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THEME: BUS -- Business and Commerce

July 9, 1995121 IT'S NO USE Come up with useless products. Russell Beland BUS  118   HTML 
November 12, 1995139 EMPLOYMENT LINES Come up with jobs that make even your crummy job seem good. Virginia Maggi BUS  136   HTML 
November 3, 1996190 OFFICE YOU CAN'T REFUSE Come up with a Principle for the Workplace. John Kammer BUS  187   HTML 
March 1, 1998259 SPARE EXCHANGE, BUDDY? Take any phone number of any business or government office in the Washington area, translate the first two digits into their constituent letters and propose any appropriate one-word exchange. Elden Carnahan LET POL BUS  256   HTML 
April 12, 1998265 A SPORK OF GENIUS Come up with new products like the spork: combinations of two existing products that work together in some special way. Name the device and explain its function. T. J. Murphy BUS  262   HTML  
November 1, 1998294 PRODUCT LIARBILITY Take the name of any commercial product and redefine it. J. Larry Schott BUS  291   HTML E 
December 13, 1998300 A BRAND NEW CONTEST Come up with celebrity-brand products. Elden Carnahan BUS  297   HTML 
January 10, 1999304 TIME OF THE SIGNS Come up with appropriate signage to appear outside any business or retail establishment in the Washington area, including government offices. David Genser WAS BUS POL  301   HTML 
March 14, 1999313 THE STYLE INVITATIONAL SOUVENIR SHOP Come up with bad names for a new store at a mall. Brian Broadus WOR BUS  310   HTML 
May 23, 1999323 THE CONGRESSIONAL RECORD INVITATIONAL Come up with not-quite-ready inventions, past or present. Brian Broadus SCI BUS  320   HTML E 
June 4, 2000352
A Laff Riot Take the name of a company and/or its commercial product and provide it a new definition. Jennifer Nelson BUS  348   HTML 
February 11, 2001388
Pitches in the Dirt Come up with a sales pitch to get any surplus product off the shelves. Mike Genz BUS  384   HTML 
November 25, 2001429
Shark Instruments Tell us what would be a sign that any current institution--TV show, newspaper feature, magazine, business, etc.--has jumped the shark. Chris Doyle TEL CUL BUS  425   HTML 
June 23, 2002459
Stock Humor Look at any of the abbreviated company names in the Nasdaq or New York Stock Exchange listings in any newspaper's business section and suggest what business the companies might be in. Mike Hammer BUS  455   HTML   
November 10, 2002479
Invest Case Scenario Suggest new companies in which it might be unwise to invest. John Cogburn BUS  477   HTML 
December 15, 2002484
Manufracturing Take any product and explain how it would be different if it were designed by a different existing company. Milo Sauer BUS  480   HTML 
November 30, 2003534 The Feminine Touch Propose how any male-dominated occupation or institution would change if it suddenly became female-dominated. Tom McCudden BUS CUL  530   HTML 
February 1, 2004543 Read Our Leaps Fill any readers of The Washington Post on Sunday, Feb. 29, 2032, on: (a) the day's lead news story; (b) the highest-flying company and its business; (c) the best-selling self-help book; and/or (d) the day's winning Style Invitational entry. Chris Doyle WAS BUS LIT STY HIS  539   HTML 
February 29, 2004547 Give Us a Bad Name Take an existing product or business name and pair it with an incompatible one. Russell Beland BUS  543   HTML 
May 23, 2004559 Your Slogan Here Come up with a clever slogan or sign for a business. Chris Doyle
Eric Murphy 
SLO BUS  555   HTML 
August 29, 2004573 Thine Ad Goest Here Propose biblical and other literary passages, poems, etc., that could benefit from product placement. Peter Metrinko POE REL LIT BUS  569   HTML 
October 24, 2004581 Evil Things in Store Think of evil or just plain stupid practices that the staff of a retail or other establishment might perpetrate. Michael Cisneros BUS  577   HTML 
January 9, 2005592 We Got Gamy Offer us a concise idea for a Super Bowl commercial, or some innovative halftime entertainment, or some inappropriate sponsors, or some ideas for improving the game itself. Peter Larsen ATH BUS CUL  588     
January 23, 2005594 History Loves Company Name an appropriate corporate sponsor for some historical event or for someone's life story. Jim Getz
Jennifer LaFleur 
BUS HIS  590   HTML 
February 20, 2005598 Site Gags Come up with an appropriate name for a cafeteria--or meeting room, or an employee lounge, or some other workplace spot--for a particular institution. Robin Grove WOR BUS  594   HTML 
October 16, 2005632 Live On, Sweet, Earnest Reader (Inc.) Give us an original backronym for a company or product. A backronym is a fake etymology that often gets in a little dig at the subject. Jonathan Guberman WOR BUS  628   
December 18, 2005641 Dreck of All Trades Come up with a business that combines two or more disparate products or services, and tell us its name and/or something else funny about it. Jane Auerbach BUS  637   
January 8, 2006644 Winter Limp Picks Brighten up the Winter Olympics with some new events and rules. Alternatively, you can suggest a commercial or ad campaign that could be tied in with the Winter Games or one of its sports. Joel Knanishu ATH BUS  640   
February 5, 2006648 Caller IDiot Name a product or company and supply a stupid question to ask the consumer hotline person. Kevin Dopart BUS QUE  644   
September 24, 2006681 Ticket to Write Write a jingle for a business (or its product), organization or government agency, set to a Beatles song. Jay Shuck POE BUS POL MUS  677   
November 19, 2006689 Busted Play Come up with a more objectionable or stupid toy than a working fart-powered toy rocket. Chuck Smith BUS  685   
January 21, 2007698 Let's Get Personnel Send us some humorously creative questions that a job interviewer would ask an applicant, or some questions it might be fun to ask the interviewer. Russell Beland BUS  694   
May 20, 2007714 Amalgamated Steal Merge two or more company or product names into a new, ORIGINAL company or product. Gregory Bartolett BUS  710    
June 28, 2008771 Groaner's Manuals Come up with a humorous name for a guide or manual for, or a book about, a particular enterprise or organization. Beverley Sharp WOR BUS  767    
July 19, 2008774 Tour De Forks Supply a name for a restaurant dish named after someone (or some product or organization) and describe it. Kevin Dopart BUS CUL  770    
September 20, 2008783 The Shill Game Name a celebrity or fictional character to endorse a real product or company. Marty McCullen BUS CUL  779    
December 27, 2008797 Be Resolute Make a humorous resolution for some particular person or institution to accomplish next year. Christopher Lamora POL BUS  793    
February 21, 2009805 Brand Eccchs Give us an original name in any of the above categories (not an actual badly named product). Cy Gardner BUS  801    
April 4, 2009811 Rock-Bottom Lines Tell us a sign that the economy couldn't get worse. John Russell Tuohy BUS CUL  807    
July 25, 2009827 Caller Idiot Name a real product or company and supply a stupid question or complaint for the consumer hotline person. Jeff Hazle BUS QUE  823      E 
August 1, 2009828 Inhuman Puns Make a pun on the name of a familiar group, organization or company, and describe it or provide a quote from it. Craig Dykstra BUS JOK WOR  824    
September 26, 2009836 Other People's Business Describe what might happen if any of the above institutions (a) were run by an institution of your choice or (b) ran an institution of your choice. Bruce Alter POL BUS REL  832     
August 7, 2010881 What's in a name? Take the name of a person or institution. Find within it a hidden message. Russell Beland LET BUS POL  877    html 
September 4, 2010884 Rekindling the spork Combine two devices or other products to make a new one. Scott Weinstein BUS  881    html 
November 27, 2010896 Other people's business Describe what might happen if any of the above institutions (a) were run by an institution of your choice or (b) ran an institution of your choice. Larry Yungk BUS REL POL  892    html 
March 13, 2011910 Your ad here Slightly alter an advertising slogan so that someone else could use it. Rachel Braun SLO BUS  907    html 
July 10, 2011927 Drive-By Shoutings Write a very short four-line “poem” promoting a product or company, or offering advice to drivers; the poem must rhyme, in ABAB or ABCB rhyme scheme. A fifth, non-rhyming line may state the product name or a conclusion. Beverley Sharp POE BUS  923     E 
February 26, 2012960 Raving reviews Send us a creative "review" for any of the provided items that are listed on Amazon. Melissa Balmain BUS CUL  956    html   
July 29, 2012981 Feeling testy Write a question that "ought to" be on a qualifying test for a particular job. Barry Koch BUS  978    html 
September 23, 2012989 On the double Come up with a double or multiple profession, and explain how each job complements the other(s). Jeff Hazle BUS  985    html E 
October 14, 2012992 Mittsterpiece Theatre Suppose public-TV shows, past or present, were turned out onto the open market to make a living on commercial TV. Tell us what would happen. Neal Starkman BUS TEL  988    html   E 
December 30, 20121003 Just do it Use a well-known advertising slogan for a different company, organization or product to humorous effect. Brendan Beary SLO BUS POL  999    html E 
June 30, 20131027 Built for two Give humorous related names for any pair of features in a given building, organization, etc. Phil Frankenfeld BUS POL  1023   HTML   E 
September 8, 20131037 Outrage us Find something offensive about an inoffensive name of a product, organization, place, etc. Robert Falk BUS  1033   HTML   E 
October 12, 20141093 You're only as rich as you fee What are some really bad ideas for various businesses to make a few more bucks? Gordon Cobb BUS  1089   HTML  E 
November 16, 20141098 Prime time for some Amazon reviews Send us a creative "review" for any of the provided items that are listed on Amazon. Melissa Balmain BUS CUL  1094   HTML  E 
February 15, 20151111 When you riff upon a store Use a wordplay on a song title as a name or slogan for a real or imagined business. John O'Byrne WOR BUS SLO  1107   HTML  E 
September 13, 20151140 You're giving us a bad name Cite a REAL brand name, past or present, note its original use, and then say what sort of product, organization, etc., that name would be bad for. Drew Bennett BUS  1136    E 
October 11, 20151144 Someone else's business Name a real brand, along with something else it would be a better name for. Frank Mann BUS  1140    E 
March 5, 20171217 Mergers you wrote: Combine two businesses with puns Give a clever name for a combination of two or more businesses. Tom Witte BUS WOR  1213    E 
September 10, 20171244 Primed for product reviews Send us a creative "review" for any of the provided items that are listed on Amazon. Jesse Frankovich CUL BUS  1240    E 
November 19, 20171254 Inkorporation--a change-one-letter contest Change the name of a present or past business, store or agency (not just a product) by adding one letter, deleting one letter, transposing two letters or substituting one letter for another. Danielle Nowlin LET BUS  1250    E 
January 28, 20181264 A cry for Yelp: 'Review' any place Write a humorous review, positive or negative, of anyplace (real of fictional) one might visit. Mark Raffman CUL BUS  1260    E 
July 15, 20181288 Your results may vary Write a funny disclaimer or warning for some product or service. Danielle Nowlin BUS  1284     E 
March 3, 20191321 Pumping Prime: Amazon reviews Send us a humorous "review" (like the provided samples from our earlier contests) for any of the provided items. David Hammond BUS CUL  1317     E 
March 10, 20191322 Back to the drawing board Come up with an idea for an invention that still needs a bug ironed out. Jeffrey Contompasis SCI BUS  1318     E