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October 10, 199332 FATAL ART ATTACK In 50 words or fewer, describe a performance art concept that might get public funding. Winners will be audacious enough to seem like art, but pretentious enough to seem to have a social "message." Tom Gearty ART  29   HTML   
September 17, 1995131 DROODLEYSQUAT Come up with "droodles," simple geometric drawings with funny explanations. Sally Booher ART  128   HTML 
October 29, 1995137 VELVIS LIVES Come up with a title and/or art gallery blurb for this velvet Elvis painting. John Rather ART  134   HTML E 
December 3, 1995142 EXHIBITING BAD TENDENCIES Come up with the winner of next year's Turner Prize, which says its aim is to expand ideas of what is art. Fred Dawson ART  139   HTML 
February 25, 2001390
Canine Fashion Write: 1. A caption for the provided image explaining what is happening; 2. An explanation of why the image is not photography but art; 3. A description of what additional items might be needed to make the image complete. Sex and potty jokes will be disqualified. Kelli Midgley CAP ART  386   HTML  
November 16, 2003532 Short Pans Come up with a terse review (four words or fewer) of any work of art. Chris Doyle ART  528   HTML 
October 29, 2006686 It's Baaaaack! Explain why you, or anyone else in particular, ought to have this fine oil-on-panel by Fred Dawson of Beltsville, or what it might be used for. Art Grinath ART  682      
February 11, 2007701 Untitlement Here are the covers for what just might be Bob Staake's next four books. What are they called and what are they about? Andrea Kelly CAR ART LIT  697   
May 13, 2007713 Painings Name and interpret any of the provided paintings by Fred Dawson. Glen Crawford ART  709    
February 13, 2010856 Titled Puerility Here are some untitled book covers. For any of them, tell us a title and synopsis of a book that will never be published. Jeffrey Contompasis ART LIT  852    html 
September 18, 2011937 Staake it to him Write a caption for any of the five pages or details pictured from some of Bob's more than 50 picture books. Stephen Dudzik CAR ART LIT  933    html 
August 4, 20131032 Hid stuff Explain the symbolism "obviously" evident in any well-known site, artwork, etc., in 75 words or fewer. Jeff Shirley ART  1028   HTML   E 
January 25, 20151108 Hearts of dorkness Write a humorous Valentine's Day sentiment to someone (or to some organization), either real or fictional -- either from you or from someone else you name. Plus an all-new option: We'll also be willing to run at least one really funny, clever, well-executed graphic. Rob Huffman POE ART  1104   HTML  E