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THEME: CAP -- Captions

August 22, 199325 CAPTION CRUNCH Write a caption for any of these photos. Fritz Stolzenback CAP  22   HTML   
February 20, 199451 CAPTION CRUNCH, VOL. II Supply captions for any of these pictures. Paul Kondis CAP  48   HTML   
July 3, 199471 CAPTION CRUNCH III Come up with a new, funnier caption for any picture or illustration anywhere in today's newspaper. Richard E. Brock
Ellen Meyerson 
CAP WAS  68   HTML   
June 18, 1995118 WEAK 118 Take any photo caption or headline appearing anywhere in today's Post and alter its meaning by adding, deleting, or changing one letter. Elden Carnahan CAP HEA WAS  115   
January 12, 1997200 CAPTION CRUNCH IV Supply a new caption to any photograph appearing anywhere in today's Post, to make it funnier. Jessica Mathews CAP  197   HTML 
February 25, 2001390
Canine Fashion Write: 1. A caption for the provided image explaining what is happening; 2. An explanation of why the image is not photography but art; 3. A description of what additional items might be needed to make the image complete. Sex and potty jokes will be disqualified. Kelli Midgley CAP ART  386   HTML  
November 4, 2001426
Captions Courageous Take any photograph or illustration from today's Washington Post and give it a more interesting caption. Jennifer Hart CAP  422   HTML 
July 8, 2007721 Know Your Market For any of the provided photos, supply two captions: one that would appeal to The Style Invitational and one that would appeal to the Harrisburg Patriot-News. Ben Aronin
Steve Ettinger 
CAP STY  717   
March 21, 2009809 Unkindest Cutlines Supply cutlines, or captions, for any of these newspaper photos. Elizabeth Molye CAP  805    
October 10, 2009838 Picture This Provide a caption for any of these pictures. Andrew Hoenig CAP  834    
February 16, 20141060 Picture this Write a caption, or captions, for one or more of the provided cartoons. Ward Kay CAR CAP  1056   HTML   E 
June 3, 20181282 Picture This Write a caption for one or more of the provided pictures. Rick Haynes CAP  1278     E