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THEME: LAN -- Language

July 31, 199475 CURSES! Come up with modern maledictions in the wise and entertaining Yiddish tradition. Joseph Romm LAN  72   HTML   
April 16, 1995109 SEND US YOUR MAIL PARTS We're looking for funny examples of pidgin English that try to say one thing, but actually say something quite different. Cissie Owen LAN  106   HTML 
March 28, 2004551 Lost in Translation Find us some comical translations-and-back using Google translator. Feed some passage of English text into the tool--25 words max--and ask it to translate it into one of the five languages offered; then copy the result back into the tool and ask it to translate that back to English. Kevin Mettinger GOO LAN  547   HTML 
July 5, 2008772 Make It Simile, Stupid Translate a sentence or two of literature or other good writing so that "Los Angeles residents under 40" can appreciate it. Mike Ostapiej LAN LIT CUL  768    
June 6, 2009820 Be Mister Language Person Supply a Mister Language Person-type question and answer. Kevin Dopart LAN QUE  816    
December 4, 2010897 Catch their drift Take any sentence from an article or ad in The Washington Post or from Dec. 3 to Dec. 13 and translate it into "plain English." Danny Bravman WAS LAN  893    html 
September 11, 2011936 Hoho contendere Slightly alter a well-known foreign-language term and define it. Greg Deye LAN WOR  932    html E 
June 24, 2012977 Lost in Translation 2.0 Translate a line of text from English into another language using Google Translate; then copy that result and translate it back into English. You may also make intermediate steps into one or more other languages. Kevin Dopart GOO LAN  973    html   E 
June 28, 20151130 Yux Redux: Play on a foreign phrase Make a word play on a foreign phrase or term (or English phrase using foreign words) and describe it. Bird Waring WOR LAN  1126    E