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THEME: COM -- Comics

July 16, 1995122 THE UNKINDEST CUTE OF ALL Come up with a new story line for "Peanuts", some plot development or new character that will put the strip back on the road to relevance. Sarah Worcester COM  119   HTML 
February 4, 1996151 STRIP MINING Come up with a concept for a new, controversial strip to replace an existing one in The Post. Fred Dawson COM WAS  148   HTML 
June 13, 1999326 COMIC RELIEF Look at today's comics pages, select one panel and one panel only from any comic strip, and rewrite the dialogue. David Genser COM  323   HTML 
July 18, 1999331 DRAWING ON CREATIVITY Come up with an idea for a fictional central character for a comic strip based in Washington, D.C., and the environs. Describe your character in as much detail as you wish, and give the strip a name. Elden Carnahan
Joyce Rains 
WAS COM  328   HTML 
July 25, 1999332 AUTHORS IN SEARCH OF A CHARACTER Come up with a three- or four-panel cartoon about any of the winning characters from Week 332. David Genser
Art Grinath
Chuck Smith
Meg Sullivan 
COM  329   HTML  E 
August 1, 1999333 GET A LOAD OF THIS TA-TA Submit episodes for the three winning strips from Week 331. There is no next week's contest. Chuck Smith COM  330, 332    HTML  
October 7, 2001422
Taught Language Come up with lessons learned from (1) the movies, (2) popular songs, (3) romance novels or (4) the comics page. Bob Sorensen MOV MUS LIT COM  418   HTML 
May 26, 2002455
Comixing Create new comic characters by crossing two existing characters, then describe the character. Seth Brown COM  451   HTML  
July 7, 2002461
Punch Us Again Take any comic from the daily Washington Post during the next week and make it better by changing the contents of the final word balloon. Meg Sullivan WAS COM  457   HTML 
November 26, 2006690 Funnies: How Time Flies Pull Billy of "The Family Circus" -- or any of his comic strip neighbors in The Washington Post -- out of his time warp to a different age, era or place, and provide a short storyline or dialogue or caption. Martin Bancroft WAS COM  686   
October 3, 2009837 Strip Search Combine two comic strips that appear in The Washington Post or at and describe the results. Craig Dykstra WAS COM  833    
June 19, 20161180 Strip search! Find a line of text from any comic strip or panel that appears on the Post's comics pages or on, dated anywhere between June 16 and June 27, and either (a) supply a question that the original line could answer, or (b) follow it with your own line of dialogue or reply. Lawrence McGuire COM QUE  1176    E