letters of the name. You may use any letter as many times as you wish, and you may insert punctuation. Chris Doyle LET POL  404   HTML 
May 12, 2002453
Haiku 2 U2 Write a haiku summarizing the career of any American politician, living or dead. A haiku is generally defined as a nonrhyming poem, of three lines. The first and last lines are five syllables; the middle line is seven. Daniel Horner POE POL  449   HTML 
February 9, 2003492
Cheap Tricks Come up with extreme cost-conserving measures for these difficult economic times. Lindsay Lacy POL  488   HTML 
March 2, 2003495
Words of One Syl- … Um, Just Short Words Take some complex issue of any sort and explain it to all us morons entirely in words of one syllable. R. N. Oerter POL  491   HTML 
August 3, 2003517 Insert Joke Here Slip a single bogus sentence into next year's State of the Union address, figuring the Prez will probably just read it right off the teleprompter. Craig Zimmerman POL  513   HTML 
February 22, 2004546 A Nice Pair of Cities Choose any two or more real U.S. towns and come up with a joint endeavor they would undertake. Dudley Thompson POL  542   HTML 
October 17, 2004580 United Nations Combine the names of any two countries in the world and describe the new hybrid country. Brendan Beary POL  576   HTML 
November 14, 2004584 Deliver Us a Post Come up with some new Cabinet or other positions that the president could establish, and describe the job responsibilities. Russell Beland POL  580   HTML 
August 7, 2005622 Our Sunday Constitutional Write a new article or amendment to the Constitution, using on the words contained in the existing document (including amendments). Marty McCullen POL WOR  618   HTML 
December 11, 2005640 Whassa Motto Wid You? Give us a slogan or motto for any of the states, the District or the U.S. Territories. Phil Frankenfeld SLO POL  636   
July 2, 2006669 Huddled Messes Suggest some bad advice for new arrivals to this country (legal or illegal). Gordon Labow POL  665   
September 24, 2006681 Ticket to Write Write a jingle for a business (or its product), organization or government agency, set to a Beatles song. Jay Shuck POE BUS POL MUS  677   
February 4, 2007700 Stump Us Come up with someone's slogan for the 2008 presidential campaign. Ira Allen POL  696   
April 15, 2007709 A Return Engagement Come up with some novel change to the tax code: a tax on something ought to be taxed, a credit for something that should be rewarded, what the $3 should go to instead of presidential campaigns, etc. Ernie Staples POL  705   
September 22, 2007732 The Chain Gang Supply a chain of 25 names -- they may be names of people, places, organizations, products, etc., but they must be names -- beginning and ending with "George W. Bush." Danny Bravman POL  728   HTML 
November 10, 2007739 Lies, All Lies Give us some humorous fictional revelation about a current or past political figure. Joel Knanishu HIS POL TRI  735   html 
December 29, 2007746 We Err The World Give us a motto or short slogan for any country in the world. Thomas Murphy SLO POL  742   html E 
May 17, 2008765 It's Doo-Dah Day Write humorous lyrics commemorating any of the 50 states of the District, set to any of these Stephen Foster songs. Barry Koch POE POL  761   
September 13, 2008782 That's the Ticket! Explain why any of the items on the list below is qualified to be President of the United States. Rick Wood POL  778    
October 4, 2008785 The Ballad Box Write a short, humorous song somehow relating to the presidential campaign, set to a familiar tune. Andy Pike
Barb Sarshik 
POE POL  781    
November 1, 2008789 Doctrine in The House? State a humorous, original "doctrine" for a person or other entity. Kevin Mellema POL  785    
November 8, 2008790 If Only! Explain how the world would be different had some event not occurred. Chris Doyle POL HIS CUL  786      
December 13, 2008795 Stimulate Us Tell us what the government ought to be spending our money on. Russ Taylor POL  791    
December 27, 2008797 Be Resolute Make a humorous resolution for some particular person or institution to accomplish next year. Christopher Lamora POL BUS  793    
July 4, 2009824 Jestinations Give us a slogan for any city or town. Jay Shuck SLO POL  820     E 
September 26, 2009836 Other People's Business Describe what might happen if any of the above institutions (a) were run by an institution of your choice or (b) ran an institution of your choice. Bruce Alter POL BUS REL  832     
July 17, 2010878 Safety in blunders Tell us a way to make the nation more secure. Jon Graft SCI POL  874    html 
August 7, 2010881 What's in a name? Take the name of a person or institution. Find within it a hidden message. Russell Beland LET BUS POL  877    html 
November 27, 2010896 Other people's business Describe what might happen if any of the above institutions (a) were run by an institution of your choice or (b) ran an institution of your choice. Larry Yungk BUS REL POL  892    html 
November 25, 2012998 Set the law on us Suggest an odd law for a particular place in the world. Beverley Sharp POL  994    html   
December 30, 20121003 Just do it Use a well-known advertising slogan for a different company, organization or product to humorous effect. Brendan Beary SLO BUS POL  999    html E 
June 30, 20131027 Built for two Give humorous related names for any pair of features in a given building, organization, etc. Phil Frankenfeld BUS POL  1023   HTML   E 
September 29, 20131040 IRS my case Schedule A: Suggest a novel way for the government to determine taxes.

