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THEME: CAR -- Cartoons

April 11, 1993PUTTING WORDS IN THEIR MOUTHS In 40 words or less, write a caption for either of these two generic cartoons drawn by famed Style Invitational artist Marc Rosenthal Chuck Smith CAR    HTML   
July 18, 199320 COMIC RELIEF Rewrite 60-year-old cartoons, filling in your own balloons, to make them funnier and more timely.  Tom Gearty CAR  17   HTML   
October 24, 199334 INSPECT A GADGET What do these machines do? Reef family CAR  31   HTML   
April 3, 199457 CALLING THE TOON Who are these people, and what are they doing? Peyton Coyner CAR  54   HTML   
May 1, 199461 NO HARD FEELINGS Fill in the balloons in these cheerful farewell panels drawn by Marc Rosenthal, the Style Invitational artist who is being replaced by Bob Staake. Chuck Smith CAR  58   HTML   
October 9, 199482 PICTURE THIS Who are these people, and what are they doing? Elden Carnahan CAR  79   HTML   
February 5, 199599 WHAT'S WRONG WITH THESE PICTURES? What's wrong with these pictures? George Wills CAR  96   HTML  
March 26, 1995106 DRAWING CONCLUSIONS Who are these people, and what are they doing? Pete Clime CAR  103   HTML   
August 13, 1995126 EVERYBODY'S TALKIN' What are these people, etc., saying or thinking? Peyton Coyner CAR  123   HTML 
August 20, 1995127 GADGET IF YOU CAN Choose one or more of these devices and describe their use. Kevin P. Riley CAR  124   HTML 
January 28, 1996150 TRIAL BALLOONS What are the people saying? Rahul Simha CAR  147   HTML 
June 16, 1996170 THE ELEMENTS OF SMILE Why are these people smiling? Ned Bent CAR  167   HTML 
October 6, 1996186 CALLING THE TOON Who are these people? What are they doing? Philip Vitale CAR  183   HTML 
May 18, 1997218 CALLING THE TOON Who are these people? What are they doing? Dave Yourell CAR  215   HTML  
June 29, 1997224 DRAWING CONCLUSIONS What is wrong with these pictures? Dan Kaplan CAR  221   HTML  
July 20, 1997227 WILD PITCHES Come up worthy successors to Joe Camel. Name the product, and describe the totally inappropriate cartoon character that would be created to represent it. Dave Ferry CAR  224   HTML 
September 21, 1997236 CALLING THE TOON. What is happening here? Hank Wallace CAR  233   HTML  
October 12, 1997239 NAME THAT TOON Send us the captions for cartoons not provided. Jennifer Hart CAR  236   HTML  
November 30, 1997246 OUR OWN DEVICES What do these contraptions do? Tell us in 50 words or fewer. Chuck Smith CAR  243   HTML  
April 26, 1998267 THE CONCEPT CONCEPT Come up with a situation for a "People Unclear on the Concept" cartoon. Describe the situation and supply any necessary dialogue. John B. Allen CAR  264   HTML   
May 31, 1998272 PICTURE THIS What is happening in these cartoons? Edward Mickolus CAR  269   HTML  
September 6, 1998286 CLINTOONS Make your own Clintoon, a comic strip consisting of any or all of the provided drawings. Meg Sullivan CAR  283   HTML  
September 20, 1998288 PICTURE THIS What is happening in these pictures? Jonathan Paul CAR  285   HTML  
November 8, 1998295 PANEL DISCUSSION Supply the contents of the missing panel in the provided cartoon strips. David Genser CAR  292   HTML  
December 20, 1998301 PICTURE THIS What is happening in these cartoons? Jonathan Paul CAR  298   HTML   
April 4, 1999316 CALLING THE TOON What are these things? Jennifer Hart
Sandra Hull 
CAR  313   HTML   
May 9, 1999321 INTERPRET THIS Take any of the provided cartoons and come up with a matched pair of interpretations for what is happening. Art Grinath CAR  318   HTML   
April 16, 2000345
Picture This What is going on in these cartoons? David Genser CAR  341   HTML  
June 11, 2000353
Patently Silly What do these devices do? Jean Sorensen CAR  349   HTML  
August 13, 2000362
Something Missing Tell us what is missing in each of the provided cartoons. Sam Rosenberg CAR  358   HTML  
October 22, 2000372
Trial Balloons Fill in the balloons. Stephen Dudzik CAR  368   HTML  
January 14, 2001384
What's Your Story? Take at least four of the provided cartoons, arrange them in any sequence you wish, and make up a funny story that they would illustrate. Sarah Worcester CAR  380   HTML  
March 11, 2001392
Everyone's a Comic Choose any panel of any comic strip in today's Washington Post and improve it by replacing the original speech and thought balloons with your own, Drew Knoblauch CAR  388   HTML  
June 3, 2001404
Balloonacy Create a comic strip of one to four panels. For your dialogue or thought balloons, you may choose from the provided menu. You may invent one line of your own. Jonathan Paul CAR  400   HTML 
September 30, 2001421
Picture This These objects are not what they seem to be, at first glance. They are something else entirely. What are they? Jennifer Hart CAR  417   HTML  
February 10, 2002440
Picture This What is going on in these cartoons? Chris Hill CAR  430   HTML 
April 28, 2002451
Make Your Pix Which two of the provided cartoons are related, and how? Dan Steinberg CAR DIF  447   HTML 
September 29, 2002473
Offensive Line Find what's offensive in any of the provided cartoons, and explain. Seth Brown CAR  469   HTML   
December 1, 2002482
