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THEME: MOV -- Movies

August 29, 199326 CASTING ABOUT FOR AN IDEA Name a political person (past or present) and the TV or movie role in which he or she could have been cast. John Mazza MOV POL TEL  23   HTML   
April 10, 199458 PLAY IT AGAIN, DENZEL Bring Casablanca into the 1990s. Write the opening of a plot outline, in 120 words or fewer. David Laughton MOV  55   HTML   
September 3, 1995129 REMAKE US HAPPY Come up with alternative story lines to movie titles, new or old. Chuck Smith
Tom Witte
Sarah Worcester 
MOV  126   HTML 
October 22, 1995136 NEW END IN SIGHT Come up with new endings to make literary classics more suitable for Hollywood in the 1990s. Jerry Podlesak MOV  133   HTML 
January 11, 1998252 MAKE YOUR MOVIE Propose people who were the secret inspiration for famous movies. Charlie Steinhice MOV  249   HTML  
May 30, 1999324 A PREQUEL OPPORTUNITY OFFERING Come up with a "prequel" to some classic film or work of literature. You must produce a title and a brief plot summary, which of course must take place prior to the main action of the original work. Aaron Kravitz MOV  321   HTML 
July 9, 2000357
Coming to a Bad End Take some immortal line from literature or film and ruin it by adding a short phrase or sentence. Joseph Romm MOV  353   HTML 
August 20, 2000363
It's Your Movie Take the title of any movie and make it the answer to a riddle. David Genser MOV JOK  359   HTML 
March 25, 2001394
Life in the Blurbs Come up with a blurb used to sell a real or imagined book or movie that would be likely to have the opposite of the intended effect. Christina Mach LIT MOV  390   HTML 
April 29, 2001399
IT PAYS TO BE GENDEROUS Write a short film description that could persuade a woman that the guy movie he wants to see is really close to being a gal movie, or vice versa. Robin Grove MOV  395   HTML 
October 7, 2001422
Taught Language Come up with lessons learned from (1) the movies, (2) popular songs, (3) romance novels or (4) the comics page. Bob Sorensen MOV MUS LIT COM  418   HTML 
October 14, 2001423
Roling With Laughter Take a character from one movie, use him or her to replace a character in a second movie, and then explain how this change would affect the second movie. Russell Beland MOV  419   HTML 
February 24, 2002442
Titletales Take any real book or movie, change one word slightly, and describe the resulting new product. Jeffrey Martin LIT MOV WOR  438   HTML 
June 30, 2002460
Pompous Assets Come up with the first paragraph of a review of a real book or movie, past or present, that is narcissistic, pretentious, and self-aggrandizing. Jonathan Paul LIT MOV  456   HTML 
July 14, 2002462
Cast Away Come up with a terrible bit of miscasting in a movie or TV show, past or present, real or imagined. William Rothstein MOV TEL  458   HTML 
September 21, 2003524 Around Things Moving Take the title of any book or movie, rearrange the words, and explain what the new book or movie is about. Russell Beland LIT MOV WOR  520   HTML   
May 15, 2005610 MASH Find two well-known movies, plays, or TV shows whose title have a significant word in common, combine their titles, and describe the hybrid. Paul Whittemore MOV LIT TEL WOR  606   HTML 
June 12, 2005614 In-Stock Characters Pitch us an idea for a summer movie featuring two or more of the provided characters. Brendan Beary MOV  610   HTML 
August 28, 2005625 Haven't Seen It Make up a new plot for an existing movie title. Kevin Jamison MOV  621   HTML 
November 27, 2005638 The Little Bummer Boy Come up with an idea (and title, if you like) for an original Christmas movie or TV special that provides an antidote to all the sap, and give us a brief synopsis. P. H. Stevenson MOV TEL  634   
February 26, 2006651 Show Us Some Character Add a character to a book or movie and tell us what happens in it. Jay Shuck LIT MOV  647    
