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THEME: MUS -- Music

January 29, 199598 YOUR CHEATIN' ART Come up with titles for country music songs featuring any one or more of the following themes: cheatin', thievin', drinkin', truckin', lovin' or dogs. Anthony Roisman
Lois Roisman 
MUS  95   HTML 
June 25, 1995119 MUZAK TO OUR EAR Come up with unfortunate Muzak songs to hear on the phone while on hold. You can use either a song title or a lyric. Howard Tenenbaum MUS  116   HTML 
May 19, 1996166 DOO WAH DOODY We are looking for really bad lyrics to real rock songs. Your lyrics must be from a reasonably popular song, and you must include the name of the singer or songwriter. Carolyn Armstrong
Scott Barney
Don Beale
Dave Ferry
Jane Hanna
Jessica Mathews
Dean Meservy
Arthur J. Murphy
Steve Rouzer
Sandy Tenenbaum
Jeff Wadler
Pam Wadler 
POE MUS  163   HTML 
June 8, 1997221 SONG SUNG BROWN Pick any song, pick a well-known line, and give us the discarded first draft. If it is part of a rhyme, you must maintain the rhyme. Lily Fu Swenson POE MUS  218   HTML 
December 7, 1997247 BLACK AND WHITE AND WED ALL OVER Propose the marriage of any two people, and the song they should not play at their wedding. The people must be a man and a woman. Chuck Smith MUS  244   HTML 
July 16, 2000358
Finish the Fire Finish "We Didn't Start the Fire," to summarize 1990 to the present. Chris Doyle MUS  354   HTML 
October 7, 2001422
Taught Language Come up with lessons learned from (1) the movies, (2) popular songs, (3) romance novels or (4) the comics page. Bob Sorensen MOV MUS LIT COM  418   HTML 
July 10, 2005618 Of D.C. I Sing Give us a song about Washington, set to a recognizable tune. Barb Sarshik POE MUS  614   HTML 
November 13, 2005636 A Song From Tex Arcana Write a verse of a song about sea urchin sushi or any of the other provided ostensibly unlyrical topics. Brendan Beary POE MUS  632   
February 12, 2006649 Across the Wide What? Give us some Virginia-appropriate lyrics for "Shenandoah." Chris Doyle POE MUS  645   
September 24, 2006681 Ticket to Write Write a jingle for a business (or its product), organization or government agency, set to a Beatles song. Jay Shuck POE BUS POL MUS  677   
July 11, 2009825 Disinstrumentals Write some words to music that has no words. Chris Doyle POE MUS  821     E 
November 14, 2009843 Prefrains Provide a sentence or two of lead-in to the first line of a well-known book, poem, or song. Stephen Dudzik LIT MUS POE  839    
March 27, 2010862 Be cheerful Send us a cheer or fight song for any pro sports team or any national team.  POE MUS ATH  858    html 
July 3, 2010876 Oilies but goodies Write lyrics somehow related to the oil spill, set to an existing tune. Mae Scanlan POE MUS  872    html 
July 24, 2011929 Now sit right back ... Write a funny song introducing a TV show, past or present. Nan Reiner MUS TEL  925     E 
August 5, 2012982 The parody line Set your own, humorous words to the tune of a well-known song--except that you must preserve one of the original lines. Nan Reiner POE MUS  979    html E 
March 31, 20131015 Faux re mi Give us some humorously false trivia about music or musicians. Paul Kondis MUS TRI  1011    html   E 
July 14, 20131029 Ditty Harry Write a descriptive theme song for a well-known movie, set to a well-known tune. Mark Raffman MOV MUS POE  1025   HTML   E 
October 6, 20131041 What have you got to lose? Answer a question, real or rhetorical, that appears in a song. Trevor Kerr MUS QUE  1037   HTML   E 
November 3, 20131045 Songs for the asking Take a sentence, phrase or title from a song and provide a funny question it might answer. Larry Gray MUS QUE  1041   HTML   E 
February 9, 20141059 With parens like these  Add some words in parentheses to a well-known song title to make it funnier in some way. Mark Raffman WOR MUS  1055   HTML   E 
July 27, 20141082 Band on the pun Alter the name of a music group or performer slightly -- not necessarily by just one letter, but enough so it's obvious what the original is -- and describe it in some way. Frank Osen MUS WOR  1078   HTML  E 
December 21, 20141103 Themes good enough for us Suggest an existing song to be used as the theme for a TV series or program for comic effect. Larry Gray MUS TEL  1099   HTML  E 
March 1, 20151113 Our occasional parodies Write a song celebrating someone's birthday or other personal occasion (rather than, say, a holiday), set to a familiar tune. Nan Reiner MUS POE  1109   HTML  E 
March 29, 20151117 You got another sing coming Write a song about a topic or person lately in the news, set to a familiar tune. Stephen Gold MUS  1113   HTML  E 
May 24, 20151125 The song remains the sa Supply a real song title that has the end or beginning -- or, what the heck, both -- chopped off and describe it. Tom Panther MUS  1121    E 
December 20, 20151154 Tabby Road -- songs for cats Write a song for -- or about -- cats or other animals, set to a familiar tune. Stephen Gold MUS POE  1150    E 
April 17, 20161171 What's my (next) line? Take a line from any song and pair it with your own second line to make a humorous rhyming couplet; the second line should match the rhythm of the first, rather than the second line of the song itself. Jesse Etelson MUS POE  1167    E 
April 24, 20161172 Pieces of 'Pie' Write a short passage -- an observation, a joke, a dialogue, a poem, anything -- using only words that appear in the song "American Pie". Mary Kappus WOR MUS  1168    E 
May 29, 20161177 The ballad box Write a song related to this year's elections, set to a familiar tune. Matt Monitto MUS POL  1173    E 
November 20, 20161202 Don't be afraid of the dark Write lyrics to a song that, in some way, express hope. Nan Reiner POE MUS  1198    E 
February 4, 20181265 Parody for the course Write a song relating to a class or course of instruction, or to school in general. Nan Reiner MUS POE  1261    E 
July 8, 20181287 It's parody time: Oldies for newsies Write some song lyrics about something in the news these days, set to a familiar tune. Nan Reiner MUS POE  1283     E 
November 18, 20181306 PolitiCaroling: A song parody contest Write a song about something in the news lately -- political or otherwise -- using a Christmas, Hanukkah or New Year's tune. Duncan Stevens MUS POL  1302     E