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THEME: EPI -- Epitaphs

April 17, 199459 A GRAVE AFFAIR Write appropriate epitaphs for the not-yet-dead. Ira P. Robbins EPI  56   HTML   
June 5, 199467 FAMOUS LAST WORDS Make up the last words of famous dead people whose last words are unknown. Peyton Coyner EPI  63   HTML   E 
May 27, 2001403
Cry, Uncle! Write the beginnings of an obituary that will provide the details of what happened to the Style Invitational Uncle. Tom Witte EPI  399   HTML  
January 2, 2005591 Dead Letters Write rhyming poems about notable personages who have died in the past year. Brendan Beary POE EPI  587   HTML 
January 1, 2006643 The Post's Mortems Give us a rhyming poem about some notable who died in 2005. Brendan Beary POE EPI  639   
December 31, 2006695 Dead Letters Write a poem about someone who died in 2006. Chris Doyle POE EPI  691   
January 12, 2008748 Dead Letters Write a humorous poem about a well-known personage who died in 2007. Brendan Beary POE EPI  744   html 
January 3, 2009798 Dead Letters Write a humorous poem commemorating someone who died in 2008. Jeff Brechlin POE EPI  794    
January 2, 2010850 Dead letters Write a humorous poem about someone who died in 2009. Brendan Beary POE EPI  846    
January 1, 2011901 Dead Letters Write a humorous poem about someone who died in 2010. Christopher Lamora POE EPI  897    html E 
January 1, 2012952 Dead Letters Write a humorous poem about someone who died in 2011. Stephen Gold POE EPI  948    html 
January 6, 20131004 Dead letters Write a humorous poem about anyone who died in 2012. Nan Reiner
Robert Schechter 
POE EPI  1000    html E 
January 5, 20141054 Dead letters Write a short, humorous poem commemorating someone (or maybe even something) who died in 2013. Gary Crockett EPI POE  1050   HTML   E 
January 3, 20161156 Dead letters Write a humorous poem of no longer than eight lines about someone who died in 2015. Kathy Fraeman POE EPI  1152    E 
May 22, 20161176 Let 'er RIP: Write an obit line Write a humorous line or two for someone's obituary -- either for a particular person (dead or not) or for a fictional or generic one. Drew Bennett EPI  1172    E