May 7, 2006661 Name Any Good Movies Lately? Give us a funny new title for an existing movie. Tom Witte MOV  657     
December 17, 2006693 Everything Being Sequel Give a brief scenario for the sequel to a well-known movie. Andy Bassett MOV  689   
July 29, 2007724 Abridged Too Far Sum up a book, play or movie in a humorous rhyming verse of two to four lines. Ellen Raphaeli POE LIT MOV  720   HTML 
June 7, 2008768 The Events Described Herein Are Entirely Fictitious Come up with fictitious movie trivia. Russell Beland MOV TRI  764    
June 21, 2008770 A Knack for Anachronism Take a famous historical moment, literary passage, or movie scene and place it in an entirely different age. Rick Haynes
Peter Metrinko 
HIS LIT MOV  766    
January 9, 2010851 Going to the shrink Downsize the title of a book, movie or play to make it smaller or less momentous and describe it. Adam Beland
Russell Beland 
LIT MOV  847    html 
May 29, 2010871 Remarquees Change a movie title by one letter (or number, if the title includes a number) and describe the new film. Gary Crockett LET MOV  867    html 
February 27, 2011908 Recast away Fire an actor or actress from a movie or TV show, past or present, and offer a replacement for the role. Gary Crockett MOV TEL  905    html 
July 17, 2011928 Play feature Use the title of a movie as the answer to a riddle or other question. Tom Witte MOV QUE  924    html 
October 2, 2011939 MASH 2: The Retread Combine two movie titles and describe the result. Kathye Hamilton MOV  935    html 
November 13, 2011945 Laugh-baked ideas Cleverly depict a person, event or phenomenon of the 21st century — real history as well as scenes from movies, books, videos, etc. — using edible materials, and send us a photo of your creation. Alethea Dopart
Kevin Dopart 
PIX HIS MOV LIT  941    html  
June 3, 2012974 Eat our dust! Write a limerick humorously describing a book, play, movie, or TV show. Chris Doyle LIM LIT TEL MOV  970    html   E 
February 10, 20131008 Switched reels Re-arrange all the words in the title of a movie, and describe the resulting work. Roy Ashley WOR MOV  1005    html   E 
July 14, 20131029 Ditty Harry Write a descriptive theme song for a well-known movie, set to a well-known tune. Mark Raffman MOV MUS POE  1025   HTML   E 
December 1, 20131049 Be rating Come up with a new movie rating and describe it. John Shea MOV  1045   HTML   E 
June 1, 20141074 Let's go parody-hopping Describe a stage or movie musical in a parody of a song from a different musical. Nan Reiner POE MOV  1070   HTML   E 
April 3, 20161169 Be caustic by acrostic Review or otherwise describe a movie, book, play or TV show (or Internet equivalent) with words whose first letters spell out the name of the work. Kurt Stahl MOV LET  1165    E 
October 2, 20161195 Don't change a letter!  Alter a movie title only by changing word spacing, changing capitalization, and adding or deleting punctuation marks, accents, etc., then describe the result. Chris Doyle MOV  1191    E 
May 21, 20171228 That movie is SO about you Name someone who was the "secret inspiration" for a certain movie. Frank Osen MOV  1223    E 
August 6, 20171239 MASH 3  Combine two movie titles and  describe the result. Jon Gearhart MOV  1235    E 
October 1, 20171247 Script tease Offer a quote from a script whose title you've given a different plot. Drew Bennett MOV  1243    E 
August 5, 20181291 Film flam -- movie anagrams Rearrange the letters of a title of a movie or play to make a new title, then describe the new work. Chuck Helwig MOV LET  1287     E 
October 7, 20181300 Botch office sensations Add "13" to an existing movie title, and some humorous trouble to the plot. Dave Matuskey MOV  1296     E 
March 17, 20191323 Selected shortened subjects Delete one or more letters from the beginning or end (or both) of a movie title and describe the resulting movie. David Peckarsky LET MOV  1319     E