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THEME: GOO -- Google

March 28, 2004551 Lost in Translation Find us some comical translations-and-back using Google translator. Feed some passage of English text into the tool--25 words max--and ask it to translate it into one of the five languages offered; then copy the result back into the tool and ask it to translate that back to English. Kevin Mettinger GOO LAN  547   HTML 
July 11, 2004566 Get Whack Type a two-word phrase into the Google search engine that produces exactly one result. Pam Sweeney GOO  562   HTML 
June 10, 2007717 Pitch Us a No-Hitter Send us some genuine Googlenopes. A Googlenope is a phrase or very brief sentence that, entered into the Google search engine with quotation marks around it, produces no hits. Malcolm Fleschner GOO  713    E 
March 8, 2008755 Take Another 'Whack Send us a phrase of two or more words that produces exactly one Web page on the Google search engine and describe the phrase. Michael Levy GOO  752    html 
April 12, 2008760 Whacksy Buildup Describe any of these Googlewhacks in the form of a question, "Jeopardy"-style. Kevin Dopart GOO JEO  756   
May 9, 2009816 Googillions Come up with an original phrase that generates at least 1 million listings on a Google search. Jeff Brechlin
Erik Wennstrom 
GOO  812    
April 17, 2010865 No Googlenopes left Come up with a humorous Googlenope. Mark Richardson GOO  861    html 
June 24, 2012977 Lost in Translation 2.0 Translate a line of text from English into another language using Google Translate; then copy that result and translate it back into English. You may also make intermediate steps into one or more other languages. Kevin Dopart GOO LAN  973    html   E 
November 11, 20181305 Hits and Googles Find us either a Googlenope -- a phrase in quotation marks that generates no previous hits -- or a Googleyup, a phrase that surprisingly does have hits. Eric Nelkin GOO WOR  1301     E