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THEME: JOK -- Jokes

June 13, 199315 PUNCH US Complete any of the provided jokes in 75 words or fewer. Dan Thomas JOK  12   HTML   
June 26, 199470 SOUNDS LIKE A BAD IDEA Come up with jokes based on noises. Chuck Smith JOK  67   HTML  
February 12, 1995100 THE JOKE'S ON YOU Retell any of these jokes as they would be told by some celebrity, living or dead. Paul Kondis JOK  97   HTML 
May 21, 1995114 THE JOKE'S ON YOU Come up with jokes to culminate in any of these six punch lines. Greg Arnold
Russell Beland
Jerry Pannullo 
JOK  111   HTML 
February 25, 1996154 ENTER LAUGHING Make up a knock-knock joke. The subject of the third line must be something crude, silly, or profound. Kevin Cuddihy JOK  151   HTML 
June 2, 1996168 LICENSE TO CARRY A PUN Come up with original jokes like those provided. Dave Zarrow JOK  165   HTML 
September 7, 1997234 THE JOKE'S ON YOU Complete any of the provided jokes as it would be told by someone famous, living or dead. Stephen A. Simon JOK  231   HTML 
February 8, 1998256 THE PYLE INVITATIONAL Come up with hip, contemporary riddles and answers. The punch line must contain a painful pun. Dave Ferry
Chuck Smith 
JOK  253   HTML 
March 8, 1998260 IT'S A SNAP Come up with replacements for the two hackneyed answers: "Is the Pope Catholic?" and "When Hell freezes over." Sue Lin Chong JOK  257   HTML 
April 2, 2000343
Eastwood Ho. Create a Good-Bad-Ugly progression. Teen Sheng JOK  339   HTML 
April 30, 2000347
Capital Pun-ishment Take an expression, or a lyric for a song, or any recognizable line of prose, and make it the punchline of an awful pun. Bill Strider JOK LIT  343   HTML 
August 6, 2000361
Bad Libs Select one subject, one verb, and one object from the provided lists, and then answer the riddle you create. Edward Asher WOR JOK  357   HTML 
August 20, 2000363
It's Your Movie Take the title of any movie and make it the answer to a riddle. David Genser MOV JOK  359   HTML 
October 1, 2000369
Punch Us Complete any of the provided jokes. Jennifer Hart JOK  365   HTML 
June 24, 2001407
Adverbiage Come up with a witticism or a joke by making a pun out of an adverb. Unlike Tom Swiftlys, your adverb must modify not a verb but an adjective. Chris Doyle JOK WOR  403   HTML 
September 23, 2001420
Ha Anxiety Make us laugh. Russell Beland JOK  416   HTML 
January 20, 2002437
The Telegraph Poll Tell us the beginning of a joke that badly telegraphs the punch line. Seth Brown JOK  428   HTML 
June 16, 2002458
It's a Setup Come up with joke setups for any of the provided punch lines. William Zamojcin JOK  454   HTML   
December 22, 2002485
Asterisky Business Write a joke with a punch line depending on knowledge so esoteric that it requires an asterisked explanation. Seth Brown JOK  481   HTML 
May 16, 2004558 Set Us Right Send us conservative-leaning humor in any of the provided genres. Danny Bravman JOK  554   HTML 
September 5, 2004574 Boor Us Silly Come up with some unwise attempts at humor--one either likely to backfire or to create other unpleasant consequences. Tom Witte JOK  570   HTML 
June 19, 2005615 Airy Persiflage Write some jokes you'd like to hear in an airport announcement. Stephen Dudzik JOK  611   HTML 
February 9, 2008752 The Might-Mates Right Fill out any of these five "you just might" joke-templates. Kevin Dopart JOK  748    html 
February 16, 2008753 Hot Off The Riddle Supply a simple riddle and both the wholesome answer and the (printable) Invitational answer.  JOK  749    html 
December 20, 2008796 Sincerest Flattery Make up a pun on a familiar name of a real of fictional person and provide a fitting description or quote. Christopher Lamora JOK  792    
August 1, 2009828 Inhuman Puns Make a pun on the name of a familiar group, organization or company, and describe it or provide a quote from it. Craig Dykstra BUS JOK WOR  824    
November 7, 2009842 Ask backwards Here are your 12 possible answers. Tell us your joke in the form of a question, please. Judy Blanchard JOK JEO  838    
March 6, 2010859 Can't goods Cast a joke in one of the forms listed above. Beverley Sharp JOK  855    html 
January 15, 2012954 Bring on the 'fight' jokes Tell us an original joke ending with “And then the fight started.” David Genser JOK  950     
March 17, 20131013 Har monikers Write a riddle that uses a pun of a person's name in the answer. Natalie Beary JOK WOR  1009    html   E 
June 23, 20131026 'Might' makes ink Give us a joke using any of the using any of the provided "you might be" templates. Chuck Smith JOK  1021   HTML   E 
August 18, 20131034 What's to like? Supply an original joke of the form "I like my [your choice] the way I like my [something else of your choice]: [some clever, funny parallel]." Robert Falk JOK  1030   HTML   E 
February 2, 20141058 Eastwood Ho Create a good-bad-ugly progression. Beverley Sharp JOK  1054   HTML   E 
February 8, 20151110 The mama of all humor Write a [Someone’s] Mama joke for some well-known figure, past or present, real or fictional. Dave Silberstein JOK  1106   HTML  E 
March 27, 20161168 Asterisky business Tell us an original joke whose punchline can't be understood without knowledge -- not necessarily scientific -- that most of us don't have (which you'll supply with a concise explanation). (Conversational textDuncan Stevens JOK  1164    E 
March 31, 20191325 Stand up and jeer Give us some original standup jokes that would have been good at this year's White House Correspondents' Dinner. Jesse Frankovich POL JOK  1321     E 
June 23, 20191337 Lidder me this: anagram riddles Write a Q&A joke (or an A followed by a Q, if you're into "Jeopardy!") in which the punchline contains an anagram or one or more relevant words or names. Mark Raffman ANA JEO JOK QUE  1333     E 
February 2, 20201369 Shoot us some oops Tell us a concise original joke that revolves arounda typo or misheard word. (Conversational text JOK WOR  1365     E