Schedule B: Suggest a deduction that you'd like to take, or that some real or fictional person past or present might like to take.

Schedule C: Suggest a cause you'd rather check off $3 for. 

Edmund Conti POL  1036   HTML   E 
February 7, 20161161 Give us four Pinocchios Tell us some false "facts" about politicians, present or past. (Conversational textJeff Shirley HIS POL  1157    E 
May 29, 20161177 The ballad box Write a song related to this year's elections, set to a familiar tune. Matt Monitto MUS POL  1173    E 
July 17, 20161184 Plan C -- a third candidate? Explain why some novel person (or thing) should be president; you could also suggest a president-veep ticket. (Conversational textAnnette Green POL  1180    E 
December 4, 20161204 Well, at least … Note some good news for the coming year to comfort -- or "comfort" -- those who are depressed about the change of presidential administration. (Conversational textKevin Dopart POL  1200    E 
February 12, 20171214 The alternaugural address  Write a humorous passage — a “quote,” an observation, a joke, a dialogue, a poem, anything — using only words that appear in Trump’s inaugural address. (Conversational textFrank Osen WOR POL  1210    E 
September 3, 20171243 We bid you: No T-R-U-M-P Coin a new term, or choose an existing one, whose letters do not include a T, R, U, M, or P, and write a humorous definition. (Conversational textMark Raffman WOR POL  1239    E 
April 1, 20181273 Restocking the Cabinet Explain why a particular person -- or thing -- ought to fill a Cabinet post or other U.S. government position. (Conversational textDuncan Stevens POL  1269    E 
August 19, 20181293 Constitutional unconvention Humorously translate or explain some part of the U.S. Constitution. (Conversational textJon Gearhart POL  1289     E 
November 18, 20181306 PolitiCaroling: A song parody contest Write a song about something in the news lately -- political or otherwise -- using a Christmas, Hanukkah or New Year's tune. Duncan Stevens MUS POL  1302     E 
December 23, 20181311 Nextra! Nextra! The year in preview Name some humorous event to happen in 2019. Ira Allen CUL POL  1307     E 
March 31, 20191325 Stand up and jeer Give us some original standup jokes that would have been good at this year's White House Correspondents' Dinner. Jesse Frankovich POL JOK  1321     E 
June 2, 20191334 Mull 'er over: A search for collision Combine any two words, names, abbreviations, etc., from anywhere in the redacted Mueller report, in a two-word or hyphenated phrase and define it.  Steve "Potomac" Smith WOR POL  1330     E 
September 15, 20191349 Revise and extend these remarks Go to and click on the PDF for any day's Congressional Record. Choose any sentence (or substantial part of one) and write a question that it could answer. Sam Mertens POL QUE  1345     E 
December 8, 20191361 2020 vision -- the year in preview Name some humorous news event to happen in 2020. (Conversational textDuncan Stevens CUL POL  1357     E