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THEME: LEG -- Legislation

April 4, 1993THERE OUGHT TO BE A LAW Invent a creative piece of legislation based on skillfully juxtaposed names of actual U.S. senators and representatives. Jacki Drucker
Carol Vance 
December 4, 199490 BILL US NOW Come up with funny legislation based on the names of the 102 freshman congresspersons. Jerry Pohl LEG  87  HTML   
November 17, 1996192 HILL'S BILLS Come up with bills any of the new members of Congress might jointly sponsor. Tommy Litz LEG  189  HTML 
November 15, 1998296 BILL US LATER Choose among the names of any of the newly elected U.S. senators or representatives and propose a bill they might sponsor. Mike Genz LEG  293  HTML 
December 3, 2000378
Bill Us Now Come up with a bill sponsored by any of the newly elected U.S. senators and representatives, and explain the purpose of the bill. Dave Zarrow LEG  374  HTML 
December 29, 2002486
A Word From Our Co-Sponsors Come up with bills the new members of Congress might sponsor. Each bill must have at least two sponsors. Chris Doyle LEG  482  HTML  
December 26, 2004590 Send Us the Bill Come up with a bill sponsored by any combination of the newly elected members of Congress and explain the purpose of the bill. Angela Murphy-Walters LEG  586  HTML 
January 7, 2007696 Send Us the Bill Come up legislation the newly-elected members of Congress might sponsor together. Pam Sweeney LEG  692   
January 10, 2009799 Send Us the Bill Come up with legislation that, given their names, two or more freshman senators or representatives might sponsor together. Dudley Thompson LEG  795    
March 20, 2010861 It's incumbent upon us Combine the names of two or more freshman members of Congressman to create "joint legislation." This week's pool of legislators includes only those who were elected to their seats before 1994, the first year we ran the freshman contest. Jonathan Paul LEG  857    html 
January 15, 2011903 Bill us now Combine the names of two or more members of Congress as co-sponsors of a bill. Jeff Brechlin LEG  899    html 
January 13, 20131005 Send us the bill Name a piece of legislation "cosponsored" by two or more of the 98 new House and Senate members provided. Rick Haynes LEG  1001    html E 
July 7, 20131028 Joint Legiflation Combine the names of two or more of the First Congress senators and/or representatives to create "joint legislation". Doug Hamilton LEG  1024   HTML   E 
January 18, 20151107 Send us the bill Combine two or more names from the list of members of Congress on this page to "cosponsor" a bill nased on their combined last names, and state its purpose. Dawn Kral LEG  1103   HTML  E 
January 15, 20171210 Send us the bill: Our 'joint legislation' game Combine two or more names from the provided list of members of Congress to “co-sponsor” a bill based on their combined last names, and state its purpose. Amy Harris LEG  1206    E