Inspect Our Gadgets What are these gadgets? What do they do? Seth Brown CAR  478   HTML  
April 20, 2003502 Picture This Who are these people? What are they doing? Elden Carnahan CAR  498   HTML   
June 22, 2003511 It All Impends Tell us what is something unusual about to happen in the provided cartoons. Dave Hebda CAR  507   HTML   
August 24, 2003520 I, Object These items were ordered by well-known people. Who ordered them, and why? Brendan Beary CAR  516   HTML   
September 28, 2003525 It Won't Belong Now Tell us which of three cartoons provided does not belong, and why. Russell Beland CAR  521   HTML   
December 7, 2003535 Picture This Can you tell us what astonishing news Bob Staake is trying to pass on with cartoons? John Shea CAR  531   HTML   
April 11, 2004553 Picture This Tell us what's going on in one or more of the provided cartoons. Allan Moore CAR  549   HTML   
July 18, 2004567 A Running Gag Explain how any of the provided bizarre cartoons by Bob Staake relates to the current presidential campaign. Josh Tucker CAR  563   HTML   
December 12, 2004588 Gadget If You Can Tell us what these nifty, indispensable items are. John Conti CAR  584   HTML   
February 27, 2005599 So What's the News? Tell us what the illustrated events are. Brendan Beary CAR  595   HTML   
June 26, 2005616 Picture This, Kids Supply title and one-sentence synopsis for Bob Staake new kids' project, incorporating any of the provided cartoons. Ron Stanley CAR  612   HTML 
October 9, 2005631 Picture This What's going on in any of these cartoons? Elwood Fitzner CAR  627     
January 22, 2006646 Warped Perspectives Tell us how two different types of people, animals, organizations, etc., would interpret any of the provided cartoons. Pam Sweeney CAR  642   
May 21, 2006663 Worth at Least a Dozen Words Interpret any of the provided cartoons as you see fit in a caption. Michelle Stupak CAR  659     
September 17, 2006680 Rendered Speechless Provide dialogue to fill the balloons in any of these cartoons. Ned Bent CAR  676     
February 11, 2007701 Untitlement Here are the covers for what just might be Bob Staake's next four books. What are they called and what are they about? Andrea Kelly CAR ART LIT  697   
August 5, 2007725 Beggars For Description Describe, without being boring, a cartoon to fit any of the provided captions. Cy Gardner CAR  721   HTML 
December 8, 2007743 Picture This Write a caption for any of these Bob Staake cartoons. Roger Dalrymple CAR  739   html 
April 19, 2008761 Strip Mining Supply the text for any or all three of these Bob Staake comic strips. Randy Lee CAR  757   
October 11, 2008786 Top of the Staake So get your thoughts provoked for No. Umpteen of our cartoon caption contest. Ned Bent CAR  782      
May 30, 2009819 Art Re-View These objects are not what they seem to be, at first glance. They are something else entirely. What are they? Brendan Beary CAR  815      
November 20, 2010895 Picture this Supply a caption for any of these cartoons. Doug Frank CAR  891    html 
March 6, 2011909 Reprizing Suggest humorous uses for one or more of the items above, alone or in combination. Kevin Dopart CAR  906    html   E 
April 17, 2011915 Picture this Write a caption for any of the cartoons pictured here. Jack Hingel CAR  911    html 
September 18, 2011937 Staake it to him Write a caption for any of the five pages or details pictured from some of Bob's more than 50 picture books. Stephen Dudzik CAR ART LIT  933    html 
August 26, 2012985 What art art thou? Tell us which Style Invitational contest any of the provided Bob Staake cartoons might be illustrating. Beverley Sharp CAR  981    html   
February 24, 20131010 Picture this Write a caption for any of the five provided cartoons. John Glenn CAR  1007    html E 
August 25, 20131035 The Empy 500 Explain what news Bob Staake is trying to tell in any of the provided drawings. Michael Gips CAR  1031   HTML   E 
February 16, 20141060 Picture this Write a caption, or captions, for one or more of the provided cartoons. Ward Kay CAR CAP  1056   HTML   E 
November 2, 20141096 Picture this Write a humorous caption for any of the provided Bob Staake cartoons. Frank Mann CAR  1092   HTML  E 
May 31, 20151126 Picture this Provide a humorous caption for any of the cartoons provided. Jeff Shirley CAR  1122    E 
January 17, 20161158 What have we here? Tell us what one or more of these objects really are. Melissa Balmain CAR  1154    E 
October 16, 20161197 Picture This -- It's a Bob Staake caption contest Write a caption for any of the cartoons provided. Steven Steele Cawman CAR  1193    E 
June 18, 20171232 Picture this -- a caption contest Write a caption for one or more of the provided cartoons. Jesse Frankovich CAR  1228    E 
December 3, 20171256 Picture this -- a caption contest Provide a funny caption for any of the provided cartoons. Mark Raffman CAR  1252    E 
December 2, 20181308 Picture this -- or these This week you have two choices: (1) Write a caption for one or more of these pictures, or (2) explain what is wrong with the picture. You might also combine two pictures into one -- or all four into one. Jesse Frankovich CAR  1304     E