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THEME: ATH -- Athletics and Sports

March 7, 1993SHEDDING THE SKINS? Come up with a new name for the Redskins. Douglas R. Miller WAS ATH     HTML   
February 6, 199449 A SLALOM OCCASION Come up with events for a Washington Olympics. They can be winter or summer sports, based on bureaucracy or other themes peculiar to Washington, and must include a brief description of the event. Paul Styrene WAS ATH  46   HTML   
October 23, 199484 THE WASHINGTON IRVINGS Come up with creative names for the high school football teams of real towns in America. Karla J. Dickinson ATH  81   HTML   
November 11, 2001427
Skinned Come up with events that have a smaller chance of happening than the Redskins winning the Super Bowl. Sarah Worcester ATH  423   HTML 
May 30, 2004560 The 97.5-Meter Dash Suggest some time- and cost-saving measures so the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens will open on time. Marc Leibert ATH  556   HTML 
January 9, 2005592 We Got Gamy Offer us a concise idea for a Super Bowl commercial, or some innovative halftime entertainment, or some inappropriate sponsors, or some ideas for improving the game itself. Peter Larsen ATH BUS CUL  588     
March 6, 2005600 Top of the Inking Tell us some ways the District of Columbia will change now that we have the Nationals. Dudley Thompson CUL ATH  596   HTML 
January 8, 2006644 Winter Limp Picks Brighten up the Winter Olympics with some new events and rules. Alternatively, you can suggest a commercial or ad campaign that could be tied in with the Winter Games or one of its sports. Joel Knanishu ATH BUS  640   
June 24, 2007719 We Har the World Come up with a creative name for a sports team for a town or city anywhere outside the United States. Elwood Fitzner ATH  715    E 
August 16, 2008778 Tied Games Combine any two sports or nonathletic activities into a single sport or game. Hugh Pullen ATH  774    
March 27, 2010862 Be cheerful Send us a cheer or fight song for any pro sports team or any national team.  POE MUS ATH  858    html 
October 16, 2010890 Double-teaming Combine the names of any two pro sports teams -- even from different sports -- and describe the result. Keith Maynard ATH  886    html 
September 16, 2012988 A faster break Suggest ways to make sports and other leisure activities more time-efficient or exciting. Martin Bancroft ATH  984    html   
January 26, 20141057 Sportin' lie Give us some fake sports trivia. Seth Tucker ATH TRI  1053   HTML